Targeted Individuals………..Calm Down and Watch the Idiots Who Stalk

It’s really interesting what you can learn about gangstalkers the second go round. Amazingly simple to find their hidey holes. You see, I have noticed that I keep seeing the same cars over and over. I’ve been recording plates for a long time. A headset works wonders. Some of them just go around the town for a while…………….some come into Sebastopol off the 101 freeway, do their “Godly” duty and then go on their way. Watch and learn. Demystify and you are in control. It’s amazing how many decrepid cars I see, cars with stickers all over them. I even have seen a car with polka dots painted on it. Today I saw the van with the flowers painted on it. Seriously. Broken bumpers, plates banged and folded in.

I was wondering but one of my theories was confirmed. I wasn’t even thinking when I pulled up behind one car that was at the park near where I work. Whoa. The car I parked behind drove forward thirty feet and just sat and sat with it’s lights on. There were two cars behind me. I wish I had taken video of the numerous cars that drove by, crossed the street behind me, came towards me and turned left onto another street. Oh, a park. Sick people. But, the Mormons and friends don’t think. Someone tells them to jump and they say, “How high?” If you doubt that we can have people so stupid in this country………….well………….we voted in Trump, right?

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