Gangstalkers Are Fools! Why I Left Work in April 2013. Cause of Fools Like You!

Oh – bipolar disorder, unlike other mental illnesses, is an equal opportunity disorder. 2.6 of you will develop bipolar disorder. I have been teaching since 1977. What? Really? Oh, sounds like, women, like the men are often victims of horrible abuse themselves. Um. Nope. I would have been married for 40 years last September 11th, but got divorced a month before that.


Well, I was going to post briefly about laws and Vigilante Stalking, but I was too busy writing a letter to someone representing a company. Really, Gang Stalkers or Vigilante Stalkers or Cause Stalkers are IDIOTS. They are stomping on our justice system daily. Maybe they think they have “taken care” of a person and prevented a crime. You know what? That is NO excuse for taking the law into your own hands. At least once a day, I am totally at a loss to believe there are so many stupid people doing this. No touch torture was used in East Germany. KKK members hid behind hoods, you hind behind cars, arms, numbers, …………..Id EEE ots!

I know you are trying to keep me busy by all the interesting cars and stickers. But, boy did that man look ill when he realized that I knew him. I didn’t mean to get behind him at check out. I wasn’t paying attention.

Oh……………..when you are doing this, you look like Stepford People.

So, I have been thinking that people in the year 2017 are very ignorant about certain things including mental illness. VERY ignorant. I remember one case of a woman with bipolar disorder and she abused a student. You looked into her background and it was horrid. Someone does not make it to the age of 42, become bipolar and display abhorrent behavior. Besides the statistics prove otherwise – as far as mental illness and perpetrators – statistically.

From reading an article on the subject I found that the perpetrators have almost all come from a life of abuse. Problem is the successes don’t make the headlines. Like Ted Turner, a slew of writers and a lot of famous people in any profession.

I bet if I were still married this cr## would not be happening, though I do think my ex had something to do with this. See, he was still thinking that I would inherit 1,000,000. I know he illegally taped my sister’s voice. See. 20 years ago, this same stuff happened. Your cr%%. But then, my husband appeared on the track at Petaluma High School and lo and behold, the retired cops or whoever all had looks of chagrin. Single women are more likely to be victims of vigilante justice. Seems strange to me. I can just see the religious out there who do not believe in divorce categorizing.

So, for you fools out there:   I completely disagree with the end of the article. Of course they should have to register as sex offenders. The author is a fool also.

Currently, there is little empirical evidence related to the presence of mental illness in female sexual offenders overall. In a study of 15 women charged with a sexual offense who were referred to a psychiatric facility for forensic evaluation, one-half (n = 7) had mild mental retardation or borderline intellectual function, one-third (n = 5) were depressed, and one-fifth (n = 3) were psychotic. None had posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and substance use was rarely associated with the crimes.20 Another study showed that female sex offenders had a personal history of more severe sexual abuse, were more likely to have attempted suicide, and were more likely to have received a diagnosis of PTSD than their male counterparts.21
More fools
Okay, somewhat research based. From what I have read, women get off easier than males which is really, unspeakably, ………………..not okay.
So, in 1996 when I, for the very first time, experienced MILD symptoms of bipolar disorder, the cases of female perpetrators had not made the headlines. Oh, that article does not touch on mental illness. It does mention “false reporting” could not be determined. I read that false reporting happens 3/4th of the time. I was told by a horrible principal that one of my students said that I said that, “He was a baby”. No, I tried my best to keep the students from calling him a baby. But, the heavy duty child advocate and foster parent of this child had the upper hand. I didn’t even respond to that. I had not heard one positive comment come out of that principal’s mouth. Not on the exceptional works of art put up in the hallway. No. Criticized for spending my time on running off about 100 pages of information for the Social Security Administration so that a student could, for the first time, receive Social Security benefits. He could have qualified after Kaiser messed up. He will need care the rest of his life.
So, you can take the time to research bipolar and other illnesses so that you can help your family members and friends. Too bad. I told quite a few people about this in the early 90’s and 2000’s. People love to hate.
So, I left in April because I was under terrific stress and was not able to teach. Of course these things did not help: I was going through a divorce, my principal automatically took the side of the students (um, yeah, right), I was going through Vigilante Stalking then, my assistant would not get up out of her seat to help me with a tried and true positive discipline plan, I was doing BTSA II along with two classes that I had been told I didn’t need to take,  I had a class that had been moved from one location to another. In short, I was not manic…………No, I just realized this. Oh, just like now you might see videos of me acting strange – It’s called “trying to make sense of this (which I don’t have to do now) and working on being in control. like when I took a light and directed traffic.
In other words – think people. But, as I say when I drive, “Oh, you don’t THINK. You are not supposed to think are you? I need to look up the sign language for fools. Hmm, might have to use clown. I think stupid comes up when I look up fools. Ah well………………………………

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