Harassment by Church Members: Another Shock Car – Funny

I was in San Rafael at the mall off Freitas Parkway. I had gone to Chipotle after an appointment. I came across another of the funny “shock” cars. I wonder if they went from skeleton like shock cars to these in fairly decent shape shock cars because most people would notice the skeleton like cars, but not the completely filled shock cars (except for the driver’s seat. The skeleton shock cars (2013) could have easily been pulled over and given a hefty ticket. The new ones – A police officer would take note, but as long as the right hand mirror works, no reason to pull it over.

Here it is. Oooooooh, Aaaaaaaah. Nope – funny! Hmmmm. How would anyone know I would be near the Chipotle at the mall? Couldn’t really. However, I had tried to go to Taco Bell in Petaluma. It was lunch time and was really backed up. So, I had to wait until after my appointment. When I am down in Marin County and I am hungry, I eat at Chipoltle.


Here is an update on the trailer space at Capri Creek in Petaluma. The trailer was gone last night. I wonder if it will come back with something new on it.

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