Is Renter Information in Public Records? Not the Sharpest Tools in the Shed

I never got around to telling the “Tale of the Two Identical Red Cars at Capri Creek Apartments.” I will just start it. The man who used the handicapped parking place now also has a white car. The first car I saw him drive was a red Silverado. It was parked behind my space and when I drove the van it was hard to get my car out. Then that car disappeared for a while……………….to be replaced by a man who had a run down car. He looked down on his luck – almost homeless. I don’t know. Then, he was gone and here was the red Silverado. Last summer, their appeared another red Silverado. More later.

I will tell this story tonight. Private investigator – less than a day. Who owns that spot? I have seen the person who parks a truck identical to that in the handicapped space across the way. Where DO you go on Sundays.

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