Suspicious Activity During Construction at Capri Creek Apartments in Petaluma

Update to “Suspicious Activity” at Capri Creek in Petaluma. At first I made sure that I did not think that the workers were the only ones doing these strange activities. Now, I can’t say that. AC Enterprises is overseeing the construction. The silly scare tactics continue.


The picture up above was taken of the sidewalk going from the four apartments (two down, two up) that I am part of. I walked the whole complex and took pictures of all the sidewalks. No other sidewalks had this mess on it. None!

The photo on the right shows the meters that I see as I leave my apartment and head to my parking space. I have never seen any meters with the pipes painted that color. On the right are meters that have are finished. Note: I noted that the meters had started being painted the right color yesterday. They should have been finished today.

Below: A feeble attempt at pretending that the meters I saw covered with plastic and red tape was a normal way that these are covered. No. Then there is red tape all over by these meters. They weren’t there. I have pictures that show they weren’t there.

IMG_5013 (3)IMG_5014IMG_5015

Below: In the a.m. a few weeks ago, the window across the way was covered with plastic and red tape. Nothing strange about that. Before the workers left, the bottom of the plastic had been folded up and secured with read tape.

IMG_3977 (2)


Written earlier: I’m just going to post the photos and the dates. You decide. Also, since November I have had: broken fog lamps (made a police report), five flat tires. It happens, but the last – air had to have been let out of the tire. Stolen HP tablet and earrings my grandparents gave me for my graduation. Stolen Effexor and Ambien. More.

February 2017. Big Orange was parked outside my window. I didn’t think too much of it. The construction on my apartment was ready to begin in March. I hadn’t seen the “arm” left up before. But then, it was gone and back way over by the pool where it had been since construction began.  I was told that it should never be parked with the arm left up.

IMG_7086IMG_2288 (2)

Later on, Big Orange was moved from the pool area to the far end of the parking structure on the left in this picture on the left. On the other side of the structure. Why? I never received a real answer.  Here is Big Orange at the far end of the apartment building across from me. It was parked over near my building recently – when it made sense to do so.

CAPRI CREEK 6-10-17    8:59                    6-12-17   9:52

Outside my bedroom window. It rained on 6-11. All the caution tape was hanging straight down on 6-11. Cow hitch used to tie it on. Only one other knot like that in whole complex, and the only  caution tape hanging was no longer than a foot or two.

I reported the caution tape to the liaison who goes between the construction company and the complex. I was going to ignore it. But then it was put back up on the 12th. It has to be wedged into the spot where the poles intersect. I was told they had a talk with the workers. It didn’t necessarily have to be a worker.



This and a bunch of smaller pieces of stucco were on this step. Didn’t see any on anyone else’s steps or on the walkway. I just let this one go, but left it there. This was after the workers were told to keep a watch on my apartment.


Picture on the left taken 6-25-2017. Oh, they had washed down the area outside of my door. Right………….. Picture on the right was taken just a few days ago. I had just left it there. Now, I will clean it up.

Sunday 6-25-17  2:55                                                     6-29-17      8:33 P.M.

I looked outside on the 25th and I see red tape tied to a tree and a pole.  This was done by a human. It was outside the second bedroom. The scaffolding was still up. I called the Petaluma Police Department.  I convinced an officer to come and look at my pictures and the newest tape. He came and took my statement, and will write it up as suspicious activity. That was fine with me. Documented.

Not sure what day, but I went outside and in computer “translated” Spanish, I said that I wanted all red tape gone. I was not happy. Boy, the windows got really well cleaned, the deck actually was cleaned well.  The step was swept clean. THEN, the workers were getting ready to take down the scaffolding. I asked two workers to take down the red tape. The picture on the right shows what I saw. Looked later. The tape is still there. It was just untied and left in the tree. The mat was not cleaned off.

When I said remove all red tape, I meant all red tape. This is what was left. The picture on the right was taken of my bedroom window after all plastic and tape should have been off. The picture on the left is looking down at the scaffolding down below.

BELOW: Some of the pictures I took when I walked the whole complex. I did find one cow’s hitch. I do have pictures of the whole complex. I think I would have been given more flack had I not been able to say that I took these pictures. It’s not that any one of these things are strange in and of themselves. It’s the frequency with which they were happening and the frequency with which the do (or do not) occur anywhere else.




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