Interesting Cars in the Area and POSSIBLE Brighters and a stupid, stupid, stupid move

Survivors – what these people do is so easy, cheap and a bunch of smoke and mirrors. THEY are crazy.

Okay…………so I decided to check out the main drag after my hair appointment. Boy, did I get an education. There were so many fancy cars and quite a few out of state cars. Just as I figured, people get this Amber Alert type message and off the freeway they go. It is my opinion that these people are only shown what my car looks like and what I look like. That’s all they need or want to know. Puppets on a string. I am on some sort of undesirable list, but there truly are people gullible enough just to do this because someone told them to and that someone must be right. Now, this is just for my book you know because it all sounds so nutty. It was just surprising how many drivers did this  type of “oops” look. The local yokels all might be at an advantage – well, some of them……………..Do you get together for Bunco parties also? Actually, I like Bunco.

There were quite a few stupid people with kids in the car. I’d see them drive past and say, “Kids, won’t use that one – stupid idiots.” Well, sad to say that I know how Trump got elected……………yes, I have seen the Hillary stickers, but I’d like to think that most democrats are free thinkers and don’t jump through these hoops.


Well, I hope none of you caused that accident on 116 last night. I’m sure all the traffic didn’t help. I bet some of you even wondered and cared whether the accident was caused in part because of someone participating in this evil harassment.  I can see it being caused by the cars that dart across the road in front from an intersection where that car doesn’t have the right of way. Or, by the cars turning sharply left in front of me or my sister yesterday.

Let’s get the “Stupid, stupid, stupid” over with ……………to the stiff armed, turned away face, ponytailed…………..harassers who have kids in the car, “You are absolute idiots!” There are also a few “high and mighties” who have elderly people in the car or others who haven’t been given a choice to willingly participate in a CA harassment crime or federal Civil Rights Crime (telephone, internet).

20’s male with glasses and beard, Possibly reddish beard. Mustache. Lady too   6LOK 7HFE911 Rubicon More to come

Couple guys look over and give a fake smile. I can tell real reactions and faked ones People.

Out of state: FB14992 White truck

7WUM black

Car Honda filver 4OC388    7JGS207      6YQD832  Excape   slightly bushy eyebrows. eyeglasses. eyeglassed reddish balkding Hybrid faded dings       JCQJ233 White truck why so many letters………….small?    X93X2K    Utah?      Young blond girl with french braids. young guy with beard. early 20s or girl younger. blue scratched z// zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz6MUM2793VWN413


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