Seventh Day Adventists, Mormons, Catholics and Lackies……..Tell me to jump say how hi? Ants and scared Rabbits are my boggart………..Survivor ( Targeted Individual )

Some tips at the top and things I want to get down. But, be sure to read what is coming up. The installment of as the Faceless Bullies Turn (or hop away). Someone has been slowly taking almonds out of a jar. I wasn’t quite sure, but can see the bottom of the jar and purposely stopped eating them. 7GAG   275  one headlight out. New Image Plumbing. I see a LOT of self employed people………makes sense. It is not shock and awe if you see two vehicles seem to magically pull into or pull out of driveways or parking spaces at the same time. I bet you can do it too. The other person doesn’t even have to be a rabbit. Maybe it isn’t Mr. Smiley. Maybe it is Mr. Gruffy. I saw two almost twin cars tonight. They were so cute coming out of the street near Safeway onto Sonoma Mountain Parkway. Little cars. Maybe it’s a husband and wife team. Oh. I think some of these people actually keep some old cars that they have just to participate in this, their life’s work. Get a life people. Oh that’s right.  Your church IS your life. Not that I have anything against churches. I think it’s too bad that churches have dropped in popularity so much. I bet the LDS and SDA churches haven’t. They actively recruit and are very effective at what they do.

Go down to read the installment of the Faceless Bullies.

Oh yeah. The people from out of state who go along with these Amber Type Alert calls are fools. Crossing state lines. Really people? I never said that they were the brightest tools in the shed. Oops. That will get me some tailgaters tomorrow. Oh, yeah driving up from So Cal to Nor Cal I was with the returning from Thanksgiving crowd. There was just an unusual amount of people in old fashioned type clothing. Different groups within the Mormon Faith do wear different old fashioned clothing. Two girls I was in the orchestra with wore the skirts below their knees. I learned about fasting and some other things. I did go to a Mormon dance one time at the church in Fullerton right next to Raymond Elementary School. Being Suzy Safety from the day I was born and miss goody two shoes……..well, I thought the machine that kept tract of the level of noise was a good idea. That is one reason why this whole thing is so nuts. When I told my family (also Miss Honesty) about my six week adventure in a mild manic state………they went …………….whoa!???? Mostly ????? Let’s just say it was so unlike me. But, being married to whom I was………………hounded me all the time about him being the main breadwinner in the family………….You married a teacher  – you do know that. Yes, I said we HAD to settle down and quit moving our kids…………so you had to travel…………….so, I was a married single Mom……………….dealing with (successfully, I might add) an illness that pushes some people under the bus. THEN, at the deposition, his attorney was asking my what my illness had cost us. Seriously – one sick puppy. By the way…………some of you really are getting pinched face. You need to truly laugh. Oh……….yeah, right. Kind of hard when you are under a microscope as much as you are. Anyway………….your frowny lines are showing. Laugh lines are much better.


I call the faceless (or so they would like it to seem) bullies ants as they crawl out of their hidey holes. I sometimes use spiders, but I can sing, “The Ants Go Marching One by One”. Itsy Bitsy Spider just doesn’t do it. I also call them rabbits as they go hopping away. They don’t like having their license plates recorded. They really don’t like that. What is silly, is they make it ever so more obvious who they are as they go hopping away. Run or almost run red lights, and boy do they hop away fast if they think I might record their plate. They have always hopped away fast.

Silly, silly, silly. I just had remembered how strict the Seventh Day Adventist religion was as far as a fellow cashier working at Disneyland. I’m pretty sure she went to the Seventh Day Adventist School in Riverside County. I think one of the very well known hospitals is Loma Linda………….I may have even had a test there. My grandfather spent a lot of time in a Seventh Day Adventist Hospital near Calistoga. I probably visited him there. He hated the food.

ANYWAY, the really silly part is how much I must have pissed them off (excuse my language). I don’t usually talk like that. I just recently started using the term pee. But, pissing someone off………….I can’t think of a term that quite has the same tone to it. Anyway, I found out that there is a HUGE SDA church in Sebastopol, CA and a smaller one in Petaluma, CA. Just like the Mormon religion it is set up so that members are surrounded by other members almost all the time. In fact, I think SDA is ahead of LDS in that respect. The kids go to school preschool through college with SDA kids as much as possible. So, just my presence near the SDA church in Petaluma sparked a trove of trucks and cars and assorted vehicles.

They both are worldwide – I’m sorry – and are U.S.A. born and bred religions. The S.D.A. view of heaven and hell is really, really scary as far as they probably don’t really care how they treat someone who they think is not one of them. You see, they go to heaven and the rest of us at some point burn up in a fire. One of the most harmful ideas in the world is that “My religion is the one and only way”. Seriously………..I should be Quaker. Many Quaker roots. Raised Presbyterian (oh here is more fodder for your fire). I visited a Presbyterian church recently and it was way too Christian. I felt this way when I was 12…………or probably much earlier…………..Nope, no…………..Jews are not destined for hell Dr. Smith – I never said that of course…………..

Sebastopol is a really interesting place. People think as it of a bastion of hippy culture. But behind all that, is a very strong and somewhat hidden white flight Mormon, SDA, farmers, maybe some rednecks (I know there are rednecks in the county – two trucks ran a small care off the road = the lady only had a Hillary bumper sticker) and other stronghold. Like I said, there is nothing else that would bring such a diverse group together except for the rumor that someone would hurt kids. In my case, at this point though – I really think that some just want to finish what they started 20 years ago. Really? Yes………..a sheriff who is the brother of the wife of a Morman man………………..convoluted I know. Throw in my husband just wanting revenge……………boy, what a cocktail right. Oops, I forgot which groups I was talking about……………NOT! And I may have one drink once a month or less.

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