Ohhhh! Aaaaah! Not! Black Trucks / Black Hole…..

So, our best friends, who we would go 4 X 4 ing with had a big SUV – for the times. Oh, I should know this – I think it was an old Ford Explorer. It went by the nickname, “Black Hole” because of all the money they had to put in it and the gas mileage. So, I think this will be black car and truck day. Ready. Just the beginning. Some were Sebastopol at Whole Foods when I was in the parking lot across the street. Some various places in Petaluma. Some are only partly black, but are intersting.

Dedicated to the Black Hole:

Black closer 1Black close upBlack CamryBlack and White Behind MEBlack and BlueBlack 3Black 2Bk Starbucks

All the coexist. I find that extremely ironic. All those religions getting along. That is wonderful. I agree! But, I guess those who have certain labels are assumed guilty, right? Hmmm, people like me were probably on Hitler’s list. I will have to check. Good old fashioned witch hunt, right?   I checked: 250,000 physically and mentally ill were murdered by the Nazis. I guess when I hold up the sign for “n” I am not that far off, am I?



The one with the dog. You must know my nephew. He was a good friend of the kid who was killed. You have a bumper sticker in his honor. No, we won’t forget.

Oh, but you CAN’T be WRONG, right? This must have led to some successes……………You keep thinking that. Anyone, and I mean ANYONE of you could be driven to look “crazy” or have soundbites taken or be told someone left work early……………..I will have a blog about how I have stayed fine and dandy – and that has to do with taking control even if I do look a bit crazy. NINE months!!!!! I think your profiler ………………….well, there is no there, there. Oh, you are ALL professional profilers, right? Yeah, you go with that one too.

To the lady at the post office just ready to get any information including the code for my phone……………………….Oh, you don’t have someone to give you my code this time (2013). And yes, there really is not enough counter space. Oops, I should not have looked away. Oh! That is when you took a piece of paper and then put it back after I left………………….oh……………yeah, I scanned with my eyes. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.

Ah………………….the “Hide Away”. I always get a kick out of the fact that there are so many divey bars in this town. Don’t ever get too full of yourself, Petaluma. I don’t think you will. There are too many good down to earth people. Hopefully, you are not too down to earth. Meaning that you are going along with this “cr@@”

Know someone with bipolar who is on the street or in jail – or have heard that tale? Tell you what. You know someone who won’t say on their meds. See what might happen if you help them order their meds and pick them up. Imagine. I have five prescriptions including thyroid. You can’t imagine how difficult it was for me to even think about getting my meds when I was painfully depressed (actually no feeling at all) And had anxiety. Thank goodness, my parents had set aside money so that I could have a caregiver after my broken ankle. SHE is an angle. Oh, my other care giver was great also. She was showing me pictures one day of a birthday trip to the city for one of her sisters. Oh…………………..she is a relative of someone from my past. I truly think God does move in mysterious ways.

Oops. I repeated a few, but the truck has what I call a curly kew worker’s truck bar. Works for me. Hey, any of you planning that trip down to Anza Borrego? Or, how about the White Rim Trail? It’s like driving half way down in the Grand Canyon. Not a lot of room on the side. Go on, got for it!

Oh, I posted a picture of that guy on Facebook, but besides Tom Hanks there were no guesses. How about it? Reminds me of some older movie star, but it’s probably a pop culture person.

Now, I am not accusing anyone of anything………….That’s the beauty of this right? There is so many of you that you don’t get caught. Not yet. However, the putting the tongue in the front of the bottom teeth or in front of the top teeth, or picking your nose, or whatever it is does not distract me in the least. Nope. I do laugh however when you come around a corner or I just drive up and you give the “OH SHIT!” look. No other words for it. So, if you see me laughing, that may be one reason.

Black on orange or orange on black? There are so many interesting plate frames out there. Flowers, alumni, kitties, dog paws…………………so many. Oh yeah, to the guy who “pretended to feel rotten due to diabetes in the Sebastopol Post Office. Someone did their job as far as knowing that I would go out of my way to make sure someone was alright. They didn’t figure on me carrying my purse with me. Hey, I grew up in So Cal. More people, more crime. I no longer say in my head, “Oh my!” when I see a lady leave her purse in her cart and turn her back. Taking my purse was second nature even before this. He really did look ill by the time he left the post office.

I can’t know what any of these people are doing, but that lady was just glaring at me and looking disgusted. It’s people like her that make me think someone contrived something or worse……………….but then……………..I don’t know. Funny, you won’t talk to the accused.

Lots of duplicates, but I finally figured it out.

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