To the Stupid/Idiot Gangstalkers of Sonoma County

  • When I have a moment, I will revise this, edit that. However, I do need a place to vent. This will be it.
  • To the phone fixer and the preying parent – No, I do not want to talk to you and listen to you prattle on.  All to waste my time. Take your time and put it into raising money to help feed my student whose mom was in the hospital and still can’t get to the store. Donate it to teachers who can have special drawers for snacks – no questions asked for the students who aren’t getting enough to eat. Start an organization that will provide help for my students who will need it over the summer. I asked some students what they would do if they were depressed. They said that they would tell someone at the school. Ah and oh. They were talking about the local tragedy. I wanted to make sure it was just talk. For my survivors…………..they really could use some group out there they could reach out to during the summer. You cannot even BEGIN to imagine what they have been through. Some of you think or have been told this or shown that or heard this. Brother. Could the Mormon church people who showed me how this works be behind this. Could this be more about keeping this vigilante system going? I feel this so deeply……………, so deeply. Not ONE person should be put through this kangeroo court. Not ONE. And believe me, I feel there are people who are on the street who should be locked up for good. BUT I will NOT risk throwing away our system. I will do ALL in my power to stop you idiots. Twits. And NO! I have Quaker on three sides of my family. I have been told that I have the patience of Job more than once. I would not hurt another human – except to protect another or myself – and when I was young I consciously made that decision. But you do. You KILL. That is what No Touch Torture is about. AND YOU KNOW THAT! Stupid, stupid Nazi, Stasi, vigilantes. Read the speech by Lincoln. THAT is why you are so, so, so stupid. YOU are throwing away the main thing that makes this country great: our laws and legal system. Lincoln said is eloquently. I prattle on, but with no less passion. STUPID, IDIOTS!
  • A light went on. Both myself and others have been manipulated. Oh. Someone should know this, but the techniques have gotten much more sophisticated in the last 20 years.  Pitting someone against someone else.
  • Hmmm. I must have submitted about 20 applications and got 10 interviews. Why wouldn’t I have interviewed at Kenilworth? I thought nothing of it. Terrible interview. Oh, I had subbed there one day the previous school year. I never made any connection until I saw the Google Doc.
  • Someone puts a Google Doc – a mundane flyer from Kenilworth. Oh really? Then someone else can come along and truthfully say that they found a flyer from Kenilworth on my computer.
  • Yes, I subbed at some point as a roving sub. With any one class about 40 minutes. Out at free play. The ideal time and place to strike up a conversation. No. I have subbed at every school in town or the reaches around town except for the teeniest and a few more. Seriously. I subbed for Waugh quite a bit years ago.
  • I was harassed by white trucks and white vehicles for weeks. I’ve had it and go around a corner. Oh……………..I figure someone must live there. Shortly afterwards, I see two postal trucks and another vehicle go down the same street. Geez. No, just like 20 years ago. I am not.
  • Yes, I looked up someone on Facebook. Oh guess what? My computer is hacked. Not a crime to look up someone on Facebook OR look up someone’s genealogy in Utah. Trying to piece a strange story together. Sad thing is the records are those that now are available through genealogy sites. I tried finding a bunch of other people too.
  • 20 years ago I planned a trip so the kids could see some things my little one probably didn’t remember very well. Dinosaur National Monument being one. This past summer I went to pick up family photos. I debated about flying and renting a van and driving back. Finally, I decided to take a trip. I love road trips. I figured this would be the last one I would go one for a long time. I tried to get a time out of my ex. He ended up giving me a very small window of opportunity…………….wonder why that was. I revisited some places I had been 35 or so years ago and stopped at a place that I knew I would only want to visit once. Just to see part of the U.S. history. Don’t worry, I have no plans of ever going there again.
  • Funny thing is that one of my nephews friends said he couldn’t even go to the state. I had said that I had reached a point in my life where I don’t care what one believes as long as it doesn’t hurt others………………………Oh………..guess what. This cult has one of the most destructive manipulative systems in place. Do psychological damage to your own and any others who you feel slighted you – or know too much.
  • Why not last year? No open campus. No easy access. Was that it?
  • Found something strange in my apartment. Oh, someone else could come along and truthfully say they found it in my apartment.




My FIRST PICS! Great Examples of Gaslighting, Laws, Laws and More Laws, Latest to the perps. Fiction for Some – based on true events Preserving your Precious Persecution System..and ideas


How CUTE! I saw the purple one on Valentine’s day. The flame one is in front of Whole Foods…………….Won’t forget the older raised truck. It is more yellow in the original.

STUPID!  S  T  U  P  I  D…………………The only place I mentioned the lady who had not smoked in a while was HERE. Oh…………my loyal fans are reading this. There was a very, very experienced smoker out in the Safeway lot tonight………………..a paid person? I know one couple who could NOT speak a word of English was forced or paid to wait behind my car one night. Did you pay the heavy duty smoker…………….She does not look good. Very experienced………..did she have more than one lit at a time?

STUPID………………… road trucks……………………..Like, uh…………..where did you come from? Not like you would see that in Eastern Petaluma. Heavy duty off road vehicle.

List of LAWS found below.

STUPID! An IEP is a LEGAL DOCUMENT! So computer hacker who was standing outside……did you get my login? Why did that teacher sit there through the whole meeting? Could be………….I don’t know, just I have never seen it done before if it didn’t need to happen. So, this applies to the people who deleted the info. from the other IEP. This time it was the notes. Was he still there when I said I would have to get the notes another time? I think. There then gone. Did he have his computer? Hmmm. Out of luck sucker. I was able to still get them out. But, lo and behold. Gone today………………..funny thing, if I had had to, I could pretty well have done much from memory. Make do. But, I had the printed version. Has access to the computer system, but only two people in that room had legal access to those documents as far as being able to CHANGE the documents………………..The guy before the meeting sure didn’t.

An individual who accesses a computer, computer system, or computer network and alters, disrupts, deletes, destroys, or otherwise changes any part may be charged with a computer crime.

Oh yeah……………….anyone wants to make an issue of freedom of the press…………..taking pictures from my window, taking pictures of anyone in a public location where privacy is not expected………….well………..go for it? I have talked in front of public groups before. And I don’t mind naming names…………….I was just wondering the other day if the builder that a small group of neighbors went up against is Mormon. I really felt badly – not about a small group of citizens trying to bring something to the forefront, but that the economy took a dive. One of the best builders also.

So, this is the orange machine being used on construction on the apartments behind the new Safeway. I didn’t think too much of it as construction will be starting soon on my apartment. However, it was there a few days and then it was gone – back to its spot that it has been in since the construction started. All folded up. Just makes you wonder, right? I pointed this out to management along with some other concerns. They kind of brushed it off. Though, I haven’t read today’s mail. I would be conferring with an attorney. I mean I did play the disability card. Hey, I am the MOST responsible person that my psych has treated. ……………..not perfect. Just like any disease, medications need fine tuning you know. Just that so many people are so, so ignorant………………so, so…………and SLANDER is a six letter word. Harassment as far as housing goes, when someone has a disability. Not so good. The truck. Wow. Got to be one of a kind! Right? Saw a van with flower stickers all over. Could be temps, but I have what I need.  So……….just a bunch of coincidences or? No mail, so they are probably consulting with attorney as to response………..I mean housing discrimination/harassment is HUGE!!!!!! I mean really, really HUGE.

Great Day! All set for the week. Very productive. Nice, crisp weather. Saw many, many ants and a lot of cowardly bunnies. The guy at Safeway looked uncomfortable when I was humming Onward Christian Soldiers. Is this cause he knows that it is now about preserving this “Precious” activity. A few people look uncomfortable……….some people smile (eccentric lady), some ignore – but if the tighten their back muscles THAT is a tell.

Survivors – the one thing they can really not control is what you are thinking. Nope, nada, niet, non. So I mix it up a bit. Somehow no one gets the message I guess unless they have local texting pals. Had a lovely walk over to Starbucks. Not expected. Sat in my car for a while. Oooh, ahhh. When I went to my car two cars were cruising through my lot. Oh my! How did you know I was going out to my car? I don’t care. Do know the ladies downstairs look right out on the lot. For some strange reason, there were NO cars driving through my parking lot earlier. Really none that I saw……………….

Just to clear the air and make this clear: Pictures can be taken in any public place where a  person does not expect privacy. In stores – private property. They can ask you not to take pictures. If you comply then, that is it. If not, then they can call security. Okay – everyone get that. So why was that guy in the plaid shirt standing at the register so dang long.

So many cars at Lucassi Park……………NOTHING going on at 7:30 on a Sunday night. So, do you go in groups to have more fun, to have the other person drive your car, or? I usually note the time and place. So, were you in your car at 7:45 or so in the Safeway Parking lot? Or was someone driving your car? Did someone borrow your car? Great ideas for my book, and I am starting to sound somewhat interesting despite the rambling.

Ah. How about if we go to court? Sound good? I could have a forensic computer person look closely at my computer. Hard to trace hacking now adays…………..but I bet it is possible. How about a forensic video and sound guy? I don’t know if that is even needed. Oh……..but you don’t want to lose this precious (like in Gollum). Rest down below……


A friend actually thinks that I should take before and after pictures. She is skeptical, but when I mentioned the bedspread being put on sideways. THAT is not something a woman does. Particularly with the type of bedspread I have.Pictures don’t work. You look like a crazy person showing something that you could have done – well, for the most part. So, I’m going to jot things down, just to…………….for my book. Survivors: Smoke and Mirrors, Smoke and Mirrors.

  • Oops. Found car charger. This is what happens. That was a normal oops.
  • My best folding black umbrella was lost the week before last. I left it in the doorway of a subs room – I think. Or, it was in my room. Anyway, it disappeared. Someone should have been more patient. I was thinking of putting a note on the board. Didn’t get around to it. Lo and behold! There it is on the floor of the car. In front of the passenger seat. Stupid place to put it as I always have things on the seat and floor, so my eyes are always looking at that area.
  • This gaslighting started with the large container of vinegar in the fridge. Oookaaay. Hm. I WAS using it to clean out the disposal. I came home from work and there it was. However, the next day, the dishwasher detergent was in the fridge. No, I’m sorry, but no. Silly person. Some of these stalkers think that I am “out of it” I guess. They never seem to get the memo about where I live or that I really notice things. I say that a lot, “Oops, I guess you didn’t get the memo.”
  • And why would someone who doesn’t know me very well, is not overly friendly AND was already talking to people down the table move closer to where I was sitting? I had gone for a second into the room next door, but just for a second. Since, going and talking to a special secretary about something – leaving my purse behind and finding some papers that had been in my purse later in my classroom……….well, I don’t leave it. I keep wanting to ask various people if they have every taught about the Constitution. Ah! Work place harassment. I think there are additional charges or laws regarding that. Hmmm. What happens when the person has a disability? There I go using that card, but if people are going to use it against me…….might as well use it myself.
  • I put blue pens in with my things when I went to a meeting. At the meeting, I couldn’t locate one of the pens. They were in one of my bags. I go back to my room and there was a blue pen laying across my keyboard at work. Like I wouldn’t have seen that when looking for a blue pen? Phone as a microphone or someone at the meeting who left or texted? Something to ponder. Why did someone who usually doesn’t notice things look over where I had my purse, lunch cooler and my school bag? Really? Why?
  • Plug on my cord for a fan is now dark blue. It just wasn’t and I have seen someone work on electrical. The work wasn’t as good as this, but I know how easy it is to do.
  • Things unplugged in my bedroom next to my bed. Six outlets for a reason. I would not have unplugged the lamp. THAT makes no sense.
  • Had one of the toilets in my apartment clog up about 4 times in as many weeks. The first time was after my daughter left to go home. Okay…………but. the others? No, no way and I had started being extra careful. Strange, as I have always, always been able to unclog my toilet since moving here. With these events I had to call for maintenance. Now, I did accidentally drop something in the other toilet. Funny, how it acts just like what was happening in the constantly clogged one – I have made a point of not putting things in the trash can in the bathrooms. Gremlins want to be in and out.
  • Come to think of it, this happened before we sold the house. Twice. I had never had to use the metal snake, but I did. Summer 2013
  • I certainly hope the manager, E., has no knowledge of this……or the maintenance guys. Whoa! Serious Civil Right’s violation. Discrimination against someone with a disability. Harassment too (well controlled – very well controlled but hellish at times, bipolar disorder at age 42. Who knew? I’ve never pulled that card, but, in this case….sounds good to me).
  • Things made to look dark and drabby. Here my white table. The legs all dark, but not dust. I had to wash it off. Do they make something that comes out like dust? I have seen license plates look like this. Couldn’t you get a ticket? Also, the white scraped off around the letters/numbers. Makes the plate harder to read
  • My ex propped up a tree before we put the house on the market. In Petaluma, you prop up trees until they are old enough to withstand the Petaluma Gap winds. In 37 years, I have seen and helped that man prop up trees. He does it right. But, that time it was so, so weird. Used 4-5 boards leaning against the tree to “prop” it up. The handyman and I fixed it.
  • I had finally convinced myself that my address book’s unusual wear and tear on the front back and spine were normal. Too perfect, but normal. Then, the Gremlins returned. Actually, now I think of them as monkeys moving things, ants crawling out of their holes (and congregating sometimes in parking lots) and scared rabbits hopping away. My boggarts are silly looking critters 🙂
  • Harassment – playing Neil Diamond on purpose while I was at a seed store. Coincidence? Could be. Driving past me in order to cause discomfort.
  • car charger broke apart one day so it couldn’t be used attached to my phone, but I could still plug in my phone using a cord
  • Flat tire last week. No biggy. I thought it was something that I did. Not seeing the slope on a drive and going over it wrong. Nope, it was a staple. I should have asked to see it. Staple gun staple? Do staples left around get in tires? Could be.
  • One night I noticed that my bedspread was on my bed sideways. since it has “lines” in it, that is pretty noticeable.
  • Bashed in fog lamps last summer. I thought just one had been smashed and so I thought I must have done it – run into something. Then, on another day, I saw that the other one was smashed also. Filed a police report. The way they are inset, running into something cannot cause both to break at the same time.
  • HIPAA laws. How about the oath a doctor takes? Interesting how I hardly see VeriHealth ambulances since I mentioned HIPAA laws. I saw at least three parked around at different lots in Petaluma. Then, there was one almost every night parked at the gas station on 116. Creepy. If I experience syncope and need to go to the hospital can I count on you? Transported by them once. Wow! I sure hope no one mentioned THAT. Not that I care, but I do care about my privacy and that is what the laws are intended to protect.
  • My brown hair dryer is black. I have purchased the same hair dryer for years. It has always been brown. Conair.
  • Shiny pennies left around. So, I started leaving them all over. Rubber bands and paper clips left around or tucked into items so they would fall out when you pick up the item. Started wearing safety pins to represent my support of non violent people from Islamic countries and people who have been in this country for a long time. Bet you can guess started showing up every where? So, I started putting them everywhere
  • The keys my sister gave me to get into her house do not fit in the door. I had put them inside a “computer type” case at work. There were three cases. I came in and they was a red tag on the case that I had put the keys in. I didn’t get to try them for several weeks. In fact, I assumed they were the same keys. Nope.
  • The spare set of car keys disappeared months ago. I had them when I went down to So Cal for Thanksgiving. I think I had them in the car. They are always in the car or in a certain drawer.
  • The plug in the bedroom went out – the top or bottom, I forget which. I just went out and got a multi plug outlet………..problem solved. I can have the maintenance guys fix it this summer.
  • Already told the story about the lady down in 128 saying that I was making banging noises in the middle of the night. Then she said something about seeing my light on. Who goes out in winter to see if the neighbor’s light is on? When you are trying to get back to sleep. Why wouldn’t see have come up sooner? Silly person.
  • Keys stolen when I went to visit a church in Santa Rosa. Just a silly magic trick. Get someone looking elsewhere and bingo………..They were keys on a red chain. I thought the purse looked like it was a bit too far under the seat. The friendly “new” lady in front kept me talking.
  • Vandalism – I have certain colored sheets for my bed. Over the summer, there was a cut in the bottom sheet. A perfect half square cut. I wrote it off as something I wrote off as something I couldn’t explain OR the dryer, but it was too perfect. I did replace the sheet. I guess I should have repaired it. Then, more recently, one of my sheets was showing extreme unusual wear and a hole – all of a sudden. this couldn’t be fixed. Finally, I gave up and used my extra sheet.
  • Wool socks. I had three pair. Then, this past summer, the heel of the foot started wearing………………no, they had been cut because when a sock wears out it is slow ans there is enough materials to darn it. Holes have been cut in four of them. Where is the extra material? Need to have some lady’s input.
  • Oooooh! So scary………..the blankets and sheets were  all bunched up on my side of the bed. Wow! Not. It is human beings breaking the law.
  • A cart filled with a few things – like someone in the store was putting them back. parked at a weird angle in front of the case I go to in the frozen food section in the old Safeway. How could anyone know all this? These people think they are on some sort of sacred mission to protect????? No biggy. They are in the area and go where the “survivor” is. Even come off the 101 from San Jose, Oakland and other states.
  • I purchased a purse from K-Mart large enough to hold my things. It was stolen from my car. Later, the matching umbrella was stolen.
  • Ruby earrings my grandparents gave me for my high school graduation
  • Random papers moved in with other papers. I might put someone related in a file………but a random worksheet in with records. Nope.
  • After the Effexor was stolen, I left a pill cutter by the bed. Guess what? I know how to reduce down Effexor. I learned this when I was having serious withdrawal symptoms when I first took it. I was looking it up on the computer. 150 mg has 150 little crystal looking teeny crystal type things. I later used that knowledge to get some Effexor in my system fast. Tuck the crystal things into a banana to protect the stomach and voila there you go. Pills gone. Just about half of what I had. Took some vitamins and empties out the contents. Divided 150 mg down to 75 mg. Ha!
  • A while later, I came home and there were imodian, Pepto Bismal and a stomach acid pill out on the counter in the smaller bathroom Ooooh. So, someone had figured out about when I would have some withdrawals reducing dosages. I carried extra clothes. AAAAh. Nope. I formed the pills into a shape in my sink. A greeting or something 🙂
  • Effexor and Ambien CR pills stolen (controlled substance)
  • Computer crimes: home computer and my cell phone. Cell phones are computers now.
  • 2013: Work computer, pills, Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • Ex was supposed to rake some bark on the hillside. I had gotten two loads of bark delivered. I moved most of it. Ex spent quite a while out there on the hill, but didn’t really get anything done.
  • Ex left a rope that needed to be rolled up – into a noose and put it on the trash can
  • Ex had taped my sister as she entered the house……..before Christmas 2012. Then, I was expecting her to stop by. I heard the door open and my sister’s voice. I knew it was too soon, but it was her voice. No one was there……except for my ex. Exactly what could he have caught on tape for months and months and months. I didn’t know how real iPhone recording sounded until I used it to tape a student taking an assessment. Great tool! Hmmm. Aren’t you supposed to let people know when you are taping them. Pictures are another thing. If it is in a public space where privacy is not guaranteed, then all rules are off. Like that Mom at J.X. Wilson. She seemed to be taking video every day – time of day when my students were most unruly. I had my hands full that is for sure. I am usually pretty calm, but when a student runs away……….well…………..and I was pushed……….I am sure someone could have gotten me to sound like a witch.
  • So, what do I take a picture of? All this sounds crazy.

Thou shalt not steal, thou shalt now ……………I have to look them up.

Beautiful Day! Close but no cigar. Why no activity that day at the park? Why are so many people running stop signs? Why did I see about 11 cars with one light out in a set one day? Some official people must know, but stay clear or…………….something. Come to think of it…………………..Anyway……..nope.

Why more specific? While you have been worried about “yours”…..the first time I kind of got it. BUT it took much longer than it should have to recover. Affected my time with my kids. Then 2012-2013 macabre, but had to be related. Scared my kids. You don’t mess with MY kids/MY children! You have. Not again!

You people don’t get this do you? There seems to be a movement afoot to go far right and declare that everything be done in a Christian way………..well, most religions I know about have Do unto others………etc……………..Even though the founding fathers did NOT want the country to discriminate on the basis of religion . Like the Baptists were. This type of anti constitutional behavior could be used on…………oh say………….a minority group. Gay kids? Muslims…………….your group? Well, it WILL come out. Not sure when, not sure how. At this point, it doesn’t matter what I didn’t do. Right? It’s all about preserving your precious persecution system.

In my work of fiction based on some truths:

WANT to see them in action? The harassers are pulling out all the stops: I call this Full Court Press: Come to Petaluma, CA and watch the activity at Leghorn Park. If I am in my apartment behind Safeway, you will see more cars that usual (when I am not there) driving along Sonoma Mountain Parkway, turning to use the side entrance for the Safeway center which is the same entrance for the park. You might see more activity than usual at the roundabout where Reischling and Sestri meet. Go to Book Haven School in Sebastopol and you will see creepy cars driving by the school when I am there. Creepy if they normally don’t drive that way and don’t have any business at the school. A lot of them run the stop signs. See how busy Waughtmaut (sp?) Road is particularly in front of REACH SCHOOL when I am there. I sometimes go to Taco Bell and then to park across from the park on Ragle Road, or to the City Hall lot, or to the park across from Whole Foods. The park across from Whole Foods is particularly entertaining because (if you bother to watch the cars, you get the feeling that they are on a merry go round (which they are – more like a hamster wheel).

Night for now…………Remember, work of fiction. There are quite a number of true events, but ……………….wow! Who would believe this? P’shaw.


I don’t think there are usually crimes by association, except in the commission of a felony (robbing a bank – someone dies). However, if there were you would be guilty of theft (you are even if you move something of mine from the break room to my room), harassment (CA and Federal laws since phones are used which includes phones and the internet, stalking, slander (libel?), vandalism, probably contriving “evidence” to frame someone for a crime (or is word of mouth alone enough (saw a clip where a real thief posed as a bounty hunter and was able to get “do gooders” to help him take things from a victim – having fun watching at the Colosseum in Rome?) ? Federal workers and public service people – signed an oath to uphold the Constitution – don’t think you are doing too good. Oh, HIPAA violations. Theft of a controlled substance. Yep, good ol’s Ambien CR 12.5. Yes, you are not supposed to use it for a long time……………unless you have bipolar disorder. Rules go by the wayside. Whatever works. Work place harassment. I’ve read a bit about those laws…..Wonder if the upright one has.

So, I started this as a work of fiction. Because for someone to say that these event happened would have to be crazy, right?

If I were writing as though this were true:

Why did the brighters stay away from the park downtown across from Whole Foods? I was shocked when I backed up and looked at the ………..normal non traffic. Who blew it?

Read below later – I only keep meds in my purse though I would prefer them locked away. They are very inaccessible and the room is locked when I am not there. Earlier in the year, surprise, surprise……………vitamins would be found on the floor. All my vitamins are tucked away except for calcium which I cannot take with my levothyroxine…………and even those I keep track off. Yes……………..worry about meds and these stupid cruel people caused sever anxiety and made me feel and act manic……………..but I wasn’t. Highly anxious an ineffective. Actually depression reduces the cognitive skills much more. Okay. There seemed to be a concern. If something is out it is not my doing, but I’d look crazy to not say, “Oh dear!” Some Ambien CR (controlled substance) and Effexor were stolen right off the bat………………oh you can ask Barbara Clark and Trish Evens how open I was about where my meds were. I wanted someone to ask me if I had taken them if I started showing signs of an intestinal and more flu. Suzie Safety – Girl Scout and Boy Scout. The training and rules for Girl Scouts were enough to make someone go over the top. Changed time of meeting and supposed to have field trip slip……….and I would do it. One other mom and I almost had apoplexy when one dingbat mom took a girl out to a field to use the facilities. There are rules and guidelines for all that. Two adults stay together. Same mom who wanted up to take the girls out in the middle of nowhere for out first trip. it was a success at the KOA and no parent had to be called. We graduated to a real campground the next year. My doctor told me to watch my stress and another mom and I started a Daisy Troop. Yes, we can live amazing lives……………………..doc questioning my friend about college and career. Yes, so ignoramouses do not realize that no all are treated by drugs. or they think keeping on top of your meds means taking one pill. Nope, for most it is a cocktail that varies over time. always changing .Want to help a family member, offer to help coordinated ordering and picking up pills. THAT is what is needed God forbid any one in your homes need help with a mental illness – cretins. 2-4% of the population have bipolar disorder. Add unipolar, and others. Imagine. Nigh!

Yes, it is now late, but it is rare despite best efforts. Finishing up lose ends. Oh……….The thing that had me so paranoid in 2012/2013 was my missing meds. Any meds I had at work were in a locked box on a shelf. I usually would tell someone as I used to have very early withdrawal symptoms to Effexor. Boy it is effective, but one of the shortest half lives. There was a doctor who had to have some brought to a remote island because of the severe withdrawal symptoms………….but if someone needs to, you can take them apart and reduce yourself – under a doctor’s care. ANYWAY – that year I had an assistant who probably is on the spectrum. She would NOT get up from her table to do anything……….not pass out tickets AND she told the students that one book that I had selected (called Language! and varies hugely in levels) was too easy for them. The students’ first interaction between the principal and myself was when she marched into my room, placed sticker charts and stickers on my desk and asked me if I knew how to use them. Oh yeah………………According to her sister……………….nah, that is family stuff – sister was one of my caretakers after I broke my ankle and before I figured that I had to have serotonin to beat the depression. Yes, I told my doctor that after almost a year. He listened. Three weeks later I had gone from non driving to driving to So Cal for my parents’ 70th anniversary party!!!!!

The young psychs…………………….if any of you say for certain that you know what is going on………………………pack it in. This is a very inexact science, and unless you have age and wisdom behind you, have interviewed the person extensively………………don’t even try. My doctor is one of the best because he knows to listen to me………..because he knows that I know myself. He knows that every person who has a disorder is NOT like any other person with the same disorder – even with the same DSM ??? IV diagnosis – is that the latest? I read THE text on the subject in 1997. $80.00 by a PhD and a psychiatrist. Very little was known.Depakote was the med of the day (for those who could not take lithium – dang)………..The PhD came out with her own book about being bipolar.

I can imagine the psyho babble you are spouting. Bipolar with paranoid tendencies…………bipolar in a low level functioning manic phase with paranoid tendencies………………or misdiagnosed by the doc who was the head of Marin General for a few decades…………….yeah, right……………..The problem for these harassers is I am NOT in any kind of even slightly off psychiatric state. I have been through this before…..Your worst nightmare….I AM doing fine and dandy after 4 months………..and I intend to continue to be fine and dandy………………..I even have fun when I see you blow it. Except when there are kids around…………The guy on Sonoma Mountain Parkway knows…………I was pointing at him and was P.O’d……..psychs………… I spouting off about myself too much? What is your diagnosis?

Thank you perps by the way. I have never ever been this efficient. Do things ahead and forget they are done and I am pleasantly surprised. No longer put off until tomorrow what I can do today.

Oh and psychs…………….I hope you are doing this for next to nothing. Seriously. Having fun trying to figure out what is up? Ask someone who has dealt with being a survivor. I took a red cross class on Earthquake preparedness. Will never forget hearing about the Anchorage quake that moved refrigerators……………………one couple somehow knew to count………………..they counted the whole length of the quake. The key to surviving some things is to take control in whatever way you can. Oh, my doc did get something wrong. He was under the impression that I ended up in the hospital during a manic phase. Nope. I only have had one true 6 week mild manic phase with some mild manic symptoms lasting for quite a while afterwards. 2007 SAD, plus getting off Paxil while going on Tanoxifen while instant menopause……………….

IF you say it is highly unusual for someone to exhibit their first symptoms at age 42, don’t even bother hanging up your shingle. Yes, average age is the drum and strang (is that is) of adolescence and the 20’s, but kids are diagnosed (some correctly and some not) and I read about one lady who was in her 70’s and it was triggered by the death of her husband.

February 9, 2017 – Okay……………who did you see at the park today? I was shocked when I backed out and everything was normal. If someone was trying to see something – you blew it. However, from the gas station to Stony Point – 41 cars passing me going towards Sebastopol. That is strange. I took a Spanish class at Analy, winter 2006, I know what the traffic is like on a Thursday night after 7:00.

Around 7 P.M………………..13 cars/trucks passed in front of my work – completely unrelated to pick ups or drop offs. That didn’t include the Schwann’s truck that appeared to have a delivery around the corner. Oh yeah. That occurred in the time it took for me to eat a rice cake with sunflower nut butter and that included no car with kids.

I have posted before that in my book, I would get really upset at young missionary types who would be participating in this. Haven’t seen those since I blasted something on this. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Also, to the idiot on Sonoma Mountain Parkway……….you had a kid in the car………..and the idiot who went into Safeway and left his kids in the car/truck? With the lights on – distinct old truck or car. I immediately walked away, but shook my head in disgust. Called the cops one time on someone who left their young child in the car. They had just moved back from Germany. Sorry……………………Going into the dry cleaners and dropping stuff off with a kid that is old enough – and you can see the child every second is one thing. Leaving your kid or kids in the car at 8:30 at night to go into Safeway is just plain STUPID!!!!!

To the guy going into a store and who flashed his brights at me……….you are NOT bright. You are an idiot. With a kid on an errand to buy a specific thing. Quit is with the kids!!!!!!! I have not been, am not, will never be a threat to another person. BUT you IDIOTS…………you will target someone who is a danger to others and someone will get hurt. AND you have kids  in the car!!!!!!!! STOP!!!!!!! Flashing brights at someone is just plain rude. Only one or two other people have done this over the last 4 months. Someone must not have said this is a no no, or you did not read the rules………..that destroyed themselves after ten seconds. oop. That has been done before.

I have NOT posted any plates if there were kids in the car. I won’t say which, but one of the plates I post did have a kid………………..won’t say which and will probably make up a few……….but the idiot who flashed your brights………………..stop immediately. One of these years, someone will have the wherewithal to file these in some order and to even get background info…………….investigate……………….there has to be a common thread…………there is going to be someone who tells someone………..BUT……….who is going to believe them. This is crazy. THAT is why it will make such a good movie. You know, show if from one perspective and then comes the twist and you see things for what they are…………………………

Night Y’all ants crawling out of your hidey holes and bunnies who hop away:

There goes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail, hippity hoppity Easter’s on it’s waaaay. Hopping like the cowards you are, running from a moving car………hippity hoppity, not so smart and gay.       Really is: Here comes……….couldn’t think of another word but gay………….both meanings fit here, right? This just came to me as I was talking about the scared bunnies hopping away………………   OR is it the 13.1 half marathon sticker? Aha!

Haven’t learned have you? I really drove off road. Many of the fancier trucks will never go on more than a dirt road………………I’ve been on a rock road – rocks put down by women inmates. Also half way down the canyon in Canyonlands. 1 1/2 days out. We lost the shovel. But, Rusty Nail from ……….the main town……can’t think of it told us to go to the La Sals. We met him for pizza after we got back down. So, big trucks………….really? Went to some of the big truck shows. Ya know………….the ones where the trucks are all raised up and all. I used to know the terminology better. Running boards? Is that the correct term for those?

I’ve made a few rude comments about big trucks and guys. There are gals too though. (seriously, I don’t like stereotypical jokes………..or didn’t – shame on you people. Seriously) So, the guy with the Equestrian Concierge hat. Are you from Petaluma or from down south near where the car was bought. South Bay…………….I see an awful lot of Burlingame plates. That sticks in my mind because one of the CTA presidents was from Riverside Unified. Wonder what churches are down there.

Oh yeah……………………..So, you are driving on the 101 and you get the Amber Alert type message and you just mosey off and take the frontage road or head across McDowell or into Sebastopol. Boy…………….that is sure going out of your way. But, God points and all, right? So, the guy with the Concierge hat – he married an Italian. And listens to 13.1, SF team, Escalade……….putnam Chevrolet Cadillac Burlingame. Caucasian male. Has a Scots oval sticker on this big truck……………..There were three cars behind me. Unfortunately, no one told them that I sometimes continue around the round a bout. Oh well…………………..with three cars. Easy Peasy to get the plate of that truck. Which was seen on a public road……………so oh well. 7CMD337  if that is not quite right, I have it taped. He parked in my lot. OH NO!    Walked quickly into the heart of the apartments. He’s gone now – truck and all. Surprise. Really? That Cadillac was kind of out of place. One friend of mine mentioned all the fancy cars at the local Safeway the other day. She grew up in Marin. Like me, she notices when things are different. Intuits/highly sensitive people/we train ourselves to balance our lives and control the amount of input. I was supposed to take my break at the park………..but, it was too much fun taking pics and then see the numbers go down. Hippity Hoppity.

In Sebastopol……………more old cars………..Oh yeah……………..the lady from out of state………sitting in a business driveway and waiting to come out when I go by…………..yeah, right. Out of state. Federal Civil Rights law to cross state lines. But so is using the phone and internet. Is texting the internet? If it is………….well, then anyone who has sent or willingly received a text about this harassment is denying me my civil rights. My landlord better not. I have a disability……………….boy, do they come down on discrimination of people with disabilities as regards housing. Good thing after about three weeks, the parking areas lights were fixed. Also, I will keep track of the noise being currently made by the construction going on………..and see if it gets ramped up. And NO, the guy turning on the mixer or whatever across the lot did not bother me………..Better have NO MORE lights on than any other of the units either.

Okay…………….the brown  hair, fair skin kind of got me thinking. Aha! I grew up going to the Union Hotel. My dad remembers being charged about $.75 a person and the waitress apologized because they raised the prices. Looked at those pics of the great Italian families. Hmmmmm. Have some Catholic friends in town. Italian Catholic friends. I think the lady with the auburn red hair is Italian, but boy do I see a lot of brown hair pulled back or up in buns. Caucasian – non Latino Caucasian.

What is it about the guys and growing beards? Or are they just trying to keep a few days growth there. Religious thing. Don’t think so, but there are some grown out neat beards. But it is 2017. So, 99% of the people in this part of the state are white Caucasians. In fact, on my trip down south and back up, I’d say it was about the same. OR higher. The only non white Caucasians have been the ladies near by when something rotten happened. Trying to get me to act racist and add that to your list. One was right near me when my purse was robbed. Keys. Nope. Diversion by the lady in front. Sure, you were just visiting too. Since when does someone sitting down at a church service need an escort from the church? Typical………….Let’s see if she’ll think they are ALL in on this. Silly stalkers. Soooooooo 2013. Really?

Yep. All three in or around Burlingame. Why is it that the Mormon “churches” ? Stakes or whatever seem to be smack dab in the middle of communities (suburbia), but the Temples are so so out in the open? My daughter and I would comment on the temple in San Diego every time we would go to the CA Pizza Kitchen in La Jolla. DO NOT use that architect/designer again………………..a bit sparkly even for the glitter queen at my daughter’s elementary school. Now SHE was an absolutely fantastic teacher!  Disneyesque. Yeah. Normally, I would not want to insult anyone’s religion. And those who know nothing about this crime or are children…………well…………sorry for you…………………………..What DO the Bishops say? Were those Bishops at Chunky’s and Starbucks, or older, conservative guys who were supposed to look like Bishops?

Car facts later in the week.

I had a great time in the square today. It was so interesting how I was able to get a picture of what normal traffic looks like. Many of the bunnies hopped away. They didn’t like me taking pictures from the park lot. So…………….if you have participated in this before, do you know that you could very well have contributed to someone’s murder? Oh yes. Maybe not YET according to our laws, but it is a matter of time. Might not be murder, but some time it will be a conviction regarding Civil Rights I bet. Like the KKK bigwig who could not be tried for a black man’s murder (vernacular of the times – know what vernacular means?) I have never been that type of person. If I was, I wouldn’t have gone into this profession……….but that applies to kids and some adults. If someone doesn’t know how to do something or know something then there is something holding him/her back – but not you crazed idiots).   Anyway, the KKK guy was tried and convicted for denying that black man his Civil Rights. Sad huh? But true. Yeah……………you out of state people who come off the 101 to do what? Muir Woods I could see……………….relatives………….okay………but that many this time of year. No Muir woods………..and can’t think of any reason you would come through Sebastopol to go many places……………….A way to go to the river. In February? With flooding?

Question. Follow my logic………..which most of you can’t. Yes, I am being purposely insulting. This is new to me, but it is so warranted in this case……………..So, 1997 – not a stalker or any other type of individual with any criminal intentions. Yes, a relative cried because I enforced my policy of you stay home from school, you don’t have a friend over…….turned out to be one of the most wonderful man/person/human beings. Extremely intelligent which can be difficult. His  mom had the good sense to send him to a preschool where the kids did not wash their hands after art. They lined up and were sent home. Wouldn’t do that to some kids……………..did finger paint – once. Oh my……………..would he be horrified. So……………the 1997 escapade ended in the summer of 1997……….but left me with scars……………..Then came sheriff’s lights in 2010 – I think…………but nothing else. Then came spousal gaslighting and gremlin gaslighting and brighting, etc. in 2012, 2013. I get the pause for a year…………but then I started working…………..and working……..and full time last year…………………what is so magical about now? Because someone said so……………….does NOT make sense except to those who cherish this perverted earning “God points” life that ………………..well………………………. Did any of you follow that? Doesn’t make sense. Of course, you are told to not let the target become human to you right? Well……………………

So, some of you are not living in the earth but only on the earth………..but you sure try to get a lot of things while you are on the earth. Some of you. Like revenge. Bishops? Money? High church people? What else? And you Gemlins……………..mice, rabbits……………Oh my……………..don’t you feel so just and satisfied that you are making the world a better place? Never mind if you are the person who belonged or belongs to the military and signed on to defend this country and the Constitution. Are you a reservist? Just saying………….my cousin is/was. Had to fly kids to Afghanistan when he was in his early 60s. Didn’t want to, but it was his job. You out of state – definitely a federal Civil Rights crime. Work for the U.S. government like the car that turned into the post office lot………or was pretending to be a postal employee. Amazing what they wear in Sebastopol, but then it IS Sebastopol…………………Who knew it is a haven for the stalkers? They are all over, but wow – Sebastopol……… should be proud. Nope, Nada, niet, nein non!

Before the next part – I don’t think of me having a disability……………….I’ve made enough lemonade for three lifetimes. However………………….harassing a person with a disability – well…………….it is really serious. Might want to tell the manager at my apartment. It appears he didn’t get my last check. He looked funny last time I was in the office.

So – those who are pretending or really are checking out to see if I am okay. THIS whole thing is NUTS! If someone told me before 1997 that there was anything like this, I would have gently guided them towards seeing their counselors. Even then, it was nothing like it is now. Actually, people, they did a better job in 2012-2013 but that was partly because it was all so new. Plus my ex was an insider. Boy, I am sure that helped. But, it was creepier. That’s because I can now laugh at you idiots. I suppose you all say that you support the Constitution of the United States. Nope, nada, niet, nein. So, the guy at Kaiser, you one of these cretins or what? Don’t suppose anyone has actually bothered to see how strange the traffic is………………….and then go check it out at the same time another day. But, now don’t do it for a few days. Though they seem to not worry about anything. Or any department. A federal crime, huh?  I usually look into the credentials of the person writing an article or at least into the site. Hmmmm. I truly believe that there probably isn’t any contrived evidence. It’s like cyberbullying right. Playing telephone? So and so said something so it MUST be true. Like a Bishop or someone?

So……….what organizations have this kind of clout over their flocks? Then throw in people who don’t know the extent of this plague and go along with it because such a good person told them something. I wouldn’t hurt most spiders. I gave up when I lived on the west end of town. Too many of them. I do know that my ex was doing gaslighting: a rope in the shape of a noose, a lightbulb in a bathroom light that flickered like a halloween light, an extension put on a shower head right before we were going to sell, deliberately keeping a mess in the garage (I honestly think I could have hung in their – that God – truly that I didn’t – All I asked is that my ex pretend that we were moving. Just get rid of some of his crud………………….going out and pretending to rake down piles of bark. All two truckloads moved by me. Recording my sister greeting me at the door and then playing that when she could not have arrived that soon. That’s what gaslighting is. throwing someone off balance.

Someone said something to my old boss. She looked scared to death the last time I saw her at the theater. Her sister was one of my caregivers. Oh my……….what a difference. So…. the lady downstairs came to complain I was making loud noise in the middle of the night. My, my – before then I was careful to not make noise. I am overly conscientious. Or, was until this latest go round with you stupid idiots. I just received a bill for a medical service that I did not have……….and it said something to indicate that the person may have received further treatment. Fun, fun. When I told a friend that my bedspread was turned the wrong way…….she stopped short. No, that is not something that I would do. So, don’t believe it. I wish it weren’t true. But, this is probably how Trump got elected……………..this is the path towards everyone telling on everyone else. Like in Eastern Germany. How do you think they kept that many people quiet after they stopped beating them or making them disappear? You good Christian people – maybe not all. “Good” Christian people and delivery people, plumbers……………….people who might not question. Geez Louise you idiots!  Then, the lady at Kaiser. Never had that happen. But, maybe it is Kaiser. What are people willing to risk for this cause………………Is it something like 4% of convicted people in jail have been found to be innocent. Ah, but once you are on this list………….particularly with the connections I have made to the Mormon church and all. Hey, it started with a very nice, peaceful Mormon man, then along came his brother in law the sheriff……A sheriff stopped one day in Rohnert Park and stared at me. Whoa there was hate in them there eyes. ….then I would see Sonoma County Sheriffs with lights going on the side of the road. More often than not. Anyway…………..believe it or not…….I wouldn’t.

2/6/2017 – Oh yeah. the lady who was smiling last night when I took a picture. Nope. Not going to post that picture. Ha, ha. You people who drive through the school lot and have no business at the school. I’ve seen you. That is creepy. The lady at the front today was just downright rude. Must have heard what I wrote.        ? Mormon? I think Mr. Smiley is. I like him. He helps out. Maybe he is just “concerned” I  think I said this…………..He was asked if went to church with someone then like a lightbulb went off, she realized that this couldn’t be the case, because people are assigned. Stakes or ? Depends on the size. I think that was even before all of this started – or I was aware that it had started.

Now these people may be innocently going to and fro minding their own business in Sebastopol – that interesting enclave of conservative churches. From what I can tell given the population. Okay – here are a few:

Didn’t realize that I took notes on so many – safely pulled over to the side. 50227z1 Siverado White   W6r40087       7mlf447 white    Giovancini       6g0m748 Frog CA map Something about the UK

446ztw Out of state  Really people?   car   72g3811 red Siverado. I put red, so it is red, not with anything else.    Trailer   4fs5334???? trailer      5wzd966 akero……..1 headlight Poway frame. I had a cousin who lived in Poway. Off the 101 just for this or did you move?

5ytjo32 Toyota Saris. Are these from yesterday. It’s been along day. 7apz790. Keep b. beattie and Lynch. 7:49    Blue vw medium. 6fdf068 blu???? 6jbw105   White cauc. scruffy look .Watertrough.   United Toilets. Pleasand HIll      6nck192 Dark HOnda. Male Cauc.

7cof821 Cooper. DArk/light Oh, I studied one today, so I get how they are colored… 7tzy841 Ran stop at school      4uhe916 Chryslter.    Monday evening 2/6/17 7uth557 Dark boxy.

2/6/2017  HIPAA

So – to the lady who works in the pharmacy department at Kaiser. About a month ago, you said the names of my prescriptions so loudly it could have been heard by others waiting in line. That violates HIPAA.

To the lady at the dentist office. I really didn’t pay attention to you, but you happened to come around right at the time the hygienist was going over my prescriptions. If you tell anyone that information you are breaking HIPAA rules/laws. Are you the same person who gave my hygienist a ride home? If so, then I know your first name. You people know NOTHING about mental health do you. If you did, then you would see how foolish you are. I am very in tune to what is going on. That’s okay. My new doctor is so wet behind the ears, he doesn’t realize that every single person is unique. Asking questions as if I don’t know what the hell is going on. Treated by someone who was the head of the Department at Marin (General) for decades I think it was. HE knows how reliable I am. Model patient. Have any of you bothered to ask the Petaluma Mormons what all of this is about – 1997. Set ups with yellow bug cars. I notice shades of cars. I’m really, really good. Set ups of all kinds.

And – if any of you are involved in medical health I.D. fraud. Well, I am sure that comes with a very severe punishment. Just letting you all know.

2/5/2017      Thieves-Break-Into-Cars-Using-High-Tech-Gadgets-330789692.html             Oh! No…………Just like always, the news reporters come out like this is brand new technology. No, it’s been around for quite a while. Big Whoop De Doo! But, yes, you are breaking into my car to turn on lights, throw in shiny pennies, paper clips and to take things out. Get high on this type of illegal work sanctioned by your God or church? Jesus and God are taking issue with this, I am sure.

Last night

Did you get your god points? Your points with your Bishop or missionary points? (don’t think there are too many of those – maybe me saying how foolish that was and how terrified a few looked ……………………..I really, really, really think that most of you just go by word of mouth…………………………sickos. demented creatures that you are. Breaking the law. Won’t get caught? Someday, someone will. It’s way too big and out of control Telling people in Sprouts who have nothing to do with the religious aspect. Playing a trick on someone – harassment. Moving little items – harassment – turning my bedspread – breaking and entering and harassment. and I laughed. opening my sister’s car and turning on the dome light. Breaking into a car…………and harassment. Harassment is just being near someone to cause discomfort.

See. I am not a stalker. Never have been. Never will be. Proven in 1997, but did I get an apology. No. Sort of relative/sheriff took it upon himself to revenge the family name = whatever that name is. So, people are told different thing from a menu. I can tell by the set ups. Stalker. Geez. Ironic ey? Attracted to these really weird acting teens. Seriously????? Older men at one time, but these twerps. Ugh sicko.

Maybe I got the license of a person high up in the religion or the plate of some official which would be laughable right? Or a kid driving an official’s car.

  • People with personalized plates, really?
  • To the people at Sprouts in Petaluma. The bubbly blond lady………..did someone just tell you something ……………and you believe them………….went on 20 years ago too. Nothin’ then, nothin’ now. Just a sore losing Sheriff and church and an ex who went along with gaslighting both physical spoofs and verbal gaslighting abuse for years.
  • Are all you people having fun playing spy, amateur cop, drama queen, God’s pawns? I think you watch too many t.v. shows. You definitely don’t know much about Jesus and his teachings. But then, you have your old world and (I’m not sure how this fits in) Canon law. Does Canon law come about the teaching of Christ? Does it come above the main teaching of all great religions and many small great religions: Treat other as you would want to be treated………….or your mother or sister or brother.
  • The couple in the car – or brother and sister, I’m not sure. She changed for work. Guy came along. Oops. Stuck, so he calls a friend. Friend’s wife gets out of car that is now parked new to mine and I’m supposed to believe it’s the lady in the car. Yeah, right. Nope. new crew. Couple? A little young and a bald spot, but that can happen in early 20’s. Runs in my family. Bad. Then, she stalks me over by T.J.s and I’m supposed to stalk her. Really people. Third verse same as the first. 20 years back. In December. Silly, silly causestalkers. That was not your mom.
  • Not all of these might be correct, but most are. My very own cause stalkers. Oh, I feel so special. You are breaking the law anytime you drive by or are near and trying to cause discomfort or fear. Doesn’t matter if I am feeling fear, just your intent to cause it. Crossing state lines for this cause. Stupid idiots. working for the state or federal government. Uh. Look up Civil Rights violations and law.
  • I already did this one yesterday: SKNTECH black Mercedes (a friend did make a note that there sure where a lot of fancy cars at Safeway at my end of town. Subtle.
  • 7:00 P.M 7LUC883 or 8883
  • 7UTJ7486
  • 6LGA694
  • Jim H Con 1 black large trucking…………NMNM and then some combination of N’s and M’s Can’t miss it. black car……………..NMNMMMNM?
  • VEO Honda green. old 4YEZ530 White’
  • Burlingame (off the 101 to perform your church or civic duties? Think you’d better take a civic’s class. White truck  7JYK460
  • VEO what kind of plate is VEO> Honda, old green
  • 4YEZ530 White Any Bishops or clergymen. I’d say clergy people, but………..
  • 5BHL170 Toyota blue van. ONE HEADLIGHT OUTon McDowell around 6 turned onto Corona
  • 7EXT567 Black                    cauc male ?? Lexus
  • 8BNF717 Subaru. 6:14 East Washington and Maria
  • GNAV420 civic cauc Long brown hair femle silver car
  • 43542W1   Ram black  Leer top
  • 6HJJ724
  • BIG No, no! Texas: GXX0583. Did you get off the 101 just for this?white small
  • 7FWJO  blue.
  • 854   11B1 Truck Yellow beady lights
  • 7FWJo Blue
  • OO6s    4K1 Tacoma Charcoal. this was the lady changing clothes or just putting on a jacket to go to work. Guy. Caucasian brown hair. bald spot on top of head. No way would that other lady have been able to turn and put on a jacket in that space. I sure couldn’t . lady. brown hair tucked up. steel rod type “earring” or something. Real or fake? man short hair , short beard – I think he is starting to grow it out.
  • 6:39  3WN     T500 Toyota Brown hair cauc. young Swiped at face. typical
  • 4HMN711 Brown hair clean cut late teens, early twenties. Why not, they were raised this way? Doing God’s work ………………….even though he would not agree.
  • BYZA   586 Green little car. Got a picture. Almost a one of a kind there.
  • 7KHB   235 White
  • 4WYE   323 or 232 White cauc brown hair pulled up. Looked like the girl from Sprouts. Glory be!
  • Corona Ranch  upside down peace sign. 59176D1 Pick up > 7SCV   549 Car >  7URL   819 1 light very low………………..F, but a neighbor. 5AE   J615 Santa Rosa Smothers ML 320      > Mini  7GHT  644 Mini

Will move this down tomorrow. Mother/daughter tag teams. Let’s see. Young 20’s………, she has at least 40-50 years of this. Aren’t you so proud? I wouldn’t have paid any attention, but you can just tell when there is a reaction or a sudden recognition. ? Black Irish? Reminds me of Erin when she was little. Except with very long wavy hair. Mom reminds me of a mom from one of the soccer teams. Leaving town: 5bmk 306  Toyota… of P and K’s, but they would have only had American 4Xs was it a lighter color. Not sure, but it had that plate. silver color that starts under the bumper and goes under. I think one of our Landcruicers had that………what are they called? It will come.   6VUY  833 Victory Chrysler. Oh, Victory Chrysler is part of the Victory Auto group in Petaluma. Sure are a LOT of Petalumans………………….Going to go through all the congregations………………from.  this town………………they are all over the place.    So, have the heads of the churches been told about this or are they directing this?


Ah. How about if we go to court? Sound good? I could have a forensic computer person look closely at my computer. Hard to trace hacking now adays…………..but I bet it is possible. How about a forensic video and sound guy? I don’t know if that is even needed. Oh……..but you don’t want to lose this precious (like in Gollum), sick, against the law form of what you think is vigilante justice (tactics straight from East Germany), right? Okay, let’s rock and roll then crazy people. Just keep your kids out of the car when you do this. Just as a matter of form/rules. I wonder if any of the people who have “gone postal” over the years have undergone something like this. I would never, but it sure is stupid to push, push, push………waiting for a reaction…… the guy and his friend who had a really young kid. You just couldn’t resist it, right? You get a kind of satisfaction and “high” that needs to be filled. Right? Feeling all just, and oh the adrenaline from doing something against the law…………You would have loved the lions and the coliseum, I am sure. Enjoy the sunshine! Oh, but you don’t…….not really. I do.

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