People Who Snap, Bipolar Disorder, Gang Stalkers ARE Idiots, They Just Are……….

Gangstalkers / Vigilante Harassers/Stalkers are crazy, foolish, idiotic, brainless, vacuous, harebrained and unwise among other things. Parents who do this with kids are even more foolish, idiotic, brainless…………….

I went on and on, so I will give a very condensed version first:

  • steal meds
  • try to drive crazy
  • isolate as much as possible (being able to talk to someone helps with coping)
  • drive around while the victim is also driving. Hmm. A vehicle can be used as a weapon – droids.
  • these high and mighty stalkers “know” how the victim will react and they allow kids to be used a bait – I throw up my hands at this part.
  • think anyone used as bait will be just Okey dokey because someone is waiting in the wings. Maybe the 20 and 30 something cop bikers in 1997…….Not now. Too big of a group cretins.
  • Now read the articles I found on people with bipolar that display anger.
  • Now read the article about people who snap – like the ones on the freeways who end up shooting each other.
  • You don’t have to have an I.Q. to figure out that you people are loco, crazy, lame brained…………..You just ARE!
  • Oh……….and you have control of all the hotshot males out there who you have gotten to hate me…………oh, yeah. Sure…………….you just keep telling yourselves that. Somewhere at sometime (if it hasn’t happened already) a group is going to push a person into truly going off the deep end and become violent.
  • If you have done this before, you may have murdered someone. I truly mean that. Someone commits suicide because of you Id ee uts…………each one of you turned the knife just a tad………….how do the Catholics justify this? How is confession going for you?


So, let’s get this straight. These stalkers/harassers steal meds from people that help keep them stable (smart move), they try and push them into being crazy while they set up situations that might trigger whatever the stalkers see as the target’s issue. They push, push, push. As much as possible they isolate the target or try to make the person feel isolated (yeah, right, my relative did that. Not!). One thing that can set a person off from what I have just read is being isolated and have no one to talk to – like in workplace mobbing/bullying. Oh, workplace bullying with gaslighting. Hmm, how about instructional time?

They constantly gaslight the target. A normal response to brighting and gaslighting is anger. I would think that anger to having people pull this sh** on anyone would make them angry – fortunately for you idiots I am not normally an angry person and realize that I can take control in other ways.

Then the harassers do set ups. Some of the set ups involve kids (sick, set up is a situation that they think will trigger a target’s sick actions – what they have been led to believe is their sick actions) or, it can be a situation where the target is pushed and pushed by a bunch of stalkers and then the target almost steps into the trap.

Stalkers are hoping that they can then accuse the target of a crime. It’s sort of a “what can we do with this situation”? Like when a target notices a car with two people acting strangely. Knows the lady is one of “them”. Then tries to get a mental picture of the person. Latter that person drives over to Trader Joe’s and makes sure that she is seen by the target – really, spur of the moment planning. Really, people,….. really.

You nitwits. I just looked up bipolar disorder and found out about angry manics/depressives. I have always called it happy manics or angry manics. Boy, you are treading on thin ice if you are pushing an angry manic. I am trying to think of the actress – Just Call Me Anna – She was an angry manic. In her book she talks about yelling at her family members.

Actually, for many people with bipolar disorder, the depression is dominate. Such is my case. As far as I know I have only had one six week mild manic episode with some up and downs for a while afterwards. It was hard to distinguish between depression caused by this cr## and depression over what I had gone through. I guess I did go out and drive fast, but I was angry at this!!!!! The last time that I thought and people thought I was manic…………well, guess what……………no. It was creeps like you.

1997 – mild mania followed by………………… and downs and getting help. Taking meds asap after I saw my thoughts going fast while I was in the shower. Not really, but it felt like that. Thoughts crossing over one another. Would not finish one and the next thought would start.

2007 – depression. Just depression. (post cancer, change med with doctor’s okay because my research showed early findings that Paxil is BAD if you have breast caner. Who knew that I really needed Seratonin). Imagine, a 14 year old girl being led down a hallway to a psych ward by a “guard”. I can’t even imagine.

2013 – You idiots………….then depression AND anxiety…………………….for 11 months. It’s hell. Nothingness and worrying about everything that was coming up. I was the one who finally said to my doctor that I thought I really need Seratonin. Was at my parents’ 70th a month later. Drove.

What if……………..I was an angry manic? or an angry person. What if I was easily triggered by things? What if I could go off at any minute. And you drive by with kids in the car. I do get angry when I see kids in the cars or the young female missionaries who looked scared. Scared should be the norm. But no. You people are so sure of yourselves. I guess you all have advanced degrees in psychology, right? I would be suspicious of any psychiatrist who would guarantee that a person was going to act a certain way.

You can have X number of people in a room all with the diagnosis of bipolar disorder and each one is different (just like all people are different – nature and nurture). There could be: bipolar I and bipolar II, most helped with meds some aren’t (I’m blessed), some who experience horrific childhoods, happy manics, people who display mania a lot, people who mainly display depression, young people diagnosed, a 70 year old after her husband died, angry manics, PEOPLE WITH DUAL diagnoses, people who can live pretty normal lives (I am blessed again), people who give their neighbors hell (I know someone who had to move), people who end up on the street or in jail (you hope, right?). Get the picture.

A 2012 study involving more than 500 people found that those with bipolar (either type I or II) are more likely to be argumentative, feel hostile toward others, have hot tempers, and act out than those without the disorder, especially during a mood episode. There is also a greater likelihood of anger escalating quickly, resulting in sudden and explosive outbursts.

However, there may be underlying differences in disposition between people who feel “snappy” and those who feel “happy” during hypomanic and manic phases. A study in the March 15, 2015 issue of Journal of Affective Disorders found that on a temperament scale, the “snappy” group scored as more irritable, more self-focused, and less cooperative. They were also more likely to report higher levels of irritability during depression and to have a comorbid anxiety disorder

The nine triggers, as identified by Fields, are the following:

L – Life or Limb / Survival

I – Insult

F – Family / Maternal Aggression

E – Environment / Territorialism

M – Mate

O – Organization

R – Resources / Lack of Resources

T – Tribe / “Us and Them” Mentality

S – Stop – Being Trapped, Restrained or Cornered

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