Why My Vigilante Stalkers / Gangstalkers / Gang Stalkers / Cause stalkers Are Stupid, Idiots (say stupid, idiots: stupid i i dee its. Not i i but a drawn out short i)

IMG_3315 (5)

Yesterday, I posted white and light silver cars. In Leghorn Park in Petaluma, California there were 9 cars in the parking lot in the earlier part of the afternoon. 7 of those cars/trucks/SUVs were white. One was silver. Only one out of nine of the vehicles in the public parking lot at the park was not silver or white. Really? Wonder what the odds of that would be in Vegas.

IMG_3315 (4)

Left hand side of the parking lot.

IMG_3315 (3)

Right hand side of the parking lot. I rest my case. For that stupid move.

Oh………………..I almost forgot. This means that some of you are reading my blog. You can come on using the invisibility cloak.

So……………….you have been told that I am a menace to society for some reason. You take my medications periodically. Vigilante Stalkers do everything they can to throw “off” the survivor / target ( targeted individual ) . Okay, so at any time you think this person can blow. You hope this person blows……………………..I won’t. But, you are told that. You push, push, push……………………….and yet some of you IDIOTS play this game/charade with KIDS IN THE CAR!!!!!!! I swear, you are the most idiotic parents in the world. Believe me when I say that I never thought I would talk like this. But, Geez Louise………..dumb.

There is a theory posed by one person that perhaps these incidences of otherwise reasonable people who have come upon bad times (laid off – maybe because of mobbing/gaslighting…………divorce because the person was seen to be acting unbalanced talking about seeing cars of a certain color in a parking lot……………….whatever) is sometimes the result of this type of stalking. I am not ruling it out……………yet. Not in a lot or most cases, but I could see this happening. Dumb bunnies and I don’t mean to insult the bunnies.


This is the heel of one of six wool socks that I purchased a while back. Nicely made. I may have accidentally put a few in the washer and dryer- once. Hand washed. Quite a while back, they started, one by one, just appearing like this. Okay………….strange, but they are wearing out. But they weren’t. After these droids starting doing their smoke and mirror act in my apartment – It hit. Wait a minute. This is not how socks wear out. Not the heels anyway. No, the material gets thinner and thinner, then there is a small hole that might still have a few threads going across……………..then the hole gets bigger. Yes – your tricks are supposed to be a bit not the norm, but Dufus, this was idiotic.

IMG_6582 (3)

A while back, there was a cut in one of my bottom sheets for my bed. Right where my feet go. A straight 90 degree angle cut. Strange………………….washer? What?! I got another sheet. Then some idiots figured out that you have to make it look like it was wearing out normally. Must have brought something rough and rubbed it on the spot, right where my feet go. I ignored it for a bit. I really did. Oh well…………………c’est la vie. Que sera, sera …………whatever will be will be (Doris Day in a Hitchcock movie). I have two sets of sheets. HAD two sets of sheets. Can’t afford to get another one. YET.

Oh yeah. The gluten free bakery in town would never fix a salty cookie. Ugh. But, they did. One that looked a little different than the rest. That is harassment – anything that is intended to cause someone discomfort. Actually, it might fall more under libel or slander if you have passed whatever you heard on.  “Stuart” and the rest of you idiots need to learn the law also. Another thing I am sure you have noticed – I am not afraid to point fingers. So some members of the law enforcement agency who were “gaslighting” when I worked in Sonoma – I think a few of you have a vendetta. Right? As did the person who made our rope into a noose and put it on the trashcan. Such sweet people……………………right……… …………………….you go with that.

I will eventually edit this. I was going to chose a different color of vehicle. Did this instead.

THE BIG ONE – I am a helluva strong woman!

  • Have been through this is 1997 and 2013. I KNOW your tricks. I have been observing. Doing things and then watching what would happen.
  • Have all the prerequisites needed to take you down a notch or two or three – I drove a small Toyota white truck for a long time, and then a few Landcruisers.
  • I’ve been off road. I was at at least one big truck event where a truck jumps over another, etc. Good friends of mine owned the Corona Raceway and I would go and watch. I know that there are people behind those lights and semis and inside those trucks. Oooh, Aaah. NOT!
  • I went down into Canyonlands with my ex and two great friends and went on the White Rim Trail. 1 1/2 days out. I have been on a road that was redone by women convicts so that it would be harder and help protect the bighorn sheep in Anza Borrego. We’d get out and move boulders for one vehicle and then have to move them for the next vehicle. I planned the trips.
  • I have faced Reynold’s Metal and Whirlpool lawyers with neighbors and won! City water to all the houses on a contaminated plume. I survived four winters in MN and the Halloween Storm of 1991!
  • I am a teacher.
  • I am a special education teacher and I’ll be damned if you were going to mess with my students. I was the fourth teacher they had in two years. Some of my students are my heroes. Many of them are my heroes. To come to this country in fourth grade and have the only other Mexican student translate things for you (both are from Mexico, so I am not out of line). Culture shock big time. Then, the next year, in Spanish you write a heart wrenching essay on what your first year was like. To go to first grade and second grade for reading when you are in fifth grade without one complaint. To take the STAR test in sixth grade in English. Gave up. I went and told her that taking the test in English was loco/crazy. I knew her. From that moment on she worked so hard on that test. All along I told her that English is crazy. She is one of my heroes.
  • I spent 10 years and 3 pregnancies to have 2 healthy, wonderful children (four month miscarriage). Back to school night for my son. The graph was on the number of siblings each child had.
  • I remember details when it matters and I’m doing just fine, thank you very much. I could never figure out how, when someone else was at fault in an accident how I could remember every word they said, and every detail………………… Turns out I have my mom’s memory. Both my mom’s and dad’s strength – just my mom ………….didn’t have the right type of strength. So, we basically raised ourselves without a “mom”. We took care of Mom. God bless her. Every day I thank Mom for my memory for details and the ability to discern little differences in color. Ah…………her stubbornness too.
  • I am 62 and not afraid of you. I am 62, live in Sonoma County and people can be quirky – act off. Works for me. I don’t have a problem talking to myself to try and get some of you idiots to think. Oh, but that’s right – you DON’T think. You are not supposed to think. Think about the technology out there OR what would an enemy do. What could an enemy do to get back at someone? I don’t care what religion they practice or what job they have where people trust them with their lives………………they can twist anything. Naive people. I was naive too. For a second, here and there I wish I still was. Nope. Someone needs to fight you stupid, idiots! Might as well be someone who, strangely, has the necessary skills.
  • I fight for the two blood relatives and two in laws who were in World War II. It took a year for my dad to get about without glasses (and possibly memorize the eye chart). My dear, sweet uncle who was a teacher, vice principal, principal and superintendent was a bombardier – over Dresden. He dropped bombs – and later I am sure he had to deal with thinking about the innocents that were killed by those bombs. All four of those people were fighting the Nazis. They did not fight for any of you Vigilantes who are stomping on our judicial system, our laws and our Constitution! THIS is called NO TOUCH TORTURE. Each and every one of you turns the knife just a tiny bit. You almost won last time…………………………….NOT this time. I am NOT the same person and I know how you do all your little tricks. You have used technology to carry out your charades and magic tricks. At some point technology will be used to take you down.

No touch torture was used by the STASI when East Germany wanted to “look good” for the west. Instead of making people disappear, they used no touch torture. Instead of breaking limbs they used no touch torture. And you want to know the worst part? It was the work of the East German citizens who helped keep this going. Reporting on their fiances who were going to try and escape…………………..People can still go and see their STASI files. That’s how the wall stayed up for so many years. Aren’t you so proud? Having fun. Yeah, you are. Feeling self righteous. This is your group. Your cause.

YOU have too many cooks. That’s been the beauty of this, right? Well, tonight I was at the closest pizza parlor. I saw the old car that has been around. Oh, he works there. This kid was going to head home after I got in my car. Instead he heads back inside. I bet he went to tell his co workers about “me” oooooh.

1997 The ex cops or retired cops, the guys on the bikes who headed up into a dead end road…………………….all those people went “oops”………..our mistake and had looks of chagrin on their faces. So what that I had to leave my kids (with the phone number of the payphone) to try and sort things out at the Cheese Factory – Half of it was dealing with what comes when you are 42 and find yourself coming out of a MILD manic episode and part of it was trying to deal with the shit people dealt me. Didn’t bother to really find out what I was doing. The vigilantes started up the DAY I WENT TO SEE MY COUNSELOR! Wow! Your stupid cause has gotten too big for its britches. Oh and by the way……………I never understood the B word. The one that goes along with males without married parents – old fashioned meaning. I sure understand it now AND it can apply to males and females.

  • I have a great sense of humor – from my family. I can hear my cousin’s laugh – great belly laugh and I thank her. She’s doing fine. A genius environmentalist. I’m doing just fine.
  • I was born mindful. If I have to be sick………..hey, I might as well make the best of it. I saw the sunrise of the Grand Canyon looking through the boards of an out house. That sure was a beautiful sunrise. I could have felt miserable and not seen it. I chose to enjoy the sunrise. We had a picture on our living room wall of that sunrise.

THIS is my cause. I am the perfect person and God is helping me. Yes, s/he is.

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