Mormon Church 20 Years Ago…….and So it Goes………………………

So, 20 years ago last month, I had a mild manic episode. First time ever – age – 42. I acted strangely around one person. Not enough to cause anyone too much concern according to the many friends and relatives I discussed this with. Except………………………..except………in a town that had been shaken to its very core when Poll Klaas was killed. I remember where I was standing in my MN home when my sister from Forestville told me. I was shocked and shaken up too. Not there. Not in one of the sleepy wonderful towns north of San Francisco. Not anywhere, but there? I recently read of a similar case somewhere else in the country. People shaken to their core, swearing this was not going to happen again or at least not on their watch.

The trial was going on when we moved to Petaluma. A relatively small group of vigilantes had decided to try and prevent any incidence of violence against people – at least one of their own – their own being Mormon Church members. Problem – none of them were detectives or psychologists…………….well, maybe armchair ones. Back then, the motive seemed different – the intent was to prevent something from happening, not really to push someone to the brink to force something to happen. Set ups yeah, some really creepy. I got hysterical standing at the kitchen window when I realized that someone had convinced a family that I could pose a threat to a child. What lunacy. Even in the movies, there is one route the “evil” person takes…………….

So, the Mormon Church knows that I saw what they were up to 20 years ago. It probably had been going on for years before. I remember Doug Knudsen from my street. Very much into spy type stuff, but maybe a little over the top. I was too. Invisible ink and that type of thing…………………..

Then 2012/2013. I recently realized that I never did become manic. Not really. The pushing, and stealing, gaslighting, brighting and harassment along with the boss and assistant from hell, BTSA – evil child of the CTC. But no, I have been manic – mildly so for six weeks with some mild break through symptoms. What it did do is cause me so much anxiety and pretty normal paranoia considering the unbelievable things happening. So, think about the Mormon church. I saw their tricks in their infancy in 1996 and I remembered ever single little thing.

Details………………I remember the details…………….More to come. Some of you KNOW.  Right? Such naive people to trust whatever there is out there    TDigial

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