Real T.I.s – Let’s Get Our Act Together

All right, real Targeted Individuals, who are survivors of Vigilante Stalking/Harassment – Make sure you have your act together before you post or make a website. Seriously.

First, look at the fake Gangstalking sites. They mention all types of things besides gangstalking. Ludicrous things like aliens and mind stuff and C### like that. Even if you think some of that stuff is happening. DON’T put it out there. Leave that to the Fake Gangstalkers. DON’T make your site look all creepy and sinister with so much writing, someone writes you off as a “nut job” right off the bat (don’t mean to insult those of us with mental health issues – trying to get a point across).

AND for heaven’s sake: DO NOT POST A VIDEO THAT REALLY SHOWS NOTHING. Seriously, there is a video out there of someone driving through a track of homes. I can’t even see anything going on. Really?

You post it and say where it happened, at what time of day, and under what conditions. For example, today I was standing in front of a building on Watertrough Road in Sebastopol around 12:30 (I have the time on audio tape). No schools are still in, so no one would be picking up kindergarteners or any students. There were no special events in town. It is Monday, June 12, 2017. I have driven that road off and on for years. My sister used to teach in the Waldorf school on that road. So, another Monday around 12:30 when school is out, someone else could go on Watertrough and see the country road it is supposed to see. See?

I realized today that until this fall, I had pictured Watertrough as a very quiet country road. However, since mid October, when I am around it is a really busy road for a country road. It’s the kind of road that one doesn’t usually go on unless you have business on it. I will double check with my map. Anyway………..20 years I have gone on that road to events for my nephews and to visit my sister. Nope – not like that.

I did take video on Watertrough today, but I think it is one of the ones that tape normally for 10 seconds to 30 seconds, then  y o u    h   e   a   r   m  e     t   a   l   k   very slowly and in a low voice. Anyway, that is a topic for another day. (hacked phone unless my phone is in worse shape than I thought – but, it is hacked).

LIE – that’s right LIE. Build up to the scope of what is going on (keeping in mind that people might go past you a few times a day, people may have two cars they use, the vigilantes notify people on the local freeway via an Amber Alert type system to drive through town. You may or may not see that person………………., but they have done what they think to be God’s work, or think they have helped destroy a horrible person). WE targeted individuals/survivors pinch ourselves each day. I say to myself, “Really?” Seriously, I do say that to myself, but it is usually about something idiotic that these people do – Like – there are WAY, WAY more personalized plates among these people than I expect there are in the population in general. Why in the heck would you go out doing this with a personalized plate. Seriously – I say that a lot to.

You notice, I am not afraid to name names (sort of – descriptions like Ms. Clean). I do think there might be some pretty vicious people out there. Mine are into No Touch Torture – though a truck almost running me off the road and another swerving in its lane sort of cross the line. To the trucker who swerved. I just laughed and indicated to him or her that sure/right – you’ve been driving for years. I’m either brave or foolish, but I think it is a bit of both. Actually, it’s not so much bravery and being appalled that this is going on in the United States. Actually, I have been to hell and back many times – there is a post on that that I have not finished. Have I mentioned the Cancer yet?

If you are going to make a video, for Pete’s sake, write out what you are going to say ahead of time. I’ve seen one guy who very calmly talked for quite a while and described what gangstalking is like. Gang Stalking.

AND – let’s change the name to Vigilante Stalking and Vigilante Harassment. We lack credibility. It comes with the territory. Gang Stalkers sounds – –so yesterday…………Oooh, Aaah and they are not. They are magicians using slight of hand, foolish gaslighters, have access to people with talents who come from many, many professions.

Explain that the technology to do whatever it is, is available. There have been some devices around for years that have allowed thieves to get into your car without setting off the alarm. It figures out whatever information your key fob sends and duplicates it. Not only that – you can now go into a car parts store and they sell back up key fobs…………just take yours – hold it up to something and voila! You have another fob. So, when I was sitting somewhere and my lock kept locking – I’d unlock it……………over for a bit. Then, I was laughing. Easy, peasy, lemon, squeezy people. Stupid, idiotic, Vigilante Stalkers!

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