REALLY? Much Harder to do in a Beach Town and So Cal in General.

The variety of people in So Cal is nice. Makes it harder for these harassers. So many people other than the boring white people (non Lantino white people). Makes it harder for you, right? It was really nice to be around normal people………………….non Morman people. .Thank God. And I do mean that. There are more than one of you who know what a farce this is. So, when did this start? When did the Bishops go along with this? Or initiate this?


Polly’s Pies………………I am the lucky one. You are so full of hate and judgment. You will never know what it is like to live on the earth with people who care about you, support yous, celebrate your achievements. Not to have your soul chewed up and spit out so you look like this lady just moments before. Daggers for eyes. Someone needs to talk with her.


7WIV960 Going to Ralphs down Bastanchury. sp? 7LDY403 Honda Black; 7EMB631 Toyota;

7LSR937 Toyota Corolla. At the gas station on the corner of Harbor and Bastanchury? spelling………..AND at Ralphs. I have the times recorded I think. 76V2078 or 76L2078  CX-5; 6KAV642 Honda; 5AKA469 Red Explorer; 7NNK313 Santa Monica I think. 6UPK776 Honda, Grey. 7HHZ109 Fiat white.

Same corner where Cindy Beckman, Sue Spence and one more pulled a Chinese fire drill on me. See, I was the mom…………………I would have said no. Though I didn’t when we dropped off something on Lee Launer’s lawn…………….Hmmm. Was there a group from the water polo team.Oh yeah. The one from your church was on that team I think. But, Wynette? What other names can I think up?

Fullerton Union High School, Class of 1973……………..great group of kids! Fantastic group of kids!

3/21 Oh you silly rabbits! All parked along Longview Avenue…………three parked. I saw your little ant cars in the park. Do you know what the long term goal of no touch torture is? You DO know that this will never stop, right? Started 20 years ago……………..someone keeps putting stuff out there to make me seem like some crazy stalker. Ha! Talk to the Delanoy’s sp? ……………There were the ones who told us not to paper houses once we were 18. The Goal: It’s to push the person into the street, make them look crazy, end up in jail………….in short…………….eventually dead. How do YOU feel about that Fullertonians? I have not seen the scary white supremacist faces among young girls. Yeah, go to Sonoma County. The good ol’ boys and girls who have been isolated for so long……….crazy evil.

How do you feel about the theft of computers and the ruby earrings that my grandparents gave me upon my graduation from FULLERTON HIGH? Hmmm? Samsung tab in 2013. Oh yeah………..a drug put into one of my tablets over the summer? I didn’t even know this was happening? Not night terrors as those you don’t remember. I think I figured out which drug it was recently.

Hi, Bishop. I am pretty sure that was a Bishop…………………………………. Really……………………a UPS truck making a delivery to the Mormon Church on Raymond at 6:30 on 3/21? I see a lot of UPS trucks, but have never seen such a tie between UPS and the Church. Ooooh, Aaaaah. Not. Smoke and Mirrors. I am glad in a way. I would hate to know you are as evil as your Nor Cal country cousins. White Supremacists, I am sure.

How about if you know people? Oh………that doesn’t matter does it? You are experts on shunning your own, right? Shelley Switzer, Janet Switzer, Judy Switzer, Linda Switzer, Fred Switzer, Shirley Switzer (Sweet Adelines), ……Morningside. I along with my very dear co moderator led a youth group trip to Calexico. The Martells were there. Wow, what a dear, dear family. Craig……….he was the co moderator…………….died in a helicopter crash back east when he was in the service. I led a group. Mel…………what is his last name? Joanne, Ah……….the picture in the Fullerton paper of all of us getting ready to go to Mexic0.


Tut, tut………………this is an extremely quiet street as are all the streets around here. There is no reason to be going that speed down this street rabbit. Hopping fast so you won’t be caught?

Well, maybe some of you know me from way back when………………some of you do I am sure, since Raymond School is right next door to the Mormon Church. Shock and Awe? Nope. You are ants who crawl out of you hidey holes after getting an Amber Alert type message saying…………drive this way. Ooooh. Awww. Get real. Cowards and Bullies. Using a cell phone or computer or crossing state lines to harass someone is a Federal crime. There are California harassment laws in place. Oh, yeah. I am someone with a disability……………throw in Civil Rights crime in any case and then a person with a disability. Oh, no one told you that right? Have they told you that they have stolen computers from me, drugged me one night? That I have pictures of many, many, many of their cars. Have you told the ones in Nor Cal that I am just fine. One doesn’t go from being who I was to having bipolar at the age of 42 and become a horrible person. Nope. I am not an angry manic. Oh yes, as you see here, I am willing to tell just about anything to anyone. In Nor Cal there are meeting places where the cowards can actually join each other in cars and then trade cars. If I park by a Mormon church, I have cars come up right behind me (I am parked), then swerve around me. Oooh, Ahhh………….silly things. No place to park near this church where there is parking. Hmm. Maybe down the street. Oh yeah. There has been one person parked by a church with his lights shining right at me for a long time. I went close then realized. Oh yeah. Now he can say I was going towards him and the church. Geez. You people are led around by your nose rings. The Bishops say jump, and you say, “How high?”   Oh – and I am only against those who do stalk or harass or shun members or non members. I don’t care what anyone believes as long as is doesn’t in any way, shape or form hurt someone physically or emotionally. This does kill…………… is intended to. Tell your children riding in the car with you that Mommy and Daddy are riding around to commit No Touch Torture/Harassment. Those of you who knew my dad or mom……..well, I have become a really strong woman. Been to hell and back too many times. You are stupid, idiots!

Just want to get these down in case I haven’t: 5PPG 172   African American I think? Wow. Af. AM    ??? Light Green Van      Partial? XAFIX  no……

2/13            3:10-4:45.    0004AC1. Blue pickup. Filthy like it had come down from 4 wheeling through a stream and muck. Blond dark. Hair pulled back. No make up pale. Petite sharp features.

6yhj278. Black large 4x. One headlight.

7hdv308. Headlight. Small 4dooe. Blond. Wavy hair. Young. ???  Lots of stuff.

449. Tnr. Really old car. Flat hood. Young guys med to dark. Think blue.
6050724. Frontier. Pick up blue. Lady with hair up. Fairer side.
Knight electric. Lakeville and D. 4:16
7NO 9920. F350 guy. Interesting mirrors. Compressoror speay thingwhite. 4dooe. Locking storage foot back in the bed. Dark hair. 20’s. Very neatly cut straight across no bangsbeard mustache gold stripe above running board.
6hvn174 lady. Not thin. 40s. Purple phone. Black. Black. Slopes back. Dark charcoal with a v insignia.
Mad mad msf on side of truck hauling something

1/23 Harassment. Starbucks lot. 6:50 1/23. Onecar thete. Backs up. Lights shine. Turns lights off. Then two cars facing me from about 30 feet away. First car drives off

Sonoma Life Support. 1/23 2017 at gas station.
Idiots playing with a phone. Easy peasy.

1/8    1j64819. Idaho work truck.

5fik059. Camry taupe. Blue flag like sticker left lower window.
Hfs4501 Texas. P
7e68293. Cranberry big truck
5bh521. Massachusetts. Picture.
60s Caucasian.
Plaid shirt gray beard. 50s or 60s long grey. Flame car.  No on green box. Talking to kid
Santa Rosa tile supply. Not sure on chevy
Monrovia in pic is fine.
Tree pro. Scratched his face.
Kid in gray boxy car. No.
Teg construction. Stick on sign.
Red old truck waved. How would he know. Dmd7011 Tex truck with purple blue with the white in middle coming out of Whole Foods.
Sebastopol plumbing
Lemon yellow truck. Cauc man. Plaid shirt. Man in 40s.
Fish have fishch brothers
14641s1. Roll bars. Black with netting big truck.
4ks9269 Subaru. Green from. 1990s
Larson on liscence frame. 7r8-3860. Hugge truck. Male cauc hat scruffy growing in beard. Running board.         Ford 350 with a leer on top. Yellow lights across the top. 4ntx845.

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