Definitions of Terms Used in Gangstalking / gangstalking / Vigilante Harassment / Stalking and a Few Notes

Okay – this ended up being too much of a rant. I do that. There is some information that Survivors will find useful………..I meant to keep it simple. So it is late, but you know what? My body has adjusted for the first time in years to go to bed late and still get seven hours of sleep. I should not be letting these droids take so much of my time. Oh well. I will work on that. More definitions to follow at a later time. Skip the notes and go down below for the definitions.

Survivors – If you are being targeted, then one of the goals is to make you look crazy. You’re not. If you are hearing voices “inside your head”, just my opinion here – go talk to someone.

People want explanations for things and they want to be able to have other people relate to what they are saying. Sorry………..I believe it is very rare to have someone believe most of what you tell them. But, if you can show that something has happened that you could not have done – take pictures and……………report it. JUST the facts as you know them. Do not add much speculation at all. Oh, and be careful if someone you have not known for very long actually listens somewhat to you. This person could be the one who stabs you in the back. I can think of one at my work. Been doing stuff all along. Geez. Top of the ………..can’t even think of a word. All of this is horrid and inexcusable. Another at work who would just counter everything I would say. Funny – she was really against just giving out pencils all the time. Then a whole bunch of pencils were missing that I paid for………………..then she says that she had given them out to the kids. Half of a large amount of pencils? Harped on the pencils…………….and then that?

In my blog told from the side of the Vigilante Stalker (gangstalker), I am making it much harder than it is. I think people are just telling people they know. It’s like a virus. Do you stalkers have any proof? Take it to the police. If you tell someone something negative about me, that is slander. I think I finally know the difference between slander and libel. I’m assuming by “talking” that includes using cell phone or email. For it to be libel it has to be printed in some source.

Terms, as I understand them:

  • The term Gangstalking or Gang Stalking refers to a group of people who harass and “stalk” a victim / targeted individual / Survivor. The thing is that each person involved spends a minimal amount of time around the victim so it is very difficult to prove. With technology advancing the way it is, this type of stalking is very easy to do, but the technology will eventually be able to be used to “prove” that this “phenomenon” does occur. Gangstalking is not a good term to use. It just is not. Think Amber Alert type notifications of where someone is or a huge group text. Probably a combination. Who would want to be notified about someone a hundred miles away?
  • Vigilante Stalker or Cause Stalker – this refers to a person who is involved in a type of gang stalking where they are told (or are shown or listen to “evidence”) that the target/survivor has done something horrendous/is a threat to society in some way. There are “survivors” out there who say they believe this is something done by the government. I would think that would be pretty rare, but I won’t rule it out for a person here and there. People can’t get over why, and why would someone spend time and money to do this. In many cases, I think it costs nothing. Zero, zilch. Vigilantes believe they are righting a wrong or preventing a crime.
  • Fake Targeted Individuals – The internet is filled with people claiming that they are a victim / targeted individual. A few of them may be a person “with” a mental illness who is not stable at that moment in time. However, I believe that many of the people who claim to be targets are trying to make people who make legitimate claims of gangstalking look crazy.
  • Electronic Harassment – Again, could there be a few individuals being harassed using some electronics? Possibly. I am not going to rule anything out. BUT, I doubt if the technology exists to do what is talked about below. Here is a definition from a site on the internet. First they say it is conspiracy theory crazies, then it is giving detailed information on electronic harassment and who to contact. The site is crazy. “Electronic harassment, or psychotronic torture, or electromagnetic torture is a conspiracy theory, usually a delusional belief in harassment via electronic “mind control”. …. have claimed that government agents make use of electric fields, microwaves (such as the microwave auditory effect) and radar to transmit sounds and thoughts into their heads, referring to technology that they say can achieve this as “voice to skull” or “V2K” after an obsolete military designation.”
  • That is crazy! Unless the technology is available to do anything that you are talking about, don’t talk about it. Or, don’t talk to me about it.
  • “Electronic Harassment” – one person mentioned that their computer and phone were hacked and then called it electronic harassment. I put the definition of electronic harassment up above to make a point. Say what you mean. Say, “I believe my phone and computer are being hacked. Give links to reputable sites showing how easy it is for computers and phones to be hacked. Seriously. People understand hacked. They hear about it every day. Before making a claim though, ask someone who works with computers if there could be something wrong with your computer. If you hear music, say that “someone is playing music” and then record it. Whatever. If you can’t prove it or make a claim that has some tiny bit of substance to it, don’t make the claim I can say that since last summer: my fog lamps have been bashed in, etc. Long story. I would not say aloud to anyone about little things being moved or taken That would just sound crazy. Besides, that would involve breaking and entering. I saw a locksmith pick a lock in 10-15 seconds. Then, it is so easy to make copies of keys. Oh, my extra set of keys were stolen. I’m not claiming that. There are some things I misplace – the keys I am using, my cell phone. However, there are some things that ALWAYS go right back to wear they belong: the extra set of keys and the earrings my grand parents gave me. I can become very involved and “one focused” and let things go down hill………..but not those Musts.
  • Vigilante Stalking or Vigilante Harassment. It’s a term that I came up with. Gangstalking just sounds wrong. People “get” vigilantism. They may not “get” a group of people acting like vigilantes, but with cyber bullying………and work place “mobbing”, I think Vigilante Harassment is the best term to use. Yes, a person just has to have the intent to cause fear, discomfort and worse to be a stalker, but you have to document the “stalking”.
  • Street Theater –  A person or more than one person do something that is meant so throw you off balance or distract a survivor or waste the person’s time and/or energy. OR get the person to tell someone else which sounds crazy or “mental” as they say in Harry Potter. They are acting a part. I do have pictures of someone dressed “clown like” that I will post sometime. I will just say, “Hey this happened”. Strange person.
  • Street theater could be someone dressed like a police officer (female) comes into the Starbucks near Trader Joe’s and the person at Starbucks acts like she knows the officer. This “officer” was wearing way too many badges (even for a security person), would not have met the physical fitness requirements to be an officer and was not carrying a gun. I guess some community officers may not carry guns (more volunteers). But I have never seen an officer on duty who did not carry a gun. (Hmmm. Maybe the officer who came to the school once a week to talk with a class).
  • Misdirection – misdirection is when someone who is in your location talks to you and keeps your attention while something else is being done to throw you off, take something or put something back that you have been missing (dropping some missed item into your purse – keep it closed) or to put something into the cart that was taken out previously. You know you emptied the cart but Lo and Behold there is an item in your cart after you have paid. Oh, gee whiz. I wonder how that happened? Again – sounds nuts!
  • Vigilante Stalkers – idiots who stomp on the justice system that has been put in place in the United States (or elsewhere), pass on slander, don’t know all the details (one hand does not know what the other four hands have done – steal  pills for example).
  • Idiotic parents: they have been told that this person is a threat to society, and they are joining in on the pushing the person to be unbalanced, but they do this activity with their kids in the car. THAT is really smart people. No, it is absolutely crazy and stupid. Also parents who let their kid sit in a car thinking horrible things about the target. Really? I thought stranger danger was taking away a bit of the innocence of childhood. Sign them up for counseling now!

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