Openness and My Gangstalkers – No, Not Hiding Like You Are

All right my idiotic, stupid, anti democracy, KKK equivalent, “Guilty as charged, not innocent until proven guilty” Gangstalkers. We won’t out ya until we are up front about who you are. I was going back and forth on one person who I trusted. She did something that was an obvious gangstalking move: backed out a car very slowly, somehow got the sun to bounce off of her window and hit the one in my classroom. But, then she exaggerated a look of remorse when seeing that I couldn’t have missed her show.

Ah yes. There was the revealing question quite a while back about evidence from 2013 or the previous time I was gangstalked with this level of sophistication (stupid, idiotic though it is). That was not a normal question. Verdict is in: Mrs. Clean is in along with Mrs. Nye the Science Gal (walks past my car – good access, but then past my room peering in). I said Mr. Smiley was in a long time ago, along with others.

Sick, sick people. Ignorant fools. Puppets. What were the accusations made in 2012? Changing jobs a lot? Oh, such a sin. Was guaranteed a position where I student taught. Then someone they pushed out of a position, used her standing to get back in. My ex could have been saying things back then – and using recording of my voice if necessary – high pitched as it is. Strew parts together – grating I would think.

Now, I left a job in 2013. Oh NO! You are not told that this crap was happening back then. You are not told about people entering the house and steeling pills, a computer and other things. Nor about the principal who would not talk to the two students I sent to talk to her for the first time. A talk. Back up your teacher, lady. Nope – marched into the room in front of the class with stickers and sticker charts. “I assume you are familiar with these.” So  professional. Going through a divorce. Gaslighting from all sides. Nope, you are not told these things, nor would you even attempt to find out. You are puppets in the sense that you are not supposed to think about your target. Your target in not human. Don’t think. One hand knows not what the other hand it doing. Goad the target into acting strange – then, “See the evidence?” A definite threat. Oh well. You are ants crawling out of hidey holes (one being the parking lot in front of other stores to the left of Whole Foods in Sebastopol, CA).

Oh, the two ladies having such a joyous time in front of Whole Foods. Such exaggerated moves. Sticking around there to show pictures. That is linked to the letter of apology I wrote. No thanks. Fake friend from Stepfordville. Yep, Sebastopol, you are the essence of Stepfordville.


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