What I Learned About Mormon Gangstalkers Over My Spring Break


I forgot one thing……………………….I went 101 at Thanksgiving and boy was there a LOT more traffic and a LOT more gangstalking even in the fairly/very rural areas. This time when I got to areas where there would be really no Mormons…………………..I know that 8% is Latino…………..but………………I certainly haven’t seen that in Cali. Anyway, there was one section when there was NO ONE. Boy, I almost felt lonely.

Driving by Mormon churches in Fullerton and Ventura brought the ants out of their hidey holes. Their reactions were pretty predictable.

  • In San Francisco on the way down, there were an awful lot of cars from Marin and Sonoma Counties. Aha! Could it be that there are not enough white people who are Mormon in San Francisco to put on a good show?
  • In San Francisco on the way back, there were an awful lot of cars with only one person in them. That late at night seemed a bit strange. Aha! Could it be that they needed multiple people from families driving different cars. So much for Saturday date night, right?
  • This is evil. You don’t care if it is against the law. Those in the law enforcement groups don’t hesitate to participate. You may just be driving by, but that is harassment and you were hired to protect and serve – everyone.
  • So, being Mormon and following the mandates, rules, of the Mormon Church come before the oaths you took when you were hired to be police officers, highway patrol officers, county sheriffs, postal workers
  • You Mormons who are reading this should be very concerned regarding what this is doing to your late teen and early twenty girls. The looks on their faces when they look over is an expression that says I’m the best thing on this planet – with a very, very cold expression. They probably belonged to the Mean Girl Mormon club. I’m serious. They already are full of themselves from being raised during the Facebook age…………Add – thinking/knowing/being brainwashed into believing that it’s the Mormon way or the high way………well……………
  • 85% of Mormons in the United States are white. I was surprised that the next group is Latinos. Somehow, I don’t think this is true of So Cal or Nor Cal at least north of the Golden Gate Bridge. I remember having to explain Sonoma County to my dad who was raised in Berkeley – You know………………a college town. A college where young people are supposed to think and question……………..
  • Well, …………………a few of you actually have a conscious. A real conscious, not one molded from birth – a combination of Stepford Wives and A Wrinkle in Time. Most of you don’t even care that this harassment is supposed to end up with the target dead. Do you?
  • A much greater percent of Mormons are involved/know/participate in this “sport” that I thought. Sick people. Read the first book of the four – You know, the one called The Bible.

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