Gangstalkers / Vigilante Stalkers Wear Colored Lenses to View Their Targets

Here is an example of what religion can do if it is not mixed with good old common sense: Women who are very religious do not do as well when it comes to breast cancer survival. The reason? Just conjecture. However, highly religious people may tend to “put it in the hands of God”. That is all well and fine, but question the doctors for Pete’s sake! Research the biopsy results or get someone to do it for you. I’ve done my share of praying and sending good thoughts – power in both I feel. But, seriously. THINK!

That’s an article on how rumors spread. I have been thinking off and on that someone must have come up with some way of framing me – horrible recording digitally spliced together, horrible video created by splicing something together or worse……….I was drugged in the summer. I had to have been. Never had night terrors before and never since. No meds had changed. But, did that happen so that I would declare it happened and look even more guilty. Today, I figured out that most of these people HAVE to be going on, “Someone in an official capacity said X” – because they do not know what in the HE double hockey sticks they are doing. I’m no psychiatrist, but I doubt if there are people who go after one group and another and another. I am naive? Are the CSI shows and profiling all wrong? I’ll look that up.

Oh – I notice when things are off. Blessing and a curse. I have seen people shoplift. I’ve managed to turn that bit of observation skill off. Here’s an example: at Tahoe, in kayak. Just want to relax. But, there is a large group of kids out where I am and even further out. One is not so hot a swimmer. So, I become the Mom – not really, but I’m not leaving until that kid is closer to shore. I was the Mom when my friends and I went to a beach house at 18. That was my nickname. I’d forgotten. Don’t tell my daughter. She probably has figured it out already though. BTW – the kid got closer to shore and I went elsewhere. I had done my days of being the mom at Tahoe with my own wonderful kids – sharing the job with all the relatives both male and female.

Anyway, I keep saying aloud in the car, “Make up your mind people. I’m not a psychologist, but this does not make any sense at all!” What I am referring to is “set ups” that are used to: see if I have a problem with a certain group.

Today, I sat all by myself at Habit. Great!  I had a puzzle to work on. Some ladies sat next to me and one had a very cute baby. Then, a lady sat on my right. I should have taken that seat. It was in the corner. I just pulled my purse behind me, plopped it on the floor and put my foot on it. She left. Then an employee came and sat near me. Good looking Latino “kid”. He started up some small talk. I politely participated in the talk for a minute, but something was telling me that something was off. Where was his cell phone? Did he really want to take his precious break next to a 62 year old woman? Really?

Do I think this was planned? Not really. These people see a certain opening and move in. Droids. Puppets. Yes, you if you are one.

Plus, these people have scarlet colored glasses on – well, scarlet, rose, etc.. You know,for the Scarlet Letter? No matter what I do, it is colored with whatever shade of red they have been fed. I got up to leave, saying a polite good bye and saw a car that I know I have seen at least a few times in different places – Sebastopol included and I was in Petaluma. I took down the plate – record via a headphone and took a picture of that one. A bit later the women came out and got in THE car. Set up. What was it? Ah, the Latino kid. Really?

I have also seen three young boys recently – different places at different times sitting very rigid alone in the back of cars. That is really sick. Sick thinking plus, what type of people would scare the beejeebus out of young kids like that? It was hard enough talking to my kids about Stranger Danger. This is one reason that I think a lot of these people are of certain religious persuasions that use fear and threats of damnation along with having a highly controlling hierarchical system. For the good of the whole, right? Damn the minds of these kids. Their learning an important life lesson. What, I have no idea. Oh – people like to hate. They need someone to hate. At least these people do.

Then, there were the boys who were about junior high age wandering around campus one day – few other people about. I realized later: How many kids wander around a school campus or anywhere by themselves? Some do. But, boys like to be in a groups. It’s the nature of the beast. Stupid, idiots (not the kids, the adults). There have been others – one skateboarding one day……………….Ugh, ugh, double ugh. These stupid idiots must think I am completely zoned out, ready to ???????

Hey fools. You push anyone over and over and over again……..what is going to happen? Even the mildest, kindest person would eventually push back. Not me. I can laugh at you. I know your tricks and I’ve been here before. Okay, how about the young 20 something women? They seem to want to make it look like I am stalking them. I take down a license plate and they slow down. Oh geez. Bye.

Of course, I type this up and tomorrow it will be all groups. I still remember the look of horror/fear on the face of the African American boy when I abruptly turned around trying to spot my sister at the Women’s March. She had left her phone in the car. I can’t spend too much energy feeling sorry for these kids……………………..I do say to myself and sometimes when I act like I am talking on the phone – loudly, “Why don’t you take all this gas money and use it to buy food for my kids this summer?” Some of them really rely on school lunches. That’s what I worry about. Or, help pay for counselors. I had true survivors in my room. Gutsy survivors, but they need people to talk to over the summer. It hit me when some of my girls were talking about the suicide at the high school and the recent horrible show XXX reasons. I tried to be casual when I expressed my concern. They all said that they would never do anything like that. I asked what they would do if they needed help. They said that they would talk to someone at the school. My stomach dropped out but I maintained a positive demeanor. It was the end of the school year. My kids are most at risk. Do something for them.

Anyway. Seriously sick puppies you people. There is not there, there, but once you have seen someone through those glasses you wear there is no taking off the shaded lens is there?


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