Disorganization and Organization by a Vigilante Survivor (Targeted Individual)

Ah – first – get duplicates and put one in my apartment. Switch out the pens at the register.Been done before EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY.

The organization/disorganization part is down below…………………

Oh yeah………………..you are told that I stared at someone. Oh no! Like the idiot 20 something who was strolling down the aisles slowly picking stuff up and setting it down. He did not know how to act like he was shopping, so I knew who he represented. Yes, I was walking past him to try and figure out this latest puzzle.

Yep, I have done some crazy things to survive and be in control. I bet there are some interesting photos or videos to reinforce the B.S. you have fed the puppets. That poor kid in line before me yesterday – I would have gone to another line, but that lady had too much stuff and I wanted to get home. Oh no! I picked the line that kid was in. Big Whoop De doo dah day! Take off your glasses for a minute, block out what you have been seen or told or ???? I hope not shown – but I take four meds to sleep at night……………….?????

The lady across the way brought up pot. Why? No, I have never used it. Darn, I wish I had once in college, but that wasn’t me. No, I went to the guys next door in my ugly glasses (contacts out) and asked them to turn it down a bit. They were all stoned. Now, I can’t use it. Not with the drugs I take. No way. If I need chemo ever again, can I have it without the stuff that make you high? I hope so.

I take a mood stabilizer, an antidepressant, an anti anxiety med and I’ve gone back to taking two Benedryl. I had stopped that, but then you droids started up. It’s one of the worst meds to use as you get older and far as affecting the possibility of memory issues. Ah well, I only used Tylenol before the B.P. beast came along. For years I didn’t think my disease was serious enough to go to a support group. I think I could now. THOUGH, my ex doctor who was head of the Marin General Psych department for years said that I was one of the most reliable patients he had – as far as taking meds and listening to my body. Guess what? You can be taking all your meds properly and still have an episode, so quit blaming all of the episodes on people stopping their meds. Yes, that happens. Have them look up the kindling effect. THAT is enough for me. Yes, it takes up to a year on an  antidepressant to feel normal emotions again, but it’s worth it.


It occurred to me that maybe some of you have been told that I am very disorganized – like that would prove anything. Oh, a disorganized mind. Well, I do realize one has to make a mess sometimes in order to organize – spread things out – particularly if one’s strength is visual. If I don’t see it, it might not exist – sort of. Yes, in my second bedroom, I had five boxes of items from my parents’ house. Many of the packed items were written down in my Mom’s codicil. Yes, anything that she wanted to go to a particular daughter was written down in 1986. I’ve just unpacked a few boxes.

Then, I have I don’t know how many bins from work. I’ve started to go through those. I scanned quite a few materials. I’m hoping that I can reduce the space these take up. Here is the biggest mess yet: probably 10 albums put together for my son over the years, 10 family albums and maybe 5-6 for my daughter with the intent of making more. Oh, yes, the slides taken by my ex B.C. and A.C. before child and after child.

All at least is pretty much against one wall stacked on plastic shelves that I bought to beat the storage costs. I also have more than 10 boxes worth of photos. I organized those by years before we moved. Last summer I WENT TO CO to get the photos and a few other things from my ex. I was working around his scheduled trip to China. I decided that I would not be able to afford a trip for a long time, so I would see some sites in CO and Utah. One thing I did in Utah was to look down on the White Rim Trail that I had been on in my late 20s. 1 1/2 days out and 1 1/2 days back.My car truly looked like one of those shock cars. I could only see out of the windows using the mirrors more or less.

Yep…………..you try and scare me with big trucks. How bought if you take your trucks down the road that the women inmates redid going down in to Anza Borrego. They put rocks on it. I did it. Move rocks for our  friends’ Blazer and then move rocks for our Landcruiser. Oh, you don’t take your truck off road. Some of you use it for a farm or for jobs…………………..The rest – maybe a big family and snow trips. The rest. Really, do you need such a big gas guzzler? Anyway, try that road. You can see the big horn sheep from the canyon. BLM land. Just do NOT go off a designated dirt road. It takes the desert forever to recoup. We also almost always camped on BML land with no facilities. I’m past that, but it sure was fun. We all had to get away from the congestion that was L.A. County, Orange County and starting to come into Riverside County.

Oh yeah, I belonged to an exclusive off road club: Four Wheelers  After Rough Trails or the F.A.R.T.S. club. Making fun of exclusive clubs. I believe we came up with that name in the Mojave Desert – after we had all eaten a certain food. 🙂

As for my classroom. I never knew where things would end up, papers would disappear or papers added. It was actually better to leave things in a certain amount of disarray. I took breaks to raise my kids and help them recover from our moves, but I had plenty of experience to cover the subjects even with white board work when needed. My keys had been stolen at a church. I had one key but not the one I needed to run off things on the weekend or after Ms. Clean left. Also, when Ms. Uptight was around, whole sets of papers would disappear from the machine – more than would be normal and no following jobs appeared. Okay, so YOU cut into instructional time.

You signed a paper saying that you would uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. I don’t know how people could sign that and become one of these droids.

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