Redoing My About Page – All the weird things in my life will fit into my book

I am completely redoing my about page. “As I said in my first about page, I am interested in writing a book. It will probably be an e-book. I sort of have started it on another of my sites. The following (writing on blogs) is information that I have gathered to help with my book and from what I have experienced as a person with bipolar disorder. The two of those can be used to write a pretty good and believable book. But, at the end it will be for the reader to decide whether this could happen or not. I love watching people and see how they might work into my book. I just can’t figure out why there were 8 out of 9 white cars on that one day. Any guesses?

Sonoma County is the perfect location for the setting of this book. There are so many quirky cars it’s crazy. Plus all the work trucks. I did post about all the quirky cars didn’t I. I actually made a Facebook Post about Wild and Wacky Cars in Sonoma County in May. I could probably to a June and July post also.

So, another site is the start of an ebook, but I might make that private for now. I actually have ideas for two books: how easy it would be to do the things people talk about AND my experiences as a person with bipolar disorder. I do think that people were more accepting of mental illnesses before all the latest horrible cases were told. As I showed on one page, the percent of women committing those crimes is quite a bit lower than men (one article pointed out that women tend to be the primary caregivers). Also, very few people with bipolar commit those crimes. The predominant factor appears to be horrible abuse when they were young.

The bipolar cases where women were predators were women in their 20s and 30s.

Anyway, we hear about the negatives, but rarely hear about the positives except if its someone famous. I was disillusioned a bit when a psychiatrist told a friend that she was so surprised that the friend could function so well and work. What rock has the psychiatrist been under? The “Bible” on bipolar disorder was written by a Doctor and a PhD. The PhD has bipolar disorder herself. This book came out sometime before 1997 as that is when I purchased it.

My friend has been lucky enough to only have to take lithium. I can’t take it. It  doesn’t agree with me. Also, a teacher I talked to was surprised that I could work. That was based on ONE friend with bipolar disorder who cannot work (Yes, there really ARE people who cannot work and the need our help – let’s just keep cutting funding).My inspiration comes from a woman who is a politician. She announced to her fellow politicians that she has bipolar disorder. On man came up to her and said, “Are you crazy?” She responded with, “Yes, aren’t you listening?”

I’ve met some people with bipolar who struggle daily and they are some of the most compassionate, bravest people that I have come across. I’ve only had to stop work two times: one was from stopping Paxil because of breast cancer AND having the wrong Seasonal Affective Disorder lamp – need 10,000 LUX – depression. The only other time was in April 2013 – a divorce, an extremely negative ex and other events made it so I had to step back – on yeah. Extreme non support.


It is awfully quiet around here today. Nice change. I guess the construction workers working on my apartment got a comp day or something. I do think someone started a nasty rumor. Harassment where one lives is actually not that uncommon, but really not recognized unless it falls under Civil Rights.

What is recognized is harassment in the workplace. There are quite a few reputable people/groups who want changes to occur there. I am hoping that my book will help people realize how easy it is to be an adult bully. We don’t tend to recognize that. However, with cyber bullying, I think that will change. Those cyber bullies are not going to change their ways. I guess we have seen some of that in the form of slander and libel. The movie stars and people with money would be the only ones who could files a suit.

Anyway, I am organizing which is my big goal for this summer. I need to organize this site.

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