How to Spot a Possible Gang Stalking Vehicle

In Northern California, there definitely are certain things that are “tells”.  Items or colars that make them stand out.

  • Bumper stickers or evidence that a bumper sticker was on the car
  • Bumper stickers, many put on at an angle. Bernie is a big one.
  • Going to work on this more tomorrow. Sleep is a priority.
  • Plastic on a window that looks like a tint application gone very wrong.  Bumps all over the place.
  • Old cars. I think some people have one of these kept partly hidden by their regular cars. Some might borrow someone’s property. Around here, Sonoma County, there is not lack of farms and land.
  • Cars that have  damage to them. Some is significant. Pieces of bumpers missing, things falling down off the car and patched up with tape.
  • Fake damage. Tape can be used to “patch” up a car that doesn’t need it. One van I saw in the Cattlemen’s lot supposedly had damage on the side. I looked closely. It was insulation surrounded by tape. The insulation was supposed to look like it was coming from inside the car. Nope. Cars don’t look like that.
  • Dogs: Dog footprint stickers, dog bone stickers,
  • local sports team stickers like the classic SF in block printing and the Warrior’s bridge. Cars with the Warrior bridge flag/s hooked into a plastic holder attached to the car.
  • Harley Davidson stickers. There are different sizes. One guy with a truck has a very large Harley sticker smack dab in the lower, middle part of the windshield.
  • Hibiscus stickers. Flower of the harassers
  • Sea turtle stickers
  • Zombies: zombie families lined up, usually on the bottom left of the window, CAUTTION – Zombie attack vehicle or something like that.
  • Regular lines of a family. We have all seen them.
  • Skeletons and skulls, skull and crossbones,
  • The white oval stickers that design at a place – like Bodega Bay: BB in black on an oval. In fact, I took a good picture of a car that I have seen at least twice before.
  • radio station bumper stickers or window stickers. A big one here is KISS 101.1 It’s pick and makes the shape of a kiss.
  • Plate frames: jeweled paint frames, paint frames mentioning being an alumni from somewhere. Petaluma has many Out West Garage car plate frames. Sebastopol has another – I have to think about that. Strange name.
  • A few new cars might have some sort of cover missing on the back – One that could be used to do something else.

Some tells make the car look dingy, old, depressing. If you’re new to this, you can’t quite figure this out.

License plates, both paper from the dealer or regular. Ah. the plates that show the California very clearly bot the rest looks like in been in a duststorm. Plastic covers on plates make them harder to see. Scratched out letters or numbers (partial). Makes a number or letter look somehing like another one.

I’l go into the brighting or light tricks another time. Smoke and Mirrors peiple. It’s only smoke and mirrors.

Check out my except from another blog that i have. Told from the vigilante stalkers’ side. This was it isn’t written by someone who sounds crazy, but shows how easy the things the gang stalkers do. Easy, peasy. lemon squeezy.


How’s it been? Only saw the perp once? Hey, that’s great! What else did you notice? Yeah, the old cars. Some people have been into this for a long time. For some, like the farmers and off roaders, driving an old car is part of their lives. For the others, they keep ugly old cars tucked back onto the property or there are property owners who might let you store it on their property.

Not interested in that? That’s fine. We have what we calls, Tells – you know, Like in poker. They are things that people put on cars for two reasons: A tell is a signal to another person out there that you are in the group. Also, some of the tells make cars look old and dingy.

Tells in this part of the county are: Kiss 101.1 pink sticker, sea turtles, items or stickers that have something to do with dogs. Yeah, the paw print, probably one of ours. Some of the favorites with truck owners are the SF for the giants, You will see Golden State Warriors flags showing the bridge. That is one of the favorites. Oh yes, hibiscus and some have a lot of stickers on them. Yep, coexist is one. Zombies are big – zombie families, skeleton skulls, bumper stickers put on at an angle – even election bumper stickers. Anything to make it look “off” – but the perp can’t quite put his finger on it. Stickers on windows of cars mentioning Hawaii. Those stickers that are oval that refer to a place, like “BB” for Bodega Bay. Oh yeah. There are a few garages that have plate frames that people put on. Garages that have unusual names. Ah…………….a big one is using lights of course – one headlight out, one fog light out, one tail light out OR just one dimmer.

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