ASL Signs for Stupid and Idiot and 4:39 Give or Take Today

4/9/2017 at around 4:39 give or take a minute. Boy THAT was REALLY stupid. Stupid in sign language is hitting the side of the head while forming a V with the pointer finger and middle finger. Idiots is made by just holing up the pinky to form the letter i – but you hit it off your head. A very special SUV just drove through the parking lot and around and out. Still haven’t figured out what kind. Big Whoop DE Doo Da Day! Look bigger and stronger in your costume. We all still do certain things the same. Like put on our pants one leg at a time. I’m sure some are fine, but you’d better earn my respect.

Was that just last night there was the SUV on the way to my friend’s house. Must have sat there for 10 minutes because I came back that way. Strange place to be.  Then the SUV pulling out of the alley – I think it was pulling out and not in. I think I would have noticed it going in.

And the day there were two people and one was definitely wearing civvies. TWO people is strange enough. Civvies? Ride along, right? Right.  This was last week.

Oh yeah. Such a baby too. Almost looks like it could be the kid of one. But then I am getting older. 20 somethings can look very young. Was NOT happy. Talk about Federal……………signing upholding the Constitution. Oh, that little detail.

Was in 2013 or 1996 that one was parked in the Mormon Church parking lot. Clear as day. Parked in the corner facing out.

STUPID IDIOTS! Talk about harassment! Obviously you people know NOTHING about mood disorders. Look  up famous people. One is Ted Turner. Many many more and we do just fine – thank you very much.

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