Survivors of Vigilante Stalking / Targeted Individuals of Gangstalking : Document, Document and then Document


That piece of red tape was put there on June 24th or early on June 25th (Sunday). More later.

(Read at the bottom regarding how to keep the very few essentials with you at all times.)

I just had a very nice visit from one of Petaluma’s police officers. It was hard to convince him to come out because no crime has been committed. Okey, Dokey, “I just want it documented.” He’s going to write it up as suspicious activity.

Red tape tied from scaffolding pole around tree outside second bedroom window. Evening of 6/25 to morning on 6/26.

Caution tape outside my bedroom window 6/10, storm 6/11 so piece wedged in between where pipes meet had come loose. Put back by late morning June 12th.

Winter 2017: Ruby earrings my grandparents gave me for my high school graduation. HP computer/tablet, work keys (I am not going to say these were stolen at a church). I still need to report the earrings and HP computer. I can do it online. Can’t explain survival mode or wanting to make sure the computer didn’t turn up somewhere else.

Fall 2016: Extra set of keys and pills.

You have to be VERY careful what you tell people. I have proof that someone, for whatever crazy reason, put tape outside my windows. I also made it clear that I have no idea who is doing this. The weird gaslighting events – I have to let them go. Having a black hair dryer when I have never owned a black hair dryer (I get the brown). Let it go.

If you are in survival mode just trying to hold onto what you need, you can’t even think about documenting ANYTHING. You could get a small calendar and make a note in that, but that might be overwhelming. Survival comes first. Carry your medications on you – women have purses/backpacks; men can have those bags or backpacks. However, you might need to “develop” some OCD to explain why you carry it everywhere you go and I mean everywhere. Some story about something being stolen years ago, and now you have this minor issue. And you are seeing someone.                Anything I do not have on me I just say to myself, “Que sera, sera.” I’ve had to. My mom used to get really upset when she couldn’t find something. I swore I wouldn’t be like that. I’m not, but it is somewhat natural with me. Something gets broken and I have regrets for – a few seconds – and then, “Oh, well” kicks in. If you are not like that, work on it.

Trust everyone (except those you are sure are stalkers/harassers), but trust no one (with your valuables. There are very, very few people I would trust. Lifelong friends/relatives). Trust everyone, because you don’t want to think the whole human race is doing this, It may appear to be so because Vigilante Stalkers have ways to make it look like more are doing this than are. However, I’m not even going to say how many different groups and from which organizations I think they are from in my case. I don’t want to look crazy

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