911 – An Excuse to Throw, “Innocent Until Proven Guilty” Out the Proverbial Window

I’m finished for the night. For now. Read the article from the third address down. A man is in prison because of things he said probably under torture from another country AND because of this clause in the law after 911. If someone gives any assistance to a terrorist. This could include ANYTHING! Even if you don’t know that the service is for a terrorist.

One person in my family keeps/kept saying, “Well, I don’t have anything to hide.” as justification for some of the horrid decisions made after 911 – making it much easier to circumvent practices that have been in place for decades (and there are good reasons they were put in place to begin with). Now that Trump is in office, I think maybe s/he is rethinking that stance.

I wonder how much that type of thinking has led to the rise of vigilante justice. Vigilante stalkers are just plain stupid, imbeciles. Willing to give up, “Innocent until proven guilty”. Oh yes they are. The right and left and middle and back hands don’t know what each is doing. The harassment is set up so that eventually most people would explode. There are all types of “set ups” to see which type of person “triggers” you. Kind of like a sting. Thing is…………they don’t care what the truth is.  Just want to get you on something.

The third story – makes me ill. That is why I am saying goodnight. But NOT to vigilante harassers.




Today, almost any kind of support, including humanitarian aid, training, expert advice, “services” of all sorts, or “political advocacy” undertaken in “coordination” with any group on the State Department’s terrorist list, can lead to such a terror trial. The Court has never defined what “coordination” actually means.

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