Found the Ants’ Hidey Hole, and Song About the Ants/Rabbits Running Away

Being part of a Gangstalking driving group is easy, peasy, lemon squeezy. Seriously. Here is one bit of information that I have gathered by watching and poking into places……….I belonged, but these ants and rabbits didn’t like that I found out one of their tricks. Just like most of the smoke and mirrors……………..there really are not as many as there appear to be (locally – around your territory)- though, yet, there may be more than a slew, but it’s so easy to do. Take a couple or two to three people and all park in a convenient locale – close to where some action might occur. There – two to three times the number of cars per one group.

I have seen these hidey holes in Petaluma, CA: east side Catholic church, parking lot of the old Athletic club (this is where all cars were filled with people – about 10 cars and the cars all slowly went towards the exit, making a point of sitting there blocking my way for a bit………………..Ooooh, aaaah – just stupid, idiots! Let’s see: Safeway along Sonoma Mountain Parkway – after all the stores had closed down for the night. ALL Lucchessi Park to some extent. The Safeway, Staples, parking lot on McDowell. Huge lot.

So, today I found a new one in Sebastopol. I was driving down Old Gravenstein Highway coming from east to west.  I had stopped just before there enjoying all the cars coming onto the 116 from that area. I got some crossing street action filmed. I though – why not? And headed down the old highway…………until I came to an antique store that benefits Food for Thought (a non profit that provides food and other things to persons battling AIDS). Strange though…………I went into a small industrial lot area. Now, mind you this is Sunday…………….I saw one store/business open among about 10. Must have been 20 cars…………a few I have seen before. One in particular – not one, but two fish (Christian fish – my stalkers appear to be a majority of “God point earners”. Though, I don’t think they have read the Bible lately or read the 10 Commandments.

But I digress. So, after snapping photos and taking a video of the scene, I went into the antique store across the street. Again – about 15 cars along the side, and in the main lot. I went into the store………………should have been swamped with people given all the cars………….NOPE. 15 cars needed AT THE MOST! Granted, there was another antique store across the street, but it was very small. Parking in front and a few cars maybe from the business park cut through to that store. Ooooh, ahhhh.

Notice the main streets that cut through the town you are in. Easy enough for people to get off the freeway in Petaluma at Petaluma Blvd. North or South. Drive the Blvd. or cut over to McDowell or Sonoma Mountain Parkway. Ooooh, Ahhhh! NOT. I sometimes ask business people and others who are from out of the area or a different county if they came off the 101. That’s easy to do. I just hold up my hand and show 1 0 1 and make motions that clearly indicate that I am “just wondering”.  As for Sebastopol, easy for people who are earning their God points or whatever they think they are doing…… take 116 or 12 from the cities east of here, drive through and on back to where they were going. No, it doesn’t take a lot of time for these looney tooners to go a bit out of their way to help “the cause”. There are also other roads that come into town from the west. Smoke and mirrors.

There are 9,000 Mormons in THIS county. I see out of state plates. THAT is a federal crime for sure – crossing state lines or using digital devices across state lines and stalking – we are talking BIG TIME federal stalking (even causing someone discomfort is stalking – the swerving from behind like you are going to hit my car……………and swerve away………..that two. Stalking and harassment.

Well, I will have to do my ant and bunny song next time.

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