Computer Hacking by Gangstalkers

I have felt for months that my personal computer has been hacked. There was a Google Doc on my docs that I didn’t put there. I am working on my computer and the cursor starts really slowing down and won”t go where I want it to – when I am working on something important. I started using a wireless mouse and that helped. Well, now I have proof – sort of – that my computer has been hacked.

This would most likely have been done by Vigilante Stalkers or Gangstalkers / Gang Stalkers.

Today, I found at least 100 of these types of ads/pictures in with my pictures. All the pictures I have on my computer have come from my phone or have been sent by friends. The day I was supposed to have posted these 9/4/2014, I was still pretty depressed and had anxiety. I was getting better. I had told my doctor that I felt I needed Serotonin. I was right…………………

They are not on my phone. I did not put them there. If anyone knows another way that they got here, I would like to know.

I tried changing the name to not include a church, but I think the traffic has died down. Actually, the core groups I believe are church groups, particularly churches that have a pretty strong hierarchy. From there, believe it or not, some is by word of mouth. I wouldn’t have believed that this could happen in the United States. This is Guilty until proven……………………already guilty. Also, if people are so naive that they do not understand how ANY type of incriminating evidence could be produced, …………..they have really had their heads in the sand for a number of years. If they don’t believe that ANYONE could say something for a cause or hate…..they don’t know much about the baser side of human nature. I have an enemy that would do this. I also saw this going on 20 years ago and four years ago. I know too much.

HUNDREDS…………………….I have been deleting them. I will leave some………….but there are a LOT.

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