Gangstalkers’ Endgame / Vigilante Stalkers’ Endgame (plus securing an apartment)

WARNING – PURPOSELY INTENDED TO BE A BIT SHOCKING – THOUGH MY , “Lo and behold” and other such sayings sort of ruin the shock value. Don’t read this before bed if you are having trouble sleeping. In fact, seriously, off of any screens an hour before bed. Handle what you can. I’ve been here before. If you are in survival mode, your brain can handle only so much at a time.

If you look up the post Stasi tactics used in East Germany, and many sites that talk about Gangstalking, you will discover what many people think is the Vigilante Stalkers’ Endgame. This is suicide by the Target / Targeted Individual / Survivor . Yep. Getting you out of a job, out on the street, in a depression, not functioning – those are all good, but suicide is so neat and tidy, right? I’m asking my stalkers/harassers. Maybe some of you don’t know. I think we all know what happens to a person when their sense of reality is tampered with. Did you hear that the girl who pushed her boyfriend into committing suicide got involuntary manslaughter. Yay!

Anyway, lest you disagree. Here is a visual for you. Pretend it is post Thanksgiving 2012. You come home and eventually head upstairs to your room. Lo and behold, there is a book on the bed. You never put your books like that. You remember what you were taught by all the librarians. Always use a bookmark. Laying your book down on the pages is bad for the spine. Right?  But, this is what you see:


That is a shock to the system, seeing as the title of the book is, “Murder for Christmas”. You’ve never seen this book without the jacket, so the red color is a bit jarring, right?

Shortly thereafter, you come up to your room one day and discover a strange looking, long black strap that crisscrosses here and there. It looks like a combination between a dog leash and a thin strap to hook on a purse – a long one but intertwined and connected in weird places (probably found at the Goodwill). Since that got thrown in the trash, I had to improvise:


Okay, get the message? So NO, you know this is a bunch of smoke and mirrors, magician’s tricks all of it. When you find a large number of pills in your classroom in the green fold up thin bag, you do the logical (but totally non environmentally friendly) thing and toss them down the toilet. No one treats your comments with concern. Sure, pills were stolen from your house. Right. (Do NOT get 90 pills at one time). The Halloween light bulb that was put in your fixture creeps you out, you are on the edge – but …………………….. you continue the good fight – for your job, your kids, your family, yourself, your life.

I have another post in the works, but it was taking too long. Now, you think your apartment is secure, right? Ah. well, someone is getting into your room at night. Just little things moved. You know. Ah. You’ve lost your keys and any good locksmith can break into some locks in 20 seconds or less. Okay, chair tilted under the front door (remove the throw rug). There are also special gadgets to push under the door knob. And you have put a door under the knob in your bedroom.

Hmmm. That didn’t seem to do it. Oh, you take 4 medicines that make you sleepy because you have bipolar disorder. Sleep, sleep, sleep is at the top of any bipolar’s list. However, it does make it difficult and scarier to sleep – when this crap is going on. Yes, I said that. So, you put something on top of the chair at the front door and add another layer. You remember reading that sometimes things can be pushed under the door to move a chair. Take a chair and place it between the first chair and the dresser.

By then, you have a dowel in the slider even if it is two stories up. Looking at it from a Cirque du Soleil person’s point of view one day, you realize that it would not be difficult for someone to stand on the stairs and have another on their shoulders and to up and over. (See, I am meant for this job – my daughter took gymnastics. You betcha that some of those older kids could have pulled off a second story job).

That still doesn’t quite do this trick (I’m not sure if it went in this order). Ah. there is a door going out to a balcony from the bedroom. A ladder from a truck hood? No. Someone climbing from the balcony next doors over to your balcony? A piece of cake for someone who has been trained in gymnastics and is fit. Chair pushed inside the door handle of the door going to the balcony. Ah. Safe and sound.

If there is a way, the little ants will crawl out of their hidey holes to come in. Picture them as little ants. THAT is what they are………………..actually, ants are better than this, but you know what I mean.


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