Gangstalking, Vigilante Justice Does Not Belong in the United States of America

Gangstalking, a form of vigilantism in some cases does not belong in the United States of America. Period. I’m stymied every day by the type of people involved in this. Some work for the state or federal government. Many put this above their jobs. Many put this above oaths that they have taken.

Don’t they realize how dangerous this is? I think this started out as a small group of citizens in many areas who were tired of predators or stalkers committing crimes. They had this ideal vision of setting up scenarios for suspected perpetrators in order to catch them before they could commit an act against someone. Then, it started growing……like a virus. It’s become…what to you?

It may have been a reaction to some of the horrible crimes – Like Polly Klaas. I remember the moment in time when I was talking to my sister on the phone. I was in Minnesota at the time. My sister told me about Polly Klaas. I was shocked. Who wasn’t? Wait a minute. This was Petaluma. I had never been there, but had driven past many times. It was a quiet Northern California town. I believe that there were cases like that in other parts of the United States at the time.

Good intentions. Horrible outcomes. First and foremost is that in this country – in THIS fine country, we live by “innocent until proven guilty”. I was raised to believe that and to be proud that I live in a country that promotes that concept. When did it become okay to skip “proven”? Someone decides you are guilty. Period. No jury, no trial, no executioner. Oh no: the gang stalkers are the judge, the jury and the executioners. Oh, you disagree? Well – take ANY person . ANY person and subject them to vigilante stalking…………I guarantee you that at time their behavior will appear outlandish. It’s called reacting to pressure, trying to take back control, trying to fight an enemy that cannot be defined, trying to maintain one’s sanity. Then, there is proof that this person is unstable right? Even though ANY person would have acted out in some way after theft, slander, libel, being stalked, had gaslighting done………………..keys stolen………….there seem to be so many hands and maybe only a few people have the big picture.

Also ANY person will eventually act out or fold or? ANYONE! I guarantee it. I won’t. Why? Because I am not a typical “survivor” / targeted individual. I have been here and have figured out that everyone of your tricks are human made and smoke and mirrors. No more oooh, awww for me. But I did fold once. And after that even more “evidence” was put out there. Oooh. A teacher stopped working before school was out. Oh my! This teacher has bipolar disorder. No, at that moment in time I could not work. I was not effective. I had gone through this hell since mid October of that school year. My voice was being taped at home – I am pretty sure. I know my sister’s voice was recorded. iPhone recording. Just like they are in the room.

Here is another problem you arm chair psychologists have: you are pushing and pushing and pushing this person. There are persons behind the scenes pushing some more. Yet, you drive around, some with your kids in the car. I am being really sarcastic here: Oh geez, we are trying to make this “crazy” person go over the edge. We are trying to push this person into doing something that will get that person put away or worse………….oh right.

It is so smart of them to have their kiddos there, or their elderly mom as they take her somewhere. I don’t have a degree in psychology. But that is absolutely INSANE, IDIOTIC, FOOLISH, ………………………what else can I say? Why do I get upset when I see kids in the car? Because you parents are so idiotic! How could you do this?Potentially endanger your kids. Though, I have not and would not, knowingly, ever hurt another. …………an adult in self defense.

AND how could you allow your child to be used in a set up operation? THAT is absolutely idiotic and foolish! And I bet some of you are so fast to judge some parents…………………Look in the mirror. Oh, but there have been precautions taken. REALLY? Even police who set up stings know better than to take for granted that they will have a handle on all aspects of what a “perp” or excuse me: suspected perp (that would be nice) will do. I had a hard enough time teaching my kids “stranger danger”. Have any of you asked how healthy it is for a kid to be put in that situation? Blimey! I’m running out of words.

Twenty years ago it was still “stab in the dark – what type of perp is this?” But now, it’s gotten to: This person is guilty and we don’t care what crime of stalking or harassment we can pin on them. Nope. Don’t care. Doesn’t matter if it’s true. You will make it true. You will keep bugging the target with a white car, over and over again. Then the target follows the “right” one car one night. SEE – we were right all along. Nope. But then you sweeten the pot by having one unusual vehicle followed by two postal trucks. SET UP. God, you people are idiots and I do believe God does think this is idiotic. I truly do.

(Have a car sit over by the Mormon Church, shining its headlights at me for ten minutes. I go driving past it and up to record a plates. A face full of satisfaction. He got exactly what he wanted. He can truthfully say that I drove towards him…………blah, blah………………..”And at what point in time did you decide to kill your husband Mrs. Jones?” Old joke. Can’t win. Catch 22.

I guess some of you have grown up with this right? This is WRONG. These are East German post Stasi tactics. The goal was to eliminate the person…………….ultimate goal was for the target to commit suicide. Yes, it was and it is. Why else would pills be taken…………a neighbor tells about someone who took pills for suicide. The lady across the hall. That is why all my pills showed up in my classroom in 2013, right? Miscalculation by you and someone in my house.

Have you seen the movie, “Stranger on a Train?” Do you know that men used to have their wives committed to get them out of the way? How naive are  you people? Do you realize that some people would do ANYTHING to get someone? ANYTHING. Oh, but these are good people who are acting for the good of the whole. Yeah, right.

So, if I call you Nazis, that is a very appropriate term. Post Stasi tactics, against the law, against the Constitution of the United States of America. I do not have the right to happiness, but I have the right to pursue happiness. You might not think so by whatever you believe, but then take me to court. Seriously. I am dead serious. You are under the delusion that what you do is not wrong because there are so many of you………not one of you can be blamed. Nope, nada, niet. Every single one of you are responsible for your actions. Harassment includes just doing something with the intent to cause discomfort or fear. Do I fear? Rarely, as foolish as that sounds. Hey, I’ve been here before. It won’t stop.

I am the perfect person to play this role. Behind the darkness and lights are just people. Stupid people. IF you have done this before and your target has harmed him or herself, you contributed. One twist of the knife each. Our laws are finally beginning to catch up with the “more than one person harassment scenario”. Like cyber bullying………….also that someone is guilty if they push someone towards suicide. Like – the girl who committed involuntary manslaughter for talking her boyfriend into committing suicide. She pushed and pushed and pushed.

If there are some of you more “sick” than others it is the ones who smirk or gloat or give a wicked smile – females of certain ages – younger, older. If you don’t believe this could happen to any of you……….you have another think coming. One moment in time…………….20 years ago I act a bit off towards someone 12 years older than I give or take………….Oops. We made a mistake – looks of chagrin on the gangstalkers’ faces. But there was one person who could not let this go…………….add in another who had revenge in mind. The dominoes start falling…………….

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