What a Targeted Individual Remembers and Her Conjectures

Conjecture –

  • I guess that this type of gangstalking or vigilante harassment has been around for decades. I know that it was around in a much more rudimentary form in 1997.
  • Some people do this because they can, or they like to play god or puppetmeister.  Some do it because they truly believe that the person they are trying to get to commit suicide is an evil or deranged person who could very well hurt someone. IF you have been doing this for long, you have probably helped kill someone. Involuntary manslaughter according to the verdict just handed down. Though it might not apply to a group like this – it will someday.
  • Many if not most of the vigilante stalkers are really, really naive people who have no idea of: what lengths someone might go to commit revenge, what people are willing to do to set up someone, what technology is out there. You do know I hope that there is technology to figure out if  digital video or audio tapes are legit. It’s called forensics.
  • Here I go: the fireman who is next to my sister – the “kids” climbed on my sisters’ roof in 2013. He allowed his son to be a possible “trap” for their target.
  • You people obviously know nothing about what someone pushed over the edge might do. You blithely drive with your kids in the car. What might a person do who has: been followed for months, had gaslighting committed, had things stolen, been under constant stress (except – not me), pushed, pushed, pushed. Anyone could go over the edge and do something violent. Yet, there are your kids. Stupid, idiots! I get mad at these foolish parents……………….There is some speculation that some of the violent attacks by people without prior issues may have undergone workplace mobbing or gangstalking.
  • At work – miss uptight office person, Ms. Afternoon science (pretty sure), Mr. Smiley (had that thank you you had to get out to Mrs. Clean), Mrs. Clean, The Science Guy, and Rocket Man along with others. If someone took something from my house and gave it to you to put into my classroom, is that receiving stolen goods? Just wondering.
  • Okay……………..more tomorrow or Sunday. 60 is different from 50. I just hit my wall and the three hour nap is wearing off.
  • Oh – there is Mrs. Spanish ancestry retired teacher.
  • How do Catholics reconcile this? If suicide is a mortal sin – then what is trying to help push someone towards suicide work? Oh, you didn’t know?
  • I bet I have seen minister’s, etc. Do they take the lead? Or at least some people high up in the churches. Interesting that THIS is what can bring you all together. Have you ever thought of working on prevention? Getting counseling to those abused and are at higher risk for committing these crimes, or so I guess. All that money spent on gas.
  • This IS against the law. California has stalking laws as does the United States. All you have to do is go near someone with the intent to cause discomfort or fear  or……….. Just go out of your way, receive a test communicating about this…………..
  • I thought that police for the most part are against Vigilante justice.
  • Have you ever seen “Strangers on a Train”? Wonder if this is ever used that way. You get rid of my enemy and I’ll get rid of yours.
  • That’s why I think of you as droids, puppets, ants, ……………….
  • I am perfect for this job. Third time is a charm – for me. Oh, I might not be the one to take you down, but it is only a matter of time.
  • Sonoma County Sheriff’s Deputies – 20010-2011 I believe. Driving home from Sonoma, quite a few times there were Sheriff’s vehicles stopped at the side with their lights flashing. But, no one else was there. I finally dropped off a letter at one of the “stations”. It stopped. Miracle.
  • Some similar stuff recently. One almost rammed my car. I guess it is called T boning. I’m sure s/he had the skills to avoid collision, but that was really stupid. Legitimate complaint. Their presence died down until this past week. Do  I think all of them are on board? I doubt it.
  • The Sebastopol police officer with gray hair – a conjecture.
  • Fire fighters galore. Conjecture.

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