Tells on Cars Used by Vigilante Harassers/Stalkers (Cause Stalkers)

These are cars that have stickers or other emblems. Might mean something. Might not. All I know is I see more than the usual number of cars with stickers on them, given the location and how popular bumper stickers and window stickers are in the area. Sebastopol – You would expect to see more. Passionate people working for causes. But……..not the number I see in one day and sometimes one car at two different places in the same town – in one day.














This is just a sampling……………………………

Believe it or not, I see a LOT of cars with those scented “trees”. Except, they come in all different designs. I will see a really fancy cars with these. FYI – All scents except for natural scents/oils are really bad for you. The stuffed animals seemed to be big. I put a dog and a giraffe in my windows for a while. Someone at work had a dog in her window. Yep. She is.


What does this do?IMG_1210 (2)

Here is an extreme sticker car. Yes, this is real. Excuse the language.


  • Someone who keeps seeing these stickers in abnormal numbers may not even register that the problem is the stickers – just that something is off. Unsettling.
  • Allows people who are harassing (and I am NOT saying any vehicle in the above article is harassing – that would be crazy, right? Can’t be proven). Allows people who are harassing to kind of know who’s who.
  • Anyone who knowingly uses stickers and goes past someone to cause discomfort or fear is harassing. there is debate on this but: considering that the Survivor (targeted individual) in inundated with cars driving around – that is stalking.

Gang Stalking     Cause Stalking    Vigilante Stalking     Vigilante Harassment    Gangstalking       ON  A

Targeted Individual     Targeted Survivor    SURVIVOR!      T.I.     TI      Perp      Unsub       Target      Fill in the blank ___________________________________________

Some more qualifiers. The two on the left are from one car. I saw more of these in 2013. This was taken at the OSH lot I believe. Not that anyone would know that I would go to the OSH lot. I figure a few of these are parked here and there and eventually I will come across one. The tactic in 2013 was to park one right in front of me or nearby while I was in a store.

I need to come up with a name for these. A special name. I will mull. Now, the cranberry van down below. Is that even street legal or is something added underneath to make it look like the insides are falling down? Kind of like the van that had fake insides of the car coming out from the taillight section. It was obviously tape surrounding insulation. Why? These misguided cretins think they are ridding the world of scum. That is the only thing I can come up with. They belong to a group of vigilantes that are working towards a higher goal. The car on the left only had enough room for a driver. Seriously. I guess instead of donating the car to a charity…………this give them a high…………….??? Of some type. I am sure that the crud stuffed in there is clean or it would stink to high heaven.


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