Shock or Laugh: Vigilantes Try to Throw a Survivor (targeted individual) Off With Shock Cars

I have been trying to come up with a name for these strange cars that I saw in 2013 and now in 2017. They go beyond crazy colors, or severe damage. If you are stressed and being barraged, they are shocking. A shock to the system. If you know what they are – take some pictures and have a good laugh. So Shock and Aw or Laugh and Yawn?


From what I know, this car is not legal to drive unless the stuff smashed against the passenger window is pushed up there by something that can be moved. You have to be able to see out the back or use a mirror on the right. Every window is covered so you cannot see in. I laughed long and loud. This was on the evening of June 24th at the Safeway in Sebastopol.


A wacky, laugh and yawn trailer on a street off Sonoma Mountain Parkway that I go down after I have dropped a friend off at her house. Below.

IMG_2895 (2)

Hmmm. Why would someone want to keep a carcass of something covered and protected from the elements? Haul it away.

This is a trailer in my apartment complex on Sestri Lane (behind Safeway – was G and G). What is in this parking space and what is on this trailer keeps changing now and again. Fun to watch.

This silly vehicle was parked in the City of Sebastopol lot across from where the Hot Monk parking is. I would go here often during the school year to “take a break” from being in a classroom. Sure bet with this one, that I would come across it. Why take the time and bother? Remember, Survivors of Vigilante Stalking are supposed to be the lowest of the low. No judge, jury, trial or evidence to look at. We are deemed guilty by the gangstalkers who are judge, jury and executioners.

IMG_1306 (2)

Maybe, maybe not. This vehicle filled with toys………… first glance it looks like someone who is transporting toys. Further inspection. Obviously things they care nothing about. Thrown in. Note the telling Fox on the back of this truck. Just wondering.


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