What Wild and Wacky Wrecked Cars Might Look Like

Something to ponder or mull: would someone have painted part of a car to be a different color, used something to fade a color, or go to a junkyard that has car parts and change out a section of a car? See, I used to go with my ex husband to get parts for cars.

Works for me to know random info. I can NOT resist – even though this word is on my tacky word list: Sucks for you, stalkers! Not that any of the cars, trucks below can be accused of being involved in anything so “righteous” (yeah, you keep telling yourself that).

Here are cars that I have seen since mid October. I don’t have all of them ready to go………but here goes:



Old. Well, it is farm country, right?



Bungee cords, tape, rope, twine……..



Individual spirit. Note that the red on the front part of the truck is different than the faded back part. Individual spirit. Just think how this type of stalking could be used to squelch writers with opposing views, scientists, people who look different than you, think differently, worship or not worship……………Oh, Yeah. Nazis. Just saying…………



Day-Glo duct tape. Truck almost in same lot as red truck above. I think the car with the blue and white should have stuck with white. It would look like a cow. Car – Ragle Park.



Tip of the ice burg. I have seen that orange/flame truck multiple times, sometimes twice in the same day. Always Sebastopol. I would have seen the purple more times around town, but I know the owner. Oh well………………..



Cold day. All the better reason to take the sun guard, turn it upside down and stick it in the car.


K-Mart Lot, Petaluma – First two.

Sebastopol, I think.

Blue van – Petaluma. Really. Trader Joe’s lot. Spotted car parked in Sebastopol. Later I saw it on the road. Talk about Wacky.

See the cars below. Ponder on those. I will add later.

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