License Plates – Mostly Gangstalkers, National Information Bank of Persons Doing Gangstalking

I do have an easy way to organize these plates:

3/30    7AFP901, tons of stickers,  black sticker

Count Tile andn Stone

Parking Lot 6YVX168 A lot of stickers, a lot of chipped white paint, All identifiers pulled off front. 1:58 going to REACH 5LJF959   Blue, Lady Earth in upheaval frame, bumber sticker taken off

GFDU8142????    White work trucked 7Z53342 Large tractor on a bed. Monte Rio Sticker behind me in parking lot. I had turned off.     white work 6K95785 SR Manly?    7DBG457 Honda Odyssey,     Water, Sanders 3:23   Seb plumcling 3:29 7D20085 3:29 going towards bloomfield

7LAX658?  Orange  6GPA817     BMW salt and pepper beard         one is orange car     4 ROM166 12:24 Jaquar   ??? Fire Dept. Rag’s Kids?    BEST BMO Floor dog white    5EPR415 Blue Ford Focus 12:41 Litter Bugs Obama 2016    Hansen Garage Door and openers     6CYP033 Acura White U of W ??? Latino7HXX901 Jetta Silver Murphy and Valentine

This and that:  3VIV512 Getting gas REd old car Mercury, maybe blue prescription glassess Grand _____ Mercury   3VCDA457 Hat/Beard Mussy Nissan         White TMZL828?

6GHWo92 Dr. Barshack but heavier and balding/brown



Orange car 5yxw053 butterflies on bottom of plate fram

Prius 7jqn557


5ycp922 Altima sage green white hair like Jane late 60s early 70’s

We’ve only just begun

7ncj314 mustang dark hair late 20s girl with

Bmw6zal443 North

I’m just crazy, I’m just a little impaired.

MSSY 6 or MSSY 1  *****

Envoy whsky6

Mgi477 guam USa crossed state lines to harass.

Girl who pulled over is

5zba353 Berkeley silver honda

7jtl509 Honda Fit

Mark Scott4u77636 red truck with a little burgundy with silver on bottom 50s, 60s

Cubby honda     6uqK808 ACURA SILVER FLAT BACK


7Bgn361 Toyota sequoia with a god

Daniel will lean 457  I street 6fyn894 tun

7pbn722 toyoata prius smoke grey lady in her forties. Short b


6eac131 hummer,

Orange spray painted bik.


After hair cuM658 6vbm658 lady pony tail  Pet Blvs.

North Bay taxiOH1

5pty428 lady in 60s

8675221 ewialsling eledctri reisinlg

G277 Tachoma

Ford c920920

Heavy set dark hair fair 6gtm867 silver car

2 blond la 6ukg436 pink on plate blo

4yll407 volvo carrying two surfboards

1500 silve 41986m1 Napa tanny


95628n1 big paw print orange right 1 ½ doors guy in 50’s ?

7gnh445 white car

5uns141 red lady

7kbc934 orange 4 runer

6tnf948 nred top down

6t05806 toyoata tundra blue chrome tool be

81152j1 white bu

Hg hand kgys


Toy 6ebj050 white lexus

6jes998 u turn blue car old dark hair worn back 20’s early 30’s play with hair

Cube 6ndr

North bay taxi 0816281

6jmn435 honda red brown hair up


1:59 Thurs

7SZJ666 Hyundai white, lady, Tuscson’

7JQX208 Valentine and Pleasant Hll

3FBR214  Green front old, Material hangind down from ceiling of car



Black Tahoe

7NWZ925, 7…….775  B/PH

6907NW Super Duty S

Solar City (lyych and 116




21D6817 Zip Motor

Black 4KKM887

7RRV103 Kia White


Side of Safeway with Lights on: 5YTA103

3WNT500 Safeway, Facing out lights on

6VNY305 8:58  Dark Green, Lady Dar Hair, 5 min left lights on facing Safeway Chunky’s

Safeway 5MTB880 SR Manly



8:50 5RZA257   Dark Hansel Dark Hair Red Car   Round Face Brand New

SMP  and Reislin  San Francisco

4MOSSO71   Yellow 427    427  15    Brittanca

Safeway 5MTB880 SRManly Hair Color White

3WNT500 Safeway, Facing out at me, lights on

5YTA103 Side of Safeway – Lights on

“For the Record’ White, park, tail gate Capri Creek 6WMR808 Hansel Lincoln

4 door 7:59 Reisling SNP   white    33193N1Hansel Honda    5150

Kia Lady 70’s White hair, not tall, medium build 7RJV070

Mustang 56ku997 Airport Health club

Ranger Gray hair, Emeryville Staples Red 3K51344 Sprayed plate with dark

Orange Red Tan along BC4041

Staples ; Muckmaster Business ink    Peegon 7500750


6WMR808 Hanself Lincoln Black…………..Tail Gate………….Capri Creek

6V   FX  26      CVE26    Sangamo? Ship or place

Mustang TTKS456 Man    Woman looks like Glenn’s Wife  5:50 Petaluma Blvd. North

7HTX669  /darj Pet Dark Hair Sonata Silver ?Wells 6:00

7TK7496   ?55 Largest 110

Petaluma Blvd. Took off really fast rabbit 6:13 5MJP155

4GEH099 Aluminum

? Gold Altima 7ENM572 ? Altima Gold

Orange Prius 7HPK027 SF Heavy/fair

Wash E. No tailgate Silver on Bottom Black or dark blue 4 rear tires. Latina

Silver Dark Hair MFK2637    790 Mazda White, Listens to Black Sabbath Reminds me of Aaron with a beard

7HTX669 dark Hair Pet. Hy . Sonata silver, Wells 600

77634 Cooper Springdale, Blond man, balding or shaved 3:45

PTV336 Rav 4 white cover near Lynch

Chevrolet green 5VAZ608 with dent Fair

7WDU542 Black car

7J87033 Grigley Country F250

Sebastopol Plumbing 3:29 going towards Bloomfield 7D20085

Parking lot on the 30th 6YVX168 A lot of stickers, a lot of chipped white. All identifiers pulled off of front

1:58 to REACH

5LJF959 Lady on window, Blue lady earth, Earth in upheaval. Sticker long taken off back.


7DBG457 Honda Odessey 3:23

White work truck 6K95785

White work truck 7Z53342 Large truck, Monte Rio sticker

31st Ron Mallory Constrution

6554GG Cheverolet blue tailgate, blue, older classic Wide silver stripes.

9:05 Drove in side near safeway???? Left rear, does this mean left rear bumper is damaged

7PGP357 9:07 Lady Safeway

63VJ929 or 63VJ9Z9



4/1 6:09

7MPX431 Petaluma S. Northbay Nissan/ “rabbit” 6:06 7 SAT 50’s/60’s couple 7SAT965   ??? Ford Fusion

6Y61880 White Truck  Tailgate is the kind that is cut out Straight, down – Lady is fairer. Black dual tires in back.

SF Fiat White  6VNG271 Green weird green if there was a Pepto Bismal Green this would be it.

6YHN562 Kia Brown possibly

Green Honda Civic – looks like sand is on it. 4FYJ112 Plate has the spray that looks like dust. Sitting in WF parking lot. Hawaiian flowers all over back. Drive Aloha After All

Toyota Land Cruiser. Tan with eggshell look, Custom Brown Stripes Woody look  WF   1LMA969 Also seen later on Blvd Main part  “Nick’s Cove”

Palo Alto Silver 7G6VA470

FC CNCR  – how did this get passed?

White 4×4 Dodge 7JGC488


3/29 Middle school traffic 7:46 Safeway

  • 7hnn678 hansel ford. C Max,vey llight safe green  Cmax sage green taking kid to school may looks like Chythia and guy
  • 6s23480 white truck
  • 4ney833 mercedes e430 green not forest green
  • Dark hair, ladygirlf on Cam Hailey hair pulled back poney tail. Girl on v cam
  • Marin H placard Chry 6zma08I 6cma085 Black Chrysler
  • 430 4ney833I
  • 39092m1 silverado Chrys. Blackkfx953 Napa
  • 3jtz951 blond lady very fair5kzf153Toyota 4 runner blue
  • Dark brown had below shoulder47mu900 yep vw golf, blue colorpuu dog cage plastic on other side. Brown hard up in a bun fake broken windo on right passenger side
  • E693bo black truck. Leaning all theway back.
  • SF toyyota of marin 7ulp508
  • 7×2717 7×28717 black ford pic
  • 7c83958 downtown cotati
  • F250 white, prescsription glasses and brown hair . kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  • 6sll080 Grand am white He’s Latino……………………catholid?
  • Che7lyw983 chev. Smok greay round on rop and rad under neacth
  • 04449n1 AAA California and Eagle
  • Sound LTE
  • Chevy k 7tsx606 two people black checy7svr452 live on 17ulp508    117 7×28717 1/1/2 7c8d6
  • 725 white prescription lasses
  • 75551C2
  • 6s00081 Grand AM look aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 7lywsmoke 794459n1 aaa CA stiker eagl bout driver. Lte sound X
  • Chevy 7tff606 two two guys rig
  • 7svr352 6905A
  • 75551C2 11

Past Hessel turn off

  • 1453400 (don’t publish police) Highway patrol
  • super duty ford pale coffee t 62701y1 taupe
  • double mirrors 1/ 1/2 door on one side little brown striping
  • absolute – magnetic ad on car
  • young girl behind USA Civil rights law. you think you are above the law. no, you’re law behind her RAV 4 6tgj928 Pretty blue color SF Off 101? If you’ve done this before, you may have helped kill them.
  • self righteous idiots……………………you kill…………………….
  • askmrm toyota smoke color ask mr m they think they are abotu
  • white truck geared for growing
  • reason to go by that school?

23:18   Wed. Lunch

  • Lunch  6tpd093 paw print tan car seen it
  • silver car pawprints 2 toy 5uuj211   Matrix. dog in back black an dwhite/ herding dog
  • big horse truck sbl
  • x87rvu260
  • 6565ss1 blue ranch natural ???????????and snacks two cars
  • 88157a2 chipped paint silver tool box up behind the driver. black bars rusty. tire dark hair , not fair…………… taco bell
  • left the trunk open………………..behind    7ecu622   window passenger. CD sticker cut out red sticker with M on it.
  • 6dnh811 filthy to  stephens creek    101? silver  toy prius
  • seen you before ………..darn it
  • csprout as 8p02731   one letter White work truck two door in the back with extra tall mustache lates 50s fairly fair not as fair as I am. steve sprout
  • stupid and puppets for th
  • for 5v21202    organic farmer sticker   pretty blue lines on it, face   oval read with 2 eyes red Ford pick up Ranger xlt pulled the seat forward just now. not cropped hear. lifflt
  • 8e47515shite ford black toolbaox behind driver   this or previous czech curly. looks more czech tha jewish
  • Mormon church doesn’t l837415  wheel wells on the back but come out a little bit. czech.
  • 91612j1 prescriptoin glasses, dark hair, but sor t of fair for dark hair
  • **** not happy 6jtf367 blue going 40 mph in 25 turkeys suburu. turkeys clowed down. I notice a lot of things. You think I’m out of it, but I remember  subaru outback  2nd time  near turkeys on
  • flatbed truck hauling 4jh1315 1255729 curve on pleasand hill  flatbed pulling another flat bed. white generator behind drivers seat. looks like a frideg. Front of it is orange with spikey ththing sticking out. what he is haruling 2 big tirees in frornt  litle one in back  some type of harling service?
  • almost at school honda 6yka566  blond fair like I am does not have a thin face
  • comcast Latino
  • ma 7u0t488 mercedes sub parked by park
  • 7vva657 rav 4 tire on 4
  • 4pgm632 green with tan soft top.




Ah yes. I do have multiple copies of much of this………………………I saw a LOT of ants wanting to come out of their hidey holes – Redwood Sports place. The one that closed down. That is sad by the way. But, WOW. 10:30 at night and there are at least six cars parked there. Oops. All of them started to drive away as I went past them. One lady I would know anywhere. Then, they blocked my exit. Oooh. Ahhh. NOPE! They finally crawled out. What does HH on the white van mean?


Really, you do this and then you get mad……………..whoa – someone needs to tell the Bishops that some fools are getting way too close. I don’t think they would be happy with an accident. Boy, when I indicated 12, like the 12 Apostles……………….I think I freaked a few people out. It’s all on the internet – the information on the 12 apostles. There are internet sites, books. all kinds of info. on your “religion”. One trait of a cult is that they give mortals God like powers/insights……………….Oh…………….yeah. Besides, you will never stop, so why are you upset when I take down plates and descriptions to identify harassers? Oh, the over rubbing of the face and picking the nose. Doesn’t bother me. Isn’t the intent to get me to look away? Oh well. Can still see prescription glasses and hair color and determine approximate age. – even if you sometime change cars, drive your second clunker car, drive one checked out from the dealership………….

License Plates:

Did not get the ticket. I totally deserved the ticket, but I owned up right away. Do the crime, pay the time or dime I should say. Actually, I did freeze up when I saw the police officer. I KNOW most of them are just fine………..but the SUV sticking its rear out of the alley closest to Petaluma Blvd and Washington – I think he backed out……………………..the older one in Sebastopol……………..I know some good ol’ boy sheriffs, including two (two in car at least) from Napa.


I am going to have to think of another sign for Mormon………….LDS. I am pretty sure I have offended a few men – one with a turban and another some sort of dark complexion. I apologize profusely. Ay, ay, ay! (My favorite, number one exclamation – think Ricky Ricardo). Maybe there is a sign for Saints. Ya think?


3/26/17 Partial List

Trader Joe’s: 6GHW092 BMW with a DayGlo green 1 person kayak. He would not get out of the car, would not get out of the car………finally got out of the car. Older than I thought. Brownish hair with  balding spot on back of top of head. His face looks like Dr. Barshack’s but heavier/older. Who in the world would listen to a lady talking on her phone going on and on and on about harassment plot where the victim is intended to lose their job, end up on the street, and possibly commit suicide? Anyway, the end game is death, right? Ohhhhhhh. Someone who is expected to listen to 3 hour long services every single Sunday. Stood in the same spot pretty much. To the left of the salads. I picked out a few salads. Then, I came back and talked some more – at him. Who would stand for that? I did mention that even he could be a Bishop………………Hmmmmm. Funny………………for the first time EVER, the recording on my phone could not be accessed. In fact, I could not do anything at all until I deleted that recording. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Good old envelope and red pen worked just right. Then I sent the information on. Just this once.


I think the guys sometimes get the knickers in a twist when I happen to slow down because someone is following me. Then I am behind. Really. Who is harassing who? You would like it to look like I am harassing someone……………….Nope. Has not worked once. This is just supposed to be for plates, so I will move the contents somewhere else. Except for the plate and car.


  • Gas station near Staples at Washington and McDowell. Filled with cars when I got there. 1 of three when I left. Old Mercury. Grand _______ Mercury. I wouldn’t have been quite so suspicious except the older bald man who was the passenger had the front seat completely reclined. There was a lady in the back with curly hair. The older driver was wearing a hat like my dad would always wear.
  • Saw cars over by Staples parked so I could see the headlights from the gas station. Went over to see what was up. Two cars were parked with lights on a few rows from ……………white car he looks kinda like Kevin, my first cousin once removed with the beard, but smaller and thinner. He got out of the passenger seat and went over to the driver seat. My guess is that the two guys were probably driving together. White car: 3VCDA457. Looks like Kevin: Other car might be blue or black TMZL828 Mussy Nissan.  Well, I’ll be – Mossy Nissan is in San Diego. Visiting a friend? Moved here?

3/25 Who was lucky enough to get the plate: SKIING?


  • 7BYN188 Lady, Hilltop ?dealer
  • 7XUH191 Tiger Lights, Nor Cal One (figured out later that this may be a new Honda Accord look – shock and awe).
  • 3RL( )729 Coward has scraped his plate
  • 5PGZ539 Red one headlight out
  • Big GMC 00893X1 Light color with toolbox – silver behind driver’s seat
  • V4PQW894 White VW New 10:07 near Petaluma blvd. South
  • 6SIH767 white Toyota Riesling 10:15
  • 5CJF452 Old car. Lady in 80’s. white hair Fancy Old car. I think Mercedes
  • 6XHZ947 D/ANALI GMC Fair male, short cropped hair dropping off trailer to parking spot near the “side” entrance

3/15/17 #10

  • Strong woman, stupid people. Mormons – Liars and stupid, idiots. 4 books, but haven’t read the first one – this according to a woman who left; One at a time, one at a time.
  • TPRS750 White Jeep
  • 3WTL125
  • UCLA Alum 7WIY437
  • JX35ZION
  • Navigator Dark Blue   4VZR462 4 door
  • 7GFM546 Jim Vassen Avalon Silver
  • Chevy 3DJ8735 Doesn’t look right, but I took a picture    Toys and trucks
  • Sad, sad, people. The people who fought in WWII, did not fight for YOU.
  • Work truck, Change lanes invites trouble.5H58290 Business truck with ladders on it. Younger and older guy
  • ********6WVK714 Hyundai Sonata, White with strong features. Wondered if he could be Bishop, so I am guessing he is in his 60s. Look at that rabbit go
  • 6UVJ594 Proud to be a retiree. Old Taurus. Had one 40 years ago.
  • Handicapped sticker on plate 5988K Weird green like a candy I don’t like

3/15 Late at night at New Safeway in Petaluma, California

  • Range Rover 78A (E) 996 Ski Rack
  • 7LWX923 Black older car with some paint off. Person leaning far back in seat
  • Playing in the background: “I’m not crazy, I’m just a little impaired……” Great song and so true for many people.
  • From San Francisco 4 door 19RSFAN – cute. Dent right side. Chevy – may be an Avalanche. Emblem: looks like an octopus
  • 4X4 Ford 5 250 6V18502 or 6V81502

Random: Within the last month probably February until early March

  • 6DQJ979 Yellow Hyundai hybrid
  • Elite Concrete Gray or Black Truck
  • 4BPV645 Red Saab
  • 7XGE517 Unusual orange like the fruit. ? Studious
  • Glenn’s Ford…………..F350    6S92943 Petaluma
  • 7GNT367 ??? Toy


  1. You are really through we are all video get license plates..We must band together get evidence put in court of law..Call aclu with your info ..There enough of us out there to start having credibility. .This is a real evil perpetrated by the police and our government


  2. I have found they almost always have 2 of the same letters or numbers in the license plate, i dont know how they organize it but watch for yourself.


    1. I am letting people know that in my case they are Christian Supremists. Look up Pence. I saw them do this before, so they are now swarming. I do see doubles and triples. But I see many. If a group has been working for multiple generations to get like minded postal workers, UPS, fire fighters on board that explains a lot. They would have their filthy hands in every pot or job. Notice bumper stickers, stickers on windows anything that makes them stick out. That might help you figure out who they are. O


  3. Mechanic, I looked back at this. I realized that I was often seeing three of the same number in a plate. The number 3 of anything is a reference to the KKK – well, not anything. Some must be coincidence, but I have seen a few plates with 666 or three sixes. I have seen many with three letters the same. AAA. or spread within the plate. Well, anything can be gotten at the right price. I am thinking that must include the person who issues the plates in CA. We are not issued any type of temporary number. Where do you live?


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