Tactics the Silly Drivers Use to Not be Identified – Link to “Underground Network”

For 2/9 go Below

https://www                           .youtube.                    com/watch?v=o2iul0RuM8Q

Put the link above back together. Best overall, sensible, video that explains Gangstalking and the techniques used. Except, with cell phones and Amber Alert type technology, it’s not as complicated as this man goes into. For some maybe, but easy peasy.



So, from Marin: SKN  TECH black Mercedes

Almost forgot these from yesterday: 7NCG  710  Blue Car squared. Not thin person. Brown hair>   S550 blond, Mercedes>

I don’t really look at these silly rabbits when they are trying to hop away, but sometimes to to decide weather I should post (eventually) their license plates which I have recorded (and sent on)

  • Often wear hats, often
  • Sunglasses often
  • Arms straight on the steering wheel
  • Arm raised up from ledge of window towards the top of the window (both a shunning tactic and good for blocking the face
  • Looking straight ahead almost all of the time. May give you a look, but usually can tell a true look of “what’s your problem?” verses their weird looks
  • Hair falling down in front of their face
  • Head back against headrest – I have seen seats reclined so much that I don’t know how they drive. I laugh.
  • Often make a swipe towards their face to take focus away from their face or?
  • Dead face or sometimes a pinched face like this person never has any fun at all.
  • Mostly very clean cut. Can spot one in a store often, though not always so clean cut. Mine, right now, or almost always White, Anglo Saxon – but not Protestant – except for the do gooder PG and E people or delivery people. Could be some strict Christian sects involved. The tea party used to bother me. Still does, but this “willing to break the Laws of the Constitution of the United States group bothers me most. They are insane.
  • If there are beards, they are usually trimmed
  • More as I think of any

Remember, they are your boggart. You see them and imagine something that makes you life. Learn to sing in the car. Raises endorphins and really – people don’t pay much attention to what others do in their cars. Certain social rules like riding in an elevato

6PVD118     Safeway:8:00   7TW 796   White-6NDE243     Peter Rev or Kev Plumbing   Peterson mechanical – personal use at that time of night 8:00      Truck older with six holes in tailgate baby blue stripe which goes around and it wide,wide stripe on sides Male, Cauc. glasses  JM136B2 5WWE 597 zzzzzz( looks like car number  or    Felux’s Tree Service Pete Levi………..Plumbing8h70289

Toyota Tacoma hitch no ball, Brown hair, balding in middle, black sweatshirt jeans well groomed beard stops in line on either side of jaw. black workboots   TRO OFFROAD Lifetime permit    09651X1   Has flat cover to go over truck bed.

14380F1  I have seen this truck more than once. Dodge. A lot of peeling paint off the tailgate.  >7ATG   885    Seafoam Toyota………with SEB sticker on the back. > 2/11 Lucky’s > Sebastopol Tuesday 4:13  FjXD  706  Hyundi Santa Fee………..gold, but tan >Purple truck. Looks like it has a camper shell. Can’t be too many of those around. Dark/vibrant peach color car with spoiler on the back Four door. five wide spoke wheels. Metal bumper guards front and back. Silver 3 inch or so stripe along bottom quarter of doors. starts solid and then looks like paint is spaced apart. Forest Green Larg truck six wide spokes with space in the spokes. like a flower. F XXX     White truck on the sides with camper shell, two door. BUT has purple color hood and cab. ……….Car. Unusual blue…….mostly blue with a tad of green perhaps. four door. bright blue.   White two door large truck with blue along bottom and blue cab, hood and around bed……..slight off white………………..Monrovia Truck.  Normal route?   Lime green four door small boxy car           Unusual four door large truck six spoke……….the “bed” is not a bed, but has been replaced by more circular shaped storage area. Santa Rosa Tile Supply                          Tangerine orange two door               older truck, orange body, two door, with orange flames shooting into black near door opening then shooting towars back wheel……….back wheels are double wheels………..white top on cab………….Van 6SLL272 white                           old jacked up truck. large two door. not pale, but not bright yellow. no front plate inset wheels. Hansel Mazdacha   5RLW508 Toyota white                          charcoal sentra 7PPR625    Man taking off magnetic ad – not all are magnetic……………Sagebrush  C…. Engineering  209-327- 8   Oh, located in Modesto. Is magnetic, but still. Did you get off the 101.    Sunflower yellow older truck like farm truck. No “spokes” on wheels. white bumper, white cab top…………white on “indented aread along bed.

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