Typical Vigilante Stalking “Scare” Tactic Not!

Picture on the left was taken on Friday. This is what I saw outside my bedroom. Caution tape at a construction site? No biggy. A long strand of construction tape “hitched” over the railing with a cow hitch. Not so common. Then one end had to be forced into the crevice between two pipes to make it stay.

Saturday, there was a storm – lots of wind and some rain. Hey, we even got thunder and lightening. For here that’s exciting. So, the “caught” section of the caution tape was no longer caught and was hanging down. I would have left it at that. Ignored that latest in a series of stupid Vigilante Harassers’ moves.

Picture on the right, taken late morning/early afternoon. I think I was recording my voice when I saw it. Wow! Magic! Somehow the caution tape was “caught” in the same spot it had been on Friday. Well, not quite. The one on the right really sags. In case you are wondering, I am a 62 year old woman who broke her ankle a few years back. I’m out of shape and need to lose 30 pounds. I did look at the scaffolding to see what it would take to get the tape down. Could I reach it with something? Not even close. And there is a pretty large gap between the scaffolding and the window. Nope…………………….Look how short the caution tape on the right is. On the left, the tape is touching the wood.

I don’t think it follows under:


Contact your local FBI field office to report incidents of:

It does follow under:


I would have to get a restraining order, but against who? The construction company? Can’t be sure that it is one of their employees, but they have best access to the scaffolding. There was someone who actually was able to get a restraining order against the Mormon Church. The people coming to the door would not stop. Guess in some areas and with some groups they don’t get that no means no and leave me alone really means leave me alone. Notice that I say some and some. I’ve never had that issue. Anyway, if the company couldn’t come near me, they couldn’t finish the work. Their work is very good.

Oh, I walked the whole complex and there was not one example of caution tape that even came close to this. Not one knot that wasn’t a regular everyday knot. I took pictures.

I saw the super drive by for the first time when I was unloading my car. Way past the time the office closes. He looked preoccupied – or something. So, which is it people? Which group. Doesn’t matter does it? Silly people. The United States of Vigilantes. You ought to be so proud! Not – ashamed. Take me to court. I would be absolutely delighted. That is Dee light   ed………………………………………………… Oh, let me see. Too traumatic? Based on the set up pics that have been taken where I look like I am crazy, but no one shows you the torment that came before? What? Oh well……………….I will never know.

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