They ARE Notified by an Amber Alert/Flood Alert/Weather Warning Type System

Oh, the washcloths. Probably tuck them under the blankets on the far side of the bed. I have started learning to stretch out. Boom = all the things on the bed – kaboom, on the floor. Deceptions.

Two ladies in the parking lot pulled off a typical shock and awe scenario. Not. One woman looks like she if from India. There is another Indian woman who has an assigned covered parking. The downstairs teacher and the pretending to be the nice Indian woman, do a pull in at exactly the same time maneuver. One pulls into the nice ladies spot………..but moves a minute later. Oops. No, they don’t look all alike when they get out of the cars. Not even close.

Yep. I got flood warning alert a few weeks back. No evidence that it was ever there. Amber Alert type systems were going into use about the time all these break the law, nose up in the air, follow you leader who says jump and you say how high, faking happiness much of the time,¬† vigilantes were able to seem like they really are such a coordinated group. Not. Bad actors too. Like the two “strangers” in the store who obviously knew each other. That surprised look of recognition is hard to hide.

There are Amber Alert systems in over 18 European countries. Illegal search and seizure is in the constitution. Does that come under entering my apartment/home/car.


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