Pitiful, Pathological, Patriarchal, Pestiferous, Fools! What You Are Doing to Those Who Care

Added at 10:20 p.m. – Unless…………..someone thought that I would be willing to stop and question someone who might be willing to tell me why. Just a little too dramatic and too much eye contact. So, you are all cretins and puppets. 4/23 Next night………..an awful lot of young ladies stopping and shining their lights at my car from across a lot. Really? Another set of set ups. No……………..you go your way and I’ll go mine.

Nothing has bothered me more that the young female missionaries being sent on this shunning, god point earning charade. Some of them looked scared to death. Then take the proselytizing Mormon woman in Colorado near the border of Utah. She was pale and definitely was scared of something. Could it have been that big bully sitting in his big truck? Was he making sure that she got her God points for the month (before they were visited by the “whatever their names are”)?

Yesterday I was just driving behind one young woman (older than a missionary would be. She pulled over and looked like she was getting hysterical. A young woman today was looking in her rear view mirror at me and was crying. She kept making eye contact. Saying sorry with her eyes. Two people who know this is wrong and actually have souls. Care. I saw one guy who looked really uncomfortable. Watch out – the young women who look so smug and full of righteousness. Look at the women who have that same look who are 40 years older than you. Pinch faced for the most part.

You are Frickin’, stupid idiots! Bullying 1/2 of your population. Oh, maybe you don’t bully your wife or kids…………….but you know people who do and they use their Mormon religion to justify it. Just by being a member, you condone bullying of women, degrading women (not as good as the guys, right? Oh, barefoot and pregnant brings them up a notch), shunning and having family members turn away from their own, stalking, harassment, stealing (computer, pills, earrings, a controlled substance med.), putting their religion above their job – NO MATTER WHAT JOB THEY DO!

Denial? Why does Utah and other highly religious states also have the highest antidepressant rate?  http://www.alternet.org/belief/when-god-not-enough-religious-states-have-highest-rates-anti-depressant-use.

You moronic Mormons are the ones who know what is going on and don’t say one damn thing! Yes! I never used to cuss, but now I know what it is reserved for.

As for those two girls – bless you! I hope whoever is pushing you to do this realizes how destructive this can be to those with caring souls. Oh, but that’s right – you bullies and puppets are taught to never question, learn things on your own and to except the job in the church that you are told to have.

For fighting the stigma of the world cult for over a hundred years……………..your leaders are really moronic. You had a presidential candidate. Control is what you crave. Can’t get enough of the puppeteering, right? As for those who think this is for the good of the church or society or whatever………….this is part of your social life, it gives you a bit of a high, right? It’s addictive. Wouldn’t want to lose this would you? Pitiful, pathetic, people.


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