Catholic Church on Sonoma Mountain, Redwood Club, Safeway Parking Lot, Pongo’s, WHY?

Wait a minute. There was this much traffic harassing going on around here in 2013. Well, almost. You really ARE involving too many groups of people, Parking too many places………..Anyway……………I have wondered also if someone had put something in one of my capsules to cause horrific nightmares and a drugged feeling, to make me THINK I had been drugged and to think something happened. To state this possibility which would just flame the fire. ARE you people really stupid enough just to go by what you are told, or what was contrived from recordings made by my ex and maybe a disgruntled parent? Spliced? Or do the words bipolar and teacher just set up something in the ignorant part of your brain? Stupidity was used in 1997…………….By the way: I have applied for a job at that school. I was a roving sub for half hour to 45 minutes in each class. I am glad I didn’t get that job. The principal was a piece of work and some of the staff from years back were a bit controlling. By the way again. I have taught as a sub, summer school teacher, assistant at EVERY SINGLE SCHOOL in the Petaluma area except Wilson, the one on Roblar, and the one and two room schools. EVERY one. Geez. But, just in case………….I am keeping what I wrote before:

What would someone do if they thought their wife would someday inherit 1 million dollars? Gaslight. Go along with the prior harassers from 1997. Some retired cops I am pretty sure…………………….What would the Mormon church and other groups do to keep this precious “silent no touch torture” going?

Why? I keep going back and forth. I’d almost rather think that people are really stupid enough to hear something from someone in authority and believe it. I’m sure/know some of you are that stupid. Or, you hear it from one of your friends who heard it from a friend (that’s slander). Well, if you used the phone that is a Federal crime. Then I think that there must be come contrived evidence put together by my ex (before he was my ex) and others. In the digital age, how do they use forensic audio and visual people? Then, I come to the worst scenario……………….it’s the only one that makes sense for THIS many stalkers to be out there. It has thought to have been used to frame people for crimes as the victims become compliant (they aren’t completely out, but are in a state where they won’t remember anything). This was used as a “truth serum” until 50 years ago, confessions under truth serums could no longer be used. Hmmm. Could it be that some make the person so malleable that they would confess to crimes? WAY before this started – last summer, I had a night like no other. Nightmares that were terrors and not nightmares. I was even looking up date rape drugs (which the truth serum one is being used for because it can make the victims compliant). I hadn’t found that drug listed until tonight or hadn’t yet looked up drugs that can make people compliant – not exactly what I looked up, but eventually came across it. This scenario I can barely think about……….Hey, take me to court you ants and rabbits. Seriously, what is the story about why the “victim” doesn’t want to go to court? Because it is a story.

Oh…………..if a Petaluma Police officer knows that someone is trying to get me to follow them into a parking lot at a park……………as a sting sort of thing…………what crime would s/he be guilty of? Federal I am sure. So, that is why the kid in the WAY too expensive car was sitting in the lot. Oh, I don’t think it was necessarily planned way ahead. It’s just that I saw so many strange cars and I drove past his. Then after being threatened by that big white truck, I see that car – the one the kid was in from Sacramento or something. So, I go down that road and her turns into the park. There weren’t that many people or cars there before. Let me guess what type of people were in that park, and who they called? Doesn’t take a genius.

You ARE being used you STUPID IDIOTS!  I have never, ever KNOWINGLY committed a crime against another person or threatened another person OR whatever it was……….Tell MR. V. that. He may not be aware of all the updates used in the world of religious, “got to get the bad ‘guy’ techniques.” After all, he was familiar with the ones from 20 years ago.

Hidey Holes for the Ants who are committing a Federal Crime/Civil Rights Violation: The Athletic club : is it Redwood Athletic Club one late night 10:30. There were at least 10 cars parked in there. As I pulled in, they started pulling out. One lady (whose plate I did take down – I will NEVER forget your face. Then, they all formed a bottleneck at the exit and sat there for a minute. I think that was threatening behavior – don’t you? Harassment. I REALLY hope that the people who own the athletic club don’t know about the harassment, because that would mean you are harassing me too. Using a phone, computer, or crossing state lines takes it into the federal level. Think about that.

Same for Cattleman’s . I’ve never checked it out that closely, but I’m guessing.

Today is April 1st. Thursday night, there were a BUNCH of cars at the Catholic church on Sonoma Mountain Parkway. A whole bunch. BUT, there weren’t any activities going on. I certainly hope that the PRIESTS at the church do not know about this outside of the confessional. This is illegal activity. A few cars looked really familiar.

Tonight, I thought I would stop by Pongo’s in the Safeway lot. There were a TON of cars parked there. I figured PONGO’s was closed. The sign said OPEN. Still, there were way too many cars in the lot!Wow! Sure enough, one hothead threatened me not once, but twice. Big car shining it’s lights sitting there. 7F13468 White truck. THAT is harassment/stalking. came from two different sides. I met an owner of Pongo’s I think. Very nice older man. Probably not that much older than me. I asked him if Pongos is available for private parties and he said yes. Well, that IS good news. I frequent Pongo’s a Lot.

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