Oh, North O.C., Just Not the Same

From Sonoma County:

A Monday Holiday in February:

5:16 2PVR766, Old White car with sticker; 08290W1 Big Heavy Set guy, arm out window; One light out in front; Jetta Green 6WAC407, Rack on top, Berkeley, More emerald that forest green.

8:04 going home from work. Near Sequoia Market:  Truck 46654H1, White Golden Tan truck. Lone Pine Road. Road work. Old Car: 3LGW588, SC 300 Lexus, Goldy Color, Santa Rosa

Llano Road:  BMW White: 6VB    51; Van, 8E25504 Van 1 headlight out, Paler than a canary yellow


Ah. Yes, you would look very obvious Fullertonians driving down past my parents’ 57 year old house. No, Sonomians are so quirky and the absurd works. Not so the birthplace of the John Birch Society. I am not paying attention. Why would I? But, if I were to notice the photographer, I would know – elementary through 12th – I think. Then there was the aloof, popular guy from my high school class also.

The Masonic Hall – Job’s Daughters……………..though the thought that my Asian friend could not possibly belong………………and the white robes and the secrecy………….I found disturbing. Though one sister and friend loved it. Secrecy and levels. My dad’s dad was a 32nd degree mason. Then, also on the other side.

Just getting bits and pieces down. You will not stop. Why should I? I am doing A okay……..Wisest Dad in the world. Planned everything out, hero to many, here at home on his own terms. To Dad!

Dedicated to Dad. Who now knows all.

So……….could be wrong, but some groups are told and “know” different things. Bishops know the truth – hopefully or they are really out of the loop. 20 years ago. A peaceful, kind person who happened to be in the wrong place when she went through a mild manic episode. Bipolar for the first time. Wow! A bunch of coincidences. When that group realized how wrong they were, the “retired” cops had looks of chagrin.

The Bishops and others and maybe many of you just want me gone………..No. I am a strong woman. You won’t give up and I sure the hell won’t.

I feel sorry for anyone in your groups who has a mental illness. I’m sure it is met with such compassion and understanding – not. 2% of the population. 2% of your populations. Now, some of you are buying into “coincidences” now. Totally surprised when a teacher told me that one of the old guard had moved. Oh crud. Went to Utah now three times and yes, it is one of my favorite places. I take after my dad………….driving one way and come back the other. Give me a good road trip anytime. Look at all the Moab ads on TV. Someone placed a Kennilworth flyer on my Google Docs. Oh, that might be right. Silly people. There are probably some other coincidences that I have no idea about. Stupid idiots. Tried to get me to look like a stalker. This is different from 20 years ago. Set ups. But, now it includes goading and theft and drugging and pushing, pushing. pushing. “We” are pushed into acting like stalkers……………………..REALLY, so many problems in one person. None, but you are all prone to believe what you are told, or not question any “evidence”. I will have it looked at forensically. But, that won’t happen. I am sure there was a report that I went down a street with a church. Stupidly, I was trying to get the plate then realized. Oh, now this person can truthfully report where I drove and that I came near his car.

And then are there some who worry about my being a teacher given what they are told. Ridiculous. Not told how I was pushed and pushed and pushed in 2013 until I was ineffective. The kids taken from their parents and put into a foster home didn’t help. The foster mom was a very powerful SP ED advocate. He said that I called him a baby. Nope, the kids did and I tried my best to have them stop. So, I had never walked away from a group before. Who knows what would have happened had I now been stalked and harassed, had gaslighting pulled on me.  I think you owe me at least 2 1/2 years of my life………..I tried to make sense of summer 1997. Tore me up. That all started the first day I met my counselor. But, you don’t care.

2/26 Kismsp purple truck. 790

2/26   7pref007 silver. Very young Jason. Black hair.

2.13  5eyh732. Weird white van. Slope up at back. Two rectangle windows on each side.

2/13 3:10-4:45.    0004AC1. Blue pickup. Filthy like it had come down from 4 wheeling through a stream and muck. Blond dark. Hair pulled back. No make up pale. Petite sharp features.

Harassment. Starbucks lot. 6:50 1/23. Onecar thete. Backs up. Lights shine. Turns lights off. Then two cars facing me from about 30 feet away. First car drives off


1j64819. Idaho work truck.

5fik059. Camry taupe. Blue flag like sticker left lower window.
Hfs4501 Texas. P
7e68293. Cranberry big truck
5bh521. Massachusetts. Picture.
60s Caucasian.
Plaid shirt gray beard. 50s or 60s long grey. Flame car.  No on green box. Talking to kid
Santa Rosa tile supply. Not sure on chevy
Monrovia in pic is fine.
Tree pro. Scratched his face.
Kid in gray boxy car. No.
Teg construction. Stick on sign.
Red old truck waved. How would he know. Dmd7011 Tex truck with purple blue with the white in middle coming out of Whole Foods.
Sebastopol plumbing
Lemon yellow truck. Cauc man. Plaid shirt. Man in 40s.
Fish have fishch brothers
14641s1. Roll bars. Black with netting big truck.
4ks9269 Subaru. Green from. 1990s
Larson on liscence frame. 7r8-3860. Hugge truck. Male cauc hat scruffy growing in beard. Running board.         Ford 350 with a leer on top. Yellow lights across the top. 4ntx845.

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