Christian Gangstalking – Afraid to Give Up The High They Get. Addicts.

The author of Bad Experiments has a section on a study of bullies. The satisfaction bullies get………………….I have realized this. It’s a social activity and they don’t want to give it up. Oh, yes. They use the excuse that they are doing good, but they don’t know what the hell they are doing. They don’t think! I’ve seen the smirks – particularly on women’s faces – it’s freaky when you see a young woman smirking – getting such satisfaction from this shameful activity. Some of the older women get smirks, but it is more of a “holier than thou” look.

Have you thought what you are doing to this generation that has grown up with this? Oh and the kids/boys who gang up in groups of twos, threes, fours. That’s what is up with leaving cars around – partly. You have more fun, boost each other up, justify your actions by being with like minded – idiots. Even couples meet up. Oh, it may be under the guise of taking one car to go to dinner, but who are you fooling? Yourself. Part of leaving the cars is that you can jump into another car and voila – make it seem like there are so many more out there. Smoke and mirrors.

Bullies? Getting satisfaction from the distress of others? Which of you got that satisfaction in 2013? Well, I ain’t given you no satisfaction ever again. Sadly, I have fun taking down plates. Objective – to take some of you down. But, you ARE using post Stazi tactics. Under Stazi, bones were broken and people disappeared. East Germany wanted to improve the impression it was giving the rest of the world, so they went to “No touch Torture”. Yes, that is what you are doing? It lasted until the wall came down. Such good Christians, right? My dad, uncle, mother in law and father in law all “fought” against the Germans in WWII. The Nazis. YOU ARE Nazi’s. Yes, you are. Not Christians or good Jewish people or good Muslim people or any good religious group. Every group has its extremists. YOU have become extremists. Anti American extremists. For a good cause. BAH! Look in the mirror. Think about this when you look at your children and tell them not to lie, when you teach them about the Constitution of the United States of America, when you go to resign the paper that says you will uphold the Constitution of the United States – if you are a teacher or postal worker or Sheriff or fireman, volunteer fireman…………………fire fighter……………………police – not all but some – once with one dressed in Civies. Two guys from Napa Sheriffs on El Dio de los Muertos………….TWO. I’ve never seen two deputies riding in one car. Sheriff’s deputies.

20 years ago, I got some looks of chagrin when all the set ups were found not to work. BUT, you know what stopped it. My then husband came with me to the track. Oh, dear. We made a mistake. No husband now. Oh, yeah. He probably, most likely had been recording my voice for a long time. Listen to a tape made with an iPhone. He taped my sister’s voice in order to make me think she was at the front door. And the mom of a kid who was hit with a belt and I reported. Sure seemed like she was recording me. I’m sure you can cut and paste and hear me yelling – trying to get the kid who tossed his desk and would run around the building each day before finally going into the RSP room at J.X. Wilson. Kind of what happens when there is a principal who won’t back you up and an assistant who will not get up and disagrees with what you say. BUT, guess what? It doesn’t matter WHAT one of my kids does one day. The next day they start over. THAT is what a good teacher is supposed to do.

And possible assault? Horrific nightmare in the summer one night. Could NOT wake myself up. Finally, then went back to sleep and could not wake myself up again. A Christian wouldn’t do this right? Would a Christian pay to have this done? And REALLY? There are some psychopaths who are great actors and some in any groups that will do anything for the great of the good OR to protect their way of life.

You are not given the whole story………………..nope. Not told that white cars and white trucks relentlessly drove around until I followed a white car one night. Oops. Now, I think I know where one person lives. I did not follow the two postal trucks at 8:30 at night around the circle and then right. I can guess who drives a white truck. Would not recognize this person………………………………..and the other – a tow head of 4 or so holding his grandfather’s hand and staring up at a tree on I St. That’s what I know. Oh, except for the flyer that ended up on Googles Docs. What’s up with the locked files? I don’t know how to make locked files. Neither do I know how to do add some of the little hearts that have ended up on my phone. Location. Ask Mrs. Elias. Ms. Elias. Caroline and I were having tea and Ms. Elias told us what the old guard was up to. I avoided a street for a while. Oh, but this couldn’t happen again, right. How many of YOU live on the east side? Try finding an apartment on the west……………that is halfway decent and not by the poultry factory. With a washer/dryer in the unit. I’m so crummy with names, I’m not even sure which one. I don’t remember names………..oh, ……….but ……………..I DO remember details………………and I have three faces firmly planted in my mind. As I discovered number 2 and 3 today.

Not told that I have been to Utah – once with my parents, once with ex and friends to do the White Rim Trail (and coral sand dunes which I want to see again), once when moving to Oregon – no job, but out of MN, once when I wanted the kids to remember the trip from MN to Oregon and stop by Dinosaur National Monument again, plus let them see some other sites. Don’t tell you that I drove a truck most of my adult life. Well, half by now. – Landcruiser. Miss 4X4, so one set of friends swore by the Blazer and other friends……………..whatever the other one was. You think a big truck is going to bother me. Only maybe when it acts like it is not going to stop and slams on its brakes…………..such Christian like actions. AND – this last trip’s timing was determined by ex’s trip to China – he lied I guess about not working as he goes to China for consulting work. He was in on this crap in 2013. AND I WILL go to UTAH again. Last I heard it was part of the U.S.A., right?

Guess there is one school I won’t apply to. Oops. Make that two. The others – I have no idea. Only that I have subbed in every school in Petaluma proper and many slightly outside the city limits – oh and Two Rock. Makes so much sense that I primarily subbed in Rohnert Park, Bellevue, Roseland and have worked, but not in Petaluma except for a few days for years. Petaluma pays well. Where I work now – making 10,000 less than in 2011.

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