Gangstalking on the Cheap: Governments and Religious Groups – Sense of belonging and it is addictive

Oh – and stranger danger – I bet someone who is targeted is more likely not well known by those around him/her. I had just moved here. If I had grown up here someone would have just looked me in the eye and said, What’s up? The one time I have really lost it was in the summer of 1997 when I realized that some people thought I could be a danger to a young girl. I freaked out. Right there. Right at the kitchen sink. Well, 20 years later……………you people are stupid, idiots and if you have done this before you probably have killed someone. Naive, stupid, ignorant idiots.

People don’t believe in gang stalking mainly because: who would spend the money going after one individual and why would people behave like this? I read an article on a blog by someone who is a survivor of gang stalking. He talked about bullies getting a kind of high from seeing their victims’ looks. I think people get addicted to this behavior. Hard to believe? Look back in history. This is not at all different from post Stazi East Germany. The East German government/military/police started relying on citizen spies. Not necessarily in the way we think of spies, but it could have been just a fiance of a person telling that his intended was planning on escaping to the west – true story. Look at how much the people in the Western world wanted to hate the Jews. Blame them for all their sorrows. Oh yes………… the good old United States also. So, give people a cause – the good of the country, protecting children, putting away an undesirable, getting someone crazy off the street. Use their ignorance and voila – you have an army of “spies” all turned on by their secret society. The Mormon culture is such that it is easy to rope people in…………..but, it turns out the Catholics and other groups – including non religious can be “had” also. Ignorant fools.

Modern day lynch mobs. Mob mentality. The definition of a cult includes – small group of religious people. I’m changing my definition. It can be a huge group of highly controlled people and any person duped into believing this cause.

So, give someone a reason – in my case tell people I have bipolar and I am a teacher. Gasp! Idiots. Like I would have been attracted to Mr. V. and others. Doesn’t work that way. Like I would be after a kid or wife or teen or ? How many scenarios can you come up with. Then there is the group that keeps feeding the flames of these fanatics. That’s what you are stalkers – and you ARE stalkers be you a police officer, postal worker, UPS driver, Clover driver (remember Dennis Schroeder? – friend), priest, Bishop, secretary, ambulance driver. Oh wow. Putting your religious belief or fear addiction above the oath of office or training. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy that the transport person is one of these people. Not all – you’d like others to feel like its all. Fraid not. My first cousin once removed or more like nephew gave me a big hug when running into me. The other Sprint guy looked really uncomfortable. I wonder why? So, you drag other people along with you.

So………………..political groups – God save the King! Religious groups – save our kids from the bipolar teacher. Ignorant fools. You are one hand and you have no idea what the other hand is doing. Drugging, set ups………………push, push, push. Even the sanest person would break. Then you can sit back and say, “See, we were right”: stalker of a wife, kid, pervert – teen boy, young boy, girl…………….doesn’t work that way people. push push push. Push them into their own hell…………..You know what? I don’t care if this has pushed even one sick person down. Gangstalking is an East German tactic. It’s not what the United States is about. YOU read this and you are a gangstalker. Look in the mirror. What do YOU get out of this? What feelings do this demented form of vigilante justice give you when you are out and about. Oh, and you push someone and down they come – you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Look at how this has turned into a social group. You are not just sick people………… are sick Bastards! I never knew what that word meant. I discovered the meaning recently. Yes, you are.

If someone had asked me, I would have said, I sure as hell don’t know, but I made an appointment to figure it out. Nope. A bunch of coincidences in good old Petaluma and I’m the odd man out. We ran into a friend of the doctor who delivered out son on the top of the Jungfrau and ran into some people at an airport in the middle of the country. AND you people think it’s strange that I run the track – had been itching to because I sure couldn’t do it with the three and four year olds at the school AND my counselor suggested doing something to ground myself………………….go east – Oh Heavens Who goes to the mountains in Co and Dinosaur National Monument? Jesus – yes, ask him. Oh ask Rusty Nail – the guy from Moab 35 years ago who guided us out of the heat. How many times have I been to Utah? Give me a road trip or a Hawaiian timeshare and I’ll choose the road trip any day. Give me a dirt road and I’ll take it. Let me get lost. I’ll love finding my way back. The new guy is easy pickings. Here is the latest on bullying: IF YOU STAND BACK AND TO NOTHING TO STOP BULLYING – YOU HAVE PARTICIPATED. YEP YOU HAVE.

If you have done this before you have helped kill someone. Maybe not right away, but they ended up with less money, making less money, out on the street, not able to pay for health care……… a mental hospital (for a short time – we don’t provide any type of long term care) and possibly committed suicide. Oh that’s okay – you did the right thing. Sure about that? Modern technology – even old technology. The puppet masters who want the power to keep this going…………………they can make anything happen. Anything.

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