Survivors of Gangstalking: The More They Push, I Give Myself Kudos – Pushed Today. Me, One. Them, Zero.

I did not use to use this word. I really hate it. But to communicate sometimes it is necessary: You people must be really pissed off that I am posting pictures and I am typing up information. And calling you names. Almost nine months people. In 2012-2013, I was pretty much a wreck after a few months. Oops. Guess what, things change…………..I have changed. A LOT.

Just a bit of this and that I think:

A LOT of STREET THEATER. No awards for you.

  • The kids in the parking lot at Luchessi Park were wrong. Look up the laws regarding video taking and the first amendment. It is a slippery slope, but you were wrong.
  • I said something about a police officer could be a woman, because the girl said policeman. Oh wow! Nope, as soon as that lady walked into Starbucks dressed like a Police Officer……………………well, I wonder who passed that on. THAT is harassment.
  • To think I had only come to the park to have my salad. All those cars and very few people out there………..until the ultimate Frisbee players showed up. Some of the eight or so of you probably are ultimate Frisbee players, but the rest who gathered didn’t have the equipment.
  • Oh, many cars and very few people……………no ball game…………… picnic except for a few people. One person came from the trail. Nope – it was being used as a hidey hole. A hidey hole is where two or more people meet at a spot and get into one person’s vehicle. Then, the other vehicles are sitting there to be used again. The numbers of you may be growing from the slander, but still……………drive past once then just make sure not to drive right past me again.
  • The stand out was the guy who held up a Frisbee in front of his face the whole time………….and it was a while.  Oh, and the guy wearing the green hat who was sitting on his ultimate Frisbee cart…………… it was a baby stroller, you moved it out into the parking lot and put your hat back on, so it looked like there was more equipment. Now I know why some people call this gang stalking. That was truly harassment with a capital H……………..and stalking if you were contacted to show up at the park after I got there – in those get ups. What? A group of eight all told? That was a gang and that was stalking.

IMG_3702 (2)

  • To the guy in the white long truck. Did you call the cops saying that I was driving like a drunk driver in the parking lot? Not that it mattered.
  • To the lady dressed in a police officer’s uniform and went into Starbucks near Trader Joe’s. It wasn’t right. I think you had way too many patches. Anyway, I would have noticed a gun. For a regular police officer, you do not meet the physical fitness requirements. I have had contact with two women police officers. Believe you me – I have no doubt that they can hold their own with any of the male officers – which they should have to. As for parking enforcement. I don’t think so.
  • Anybody can purchase a shirt that says, “FBI” on it – the guy who has the wavy hair shoulder length or lower.
  • To the parking enforcement officer (or whoever was in the parking enforcement officer’s vehicle a while back or something that looked like a parking enforcement officer’s vehicle), chalk has not been used…………..for years. I remember when the switch was made.
  • To the kids at Luchessi……………… and all you other Droids. You leave and text someone and they tell you what your next step could be. Oh yeah………….I believe with the language you used and your filming of me………….Hmmm. I wonder.
  • That is what gets off kilter. You would have made a fit much earlier and where did you get that language to use? If you haven’t noticed, I have developed pretty thick skin. Kind of sad really. ………………….no, you are sad, very sad excuses for human beings. I  know you think I am the scum of the earth………………I could protest until I turn blue. Nope. AND that would not justify what you are doing. I am totally serious. In this country everyone gets a trial……………… sucks if you don’t have money for your own attorney or an uncle who is a retired sheriff, but ……………..I think that is awful. They got the full time probably, while the people I know had their sentences reduced considerably. The public defenders to their best, but resources are resources. Oh, yeah. Do you know what the Innocents’ Project is?
  • To the lady in the parking lot at Kmart a while back – asked why I was taking a picture of your car. I think I said because it was an interesting car. Very interesting. I walked into the store and  you were trying to accuse me of possibly being a stalker. The look on your face when I pointed out that you had followed me into Kmart and was harassing me was very telling. Oh, yeah………………….
  • To the employees at Sprout’s in Petaluma. Interesting that all the burritos were gone that are both gluten free and dairy free. Same to the employees at Safeway who moved the burritos. I bet they didn’t go far. Oh well, I got the ones with cheese. Most people can still have hard cheeses and yogurt. I will let you look up why. As for gluten………..turns out I can have some, just not much very often. Not such a big deal.
  • Your “group” is way too big people. Information comes in, in fragments and the next step is made. I sometimes don’t figure it out at the time, but I do figure it out. It’s easy peasy, but it’s also easy to make big or little mistakes that I can laugh at.
  • To the guy at the Starbucks near Trader Joe’s who was laughing that idiotic laugh. You were there last time, but did appear to be engaged with your phone the whole time. This time you stopped when I got on my computer. You appeared to be really focused.  Hmmm. Phones are mini computers. I wonder, even if I am not online, can you do something so you can see what I am looking at on my computer? I would not be surprised.
  • COMPUTER HACKING can lead to jail time and a fine of up to $10,000.
  • Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy…………!!!!!!!
  • To the guy in the black SUV that has gotten involved or maybe you have been the whole time. Too bad. This is at Capri Creek.
  • To the downstairs neighbor………..I think you do belong to a certain religion. It’s just fine to give me the double fingers if it’s for a cause, right? I will stick to stupid, idiots in sign language. It’s much more creative and you don’t know what I am saying. Though idiot is pretty self explanatory.
  • To the kid or twenty something who screeched past me because you are mad. OOOOOH. Not . You are the one committing a crime. Same to all of you.

Don’t have a good night or a good Fourth unless you are a survivor.

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