You Can Never Change What Someone Sees When You Have Been Accused of Something – by Targeted Individual / Survivor

This was a response to a post on a Petaluma Facebook site. Someone was accused of something along with a picture. The wise moderator of that site removed it. One person was pointing how out that the accused can never get others to change their viewpoint. I said, “I agree. Once you give someone the colored glasses to wear regarding a person (the gossip), the wearers of the glasses always sees that person in that way. Mob mentality and the ability to post anything has made this worse, not better – in 2017.”

Gangstalking or Vigilante Stalking is gossip and innuendo and false evidence where a person can never prove their innocence. It’s bullying and cowardice at its worst. I truly think there are people out there going by these words alone: woman, bipolar disorder, teacher, left a teaching assignment early with a few other words thrown in.

Question – This was going on in 2013. In 2014, in the fall, I began to substitute. In 2015-2016 I worked up north in Santa Rosa. Where were these vigilantes then? Why would they “allow” me to work a whole year (two if you count subbing) without trying to get in my way again. That makes NO SENSE at all.

I think some semi law professional or someone who was/is charged with upholding laws has carried a grudge for 20 years. You were proven wrong then and you can’t let this go. Along with the help of a new enemy. 20 years ago, the guys who looked like they could be involved with upholding the law, walked off the track at PHS with looks of chagrin. That was after my husband came with me to the track. I guess it is so much easier to go after a woman who is on her own, right? I would have been married for 40 years last September 11th. Right. What could someone or two someones do if the felt betrayed or carried a grudge that won’t die?

I have only had a “relationship” with one person and I have no desire to have another one. A male (adult) friend would be nice, but I don’t think I can ever trust anyone new in my life again. Oh………that just fuels the flames right? When I get to part three you can see why I wouldn’t want a serious relationship again. There are all types of bullying. In relationships there is one form of verbal abuse that is just being recognized. It leaves the scars of verbal abuse. Insidious. Makes people uncomfortable, but they can’t quite see of it as abuse. It is.


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