Cars With Plates You Can’t Read – Why?

So, WHY are drivers in California allowed to drive around with license plates someone can’t read or can barely read? If there were an accident/hit and run shouldn’t we be allowed to read the plates? I sure have noticed a LOT of plates that are hard to read. Does it have anything to do with Vigilante Stalking / Gang Stalking? I don’t know. The following are just examples of the types of plates that I see. Seems like this could be something that city police could ticket. Worthwhile way to write a ticket that benefits us all.

One thing I really don’t understand. How could a plate be so dirty that you can barely read the numbers/letters, but then the word California sticks out. Kind of throws you off kilter right? Oh, well. I cam getting used to it. Then I have seen cars to dirty you can’t read the plate at all. One weird thing I see is cars that have been kept clean on the sides, but are filthy in the back. Does that make sense? Kind of throws you off a bit too – if you didn’t know this was as common as it is – where I am. I have some better examples or plates that you can barely read because the are bent so badly. Oh – Now, this is a strange one: It appears that sometimes people paint over the blue using a slightly different color. Throws one off at first. Sometimes it looks like someone has take white paint and painted over part of a number or letter. Then there can be the ones where it looks like someone took something sharp and tried to scratch off a letter or number. Any of these happen in an accident? I’m just saying…………

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