Gangstalker Tactics Unraveled

Gangstalking relies heavily on what I call: “Smoke and mirrors, smoke and mirrors”. Illusions. Here are some.

  • I have to change this. I talked to a driver. All Semis have to have tape. However, I did notice one a few days back that had an extra piece along one side of the half square. However, I have used a CB radio before. I was thinking, what better way to communicate than with a CB if you are a truck driver? Sure, they don’t transmit very far – if there are hills, but multiple channels and code words and you are set. Yep, in my twenties and even until mid thirties I had a handle and everything. Who knew how handy all these random adventures I have been through would help me fight Vigilante Stalking and Harassment. Yes, I have come up with a much better name for this. Marketing people, marketing. Vigilantes people get. Here is some of what I first posted: Semi Trucks know who in another truck is stalking by pieces of reflective tape placed on trucks. – that being said, people still could use reflective tape somehow. There are tells. However, the vigilante stalkers make a point of being closest to you. Ahhh. Makes one feel all fuzzy inside. Nope. Makes me want to barf. Oops, was that me? Dang Right!
  • Apply the following, but just throw in CB radios. The tape can allow trucks to go side by side in front of or behind the victim/target. It can also be used to have two trucks in front, one on the side with the expectation that the victim/target will drive up and then be cornered from behind. Fortunately, besides having this happen to me with cars,  I had also read another target’s story about being boxed in by trucks. I pulled to the right – when the “boxing” in car moved forward, it was boxed in. Took a while for the truckers to figure it out. Oops, guess the car driver had to call someone who called the truckers. Oh, poor baby.
  • Cars in areas have “tells” except unlike in poker they are to allow other stalkers to know each other and to give the target/victim a sense that things around him or her are strange – but s/he can’t put her finger on it. In 2012-2013, I didn’t realize there were “tells”. I was just flummoxed, stressed, pushed way too far……………..and went over the edge. This time, I can be an observer at times. Who knew? I remember faces if I really take note of the face. I’ve always noticed when things were not normal – a blessing and a curse. However, turns out that if I focus on what is on a car, say it out loud, get a mental picture. Wow! Today I saw a truck for the third time and at least one time was in Sebastopol where I have been working. When I saw this truck in front of me going east on D street. Well, the circle inside a triangle in the lower right corner of the window behind the driver just jumped out at me. Third time!!!
  • In the Bay Area tells are: stickers about animals, zombie family stickers, zombie stickers in general, SF for Giants or the bridge for the Golden State Warriors, scented “trees” hanging down from the front mirror, other scented cardboard products, fish (Jesus fish), pink plate frames, frames that say “alumni of”, coexist bumper stickers, oval stickers from cities, the half marathon number in an oval, kiss 101 sicker in pink, Harley Davidson stickers, the hibiscus flower is really big
  • Some cars don’t have any of those……..but are still part and parcel of the gang

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