U.S. Postal Service – Misuse of Vehicles (for stalking? yes)


Here are the words sent via a comment form to the U.S. Postal Service:

I have not been surprised at seeing postal trucks on Sunday. That’s the way it is. I was rather surprised to see a postal truck coming towards me going north on McDowell Blvd. in Petaluma towards Washington Blvd today – May 29th – Memorial Day. I was going south. At least that is the way I “see it in my head”. I was recording some interesting things, so I do have the time and location on “tape”.

In November, I saw two postal trucks – one right behind the other – around 8:30 at night, going around the traffic circle at Sestri and Riesling in Petaluma. There was one vehicle right in front of them, but I don’t remember what that was. That was very unusual. They came east down Riesling (cross street Sonoma Mountain Parkway), around the traffic circle to go straight on Sestri (Reisling actually continues to the left), then made a left on Landsdowne Way and then right on Westminster Lane. My apartment complex is right across from Landsdowne Way.

Last week (I have this on tape also), a very large semi that hauls U.S. mail and a smaller rented vehicle were behind me. The semi got so close, it was very intimidating and I moved over. I will be writing a letter to the local postmaster when I get a chance. I have to find out who that would be for the 94954 zip code. This occurred on North McDowell heading north. The trucks for the distribution center on McDowell turn right on Corona to get to the parking lot (on the right) or to turn left into the truck entrance for the McDowell distribution center. Both trucks headed into the same lot, but I was a bit flustered and don’t remember if they went to park or to go into the center.

I certainly hope that postal employees would not be participating in any type of community harassment. Just like me they have signed a pledge to uphold the Constitution. I assume the truck drivers are public employees. I believe there is libel and slander occurring that is causing local persons to act in unprofessional ways. That sounds absurd, I know, but I have had many mishaps just at my apartment building. I have always thought very highly of postal employees, so I find this very disturbing. If there is communication among postal workers regarding me and any actions aimed towards met then that would be breaking a law. There are also a few federal issues. I reworded a few phrases because of the privacy screening policy. You may contact me.


Petaluma, CA 94954

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