Are You Being Spied On? One Thought for Targeted Individuals / Targeted Survivors!!!!

You can skip my personal stuff and go right down to a cut and past link. Interesting!

I will learn again how to correctly work links into my posts. I knew how in 2013. Anyway, I don’t think that hidden cameras are used by Gangstalkers / Gang Stalkers . I think that would be risky. I looked into the cost of having my house checked in 2013 and it was pricey.

However, it has been interesting how the people in the two story apartment right across from me seemed to go out right when I did. I would fake opening the door, but not go out. No dice. It didn’t happen every time, but more often than “normal”. Use that word if you ever talk to someone about this, but I would advise not to talk to someone about this – unless you know them for years and they don’t completely blow you off. Even then……Someone who you have known for a short period of time who doesn’t completely blow you off is potentially a Cause Stalker / Vigilante Stalker. I’m sticking with stalker. People debate whether this is stalker or harassment. It is both. A stalker both follows and harasses – usually.

Now maybe I was supposed to see this, but one night, I come home…………..gather my things and head to my apartment. Funny, Is that the girl from across the way almost running towards…………..the walkway along the fence that goes towards the “new” Safeway. I believe so. Next thing I know is she is asking is I need help up the stairs. Oh, surprise, surprise. No thank you I say politely. Funny how this stopped after I put up a post that mentioned the people across the way. Specifically “Mom”. It seemed like every time I was going up or down the stairs and they were around, I would be asked if I wanted help with my things. Please ask me one more time if I need help. I have a pat response that I would love to use.

Anyway………I’m 62, had three pregnancies, two children, a cerclage with only a spinal (why expose the baby to being put under? Who knows? Anyway, I felt like it was meant to be when the hospital wheeled a huge, huge xray machine mounted in the ceiling to be used on the person next to me. Uh, excuse me – I’m pregnant. Ooops. Twerps!. Idiots. Okay, so I had a male nurse. I believe he is gay. We had the best conversation. Then I have had infertility tests, surgeries…………..all male doctors as far as I can remember. Female would be nice, but we are talking late 70’s to 1992 and then one very elderly but extremely competent doctor who performed a oopherectomy about 6 years ago.

So, I got over the worry about cameras quickly. I hope the idiots who have been in here read the above. Women, the weaker sex. Ha, ha, ha! Let’s just say that for guys and gals who are above doing this crap………………..I’m not in the classroom at this moment. ………..we are equally strong but in different ways – if you average everything out.

But, what about motion sensors? That’s been floating in the back of my mind for a bit. They now can be very small. So can bugs. Oh, never mind. My phone is a bug unless it is off and in privacy mode……………….What about my computer? Actually, one could put a battery bug in and come and take it out. Anyway, read the article by pasting the link. These are people who have reason to think they might be bugged and followed. Oh……we do.

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