Addiction to Gangstalking / Vigilante Justice

Some of these idiots think they are doing this to prevent a survivor from committing a crime. If all you have is by word of mouth – oh what fools these mortals be. If there is audio – Do you fools know how easy it is to have someone splice audio? Video. Have me there. Not me, or not with my consent OR like the video of the poor guy who was holding something and the picture was changed to make it look like he was wearing a bomb vest.

Some of you are addicted. Some of the kids are having a great time. Yes, they are. Sick, sick people raising sick, sick kids.

Well, if you have been doing this for any length of time, you probably have committed murder – not in the way we have traditionally looked at it, but the way we are finally going after cyberbullies and the girl who pushed her boyfriend towards suicide.

Whatever your motive is – it’s sick. For those of you who are in this and think you can’t do something about it. You had better try. Anonymous letter. I know you know how many involved…………………….You are guilty and you need to do something. If you don’t. Que sera, sera.

Armchair psychologists – idiots. I believe there is something called profiling. Silly fools. Oh, Shock and Awe! No. You had a lot of time to gather forces as I left Starbucks for home. Funny how they dissipated after a bit. Just like when I was on the 101. Cars behind, then poof. Who wants to go that far away from home? Besides, it doesn’t take very many cars on a flat road to make it look like a lot of cars. See, that didn’t happen on the five. It couldn’t, could it?

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