How Vigilante Stalkers (gangstalkers) Unlock Car Doors – It’s a “Piece of Cake!”

The last time someone locked my door on me was yesterday when I was at the B of A in Petaluma on McDowell. You know, the one by the Verizon store? I believe it was someone who worked there, but I can’t be sure. Easy peasy. Must have a fob that is a copy of mine. Someone has to be within a certain number of feet to use it on your car. So, someone in the bank or – what is the next store over…………..or the guy that left the bank and got into his car. Black car I think it was.

Wow! Gangstalkers break easily into a target’s car enabling them to “gaslight” the target. Put in shiny pennies, put something from home into your car, take something from the car and put it in your apartment – by the door, so you know you didn’t leave it there. You know it…………..but……….could it have come of of your purse? I scan, the area that I just picked up things from…………so, I say no but…………..

My extra pair of car keys was stolen out of the desk/cupboard I keep keys in. It’s the only place in the apartment that I put the extra keys. I wish I could be so sure of other things.  (though I could look there now and they could have been returned – I don’t think so). I knew in 2013 that there had to be an easy way for these idiots to open my car. I’d heard about these gadgets. Well, I guess those stories were not so true. I am glad I didn’t know that. However, I knew they had my key fob, so it had to be easy to somehow make a copy.

Sure enough, the last time I was in a car repair supply store (what are they called?), I saw key fobs for sale. You program it right there in the store. In 2013, I really wondered, but I knew THAT had to be easily done. The first time it happened in 2016, the car locked with me in it………..I unlocked it knowing full well what was happening. “We” played that game a few times and then I started laughing. A full on type of laugh – like my cousin’s. I guess i won that round, because the other players stopped playing. So, I haven’t had that specific issue, but I will come to the car and be surprised that it is open – I was sure I locked it. I’m now making a point of locking the car and listening for the beep.

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