Gaslighting – 2012, 2013, 2016,2017

So…………..hacked phone. I thought of something else that makes me pretty sure/really positive that my phone has been hacked. But, it has slipped away. It will come back. So what could be put on my phone? What could be put on my work computer? I’ve been so overwhelmed with passwords and new information that I have kept the original password on my computer. No sweat for someone getting on my work computer. As for my personal computer – that is a given. Besides people having access from the outside world, I left my computer on a few times. Oh and because of the non traveling door mat, I know that this round was planned quite a while ago……………..they were just waiting for the perfect opportunity. For some, it would be that I made a trip to Utah. Oh heavens! That would be the Mormon contingent. Oh yeah, I did have some docs on my Google Docs that I never put there. Had to do with the local junior high. Oh no! If they had been from a few years back when I had subbed, well…………….maybe……………but no information that would help me in job hunting. Speaking of jobs…………..where would my career be if I hadn’t been harassed the first time by the do gooder Mormons. I do know that contingent was mostly if not all Mormon. They thought they were protecting their own – staging bicyclists going up dead end road, people that looked like people here and there (give the real people the lie detector test)……………not sure where the got the whole icky teen thing. Ugh. creepy when kids act like that……………….But, boy it sure has progressed from people walking a track to people stalking me. Though there was one time when my whole family was in a car and a large truck got really close and I said very loudly, “Back off!” and it did . Amazing – not.  Oh and the Explorer Scouts or whatever group they got to fake some activity at an intersection when I was on my way to Kinkos to copy my notes.

In Petaluma, CA and Sebastopol, CA, this harassment has been full court press the last few days. Some of these people have gone way past caring if I did anything. I have been recording license plate numbers of vehicles. Can’t prove anything. If I were to establish that some vehicles were driving out of their way to make me uncomfortable, then maybe some of them will back off. One at a time. I don’t care how many. They crawl out of the woodwork like ants, but when I get to a point where I could say their license number – Oh my! You should see them hop away like scared rabbits. Don’t stop for stop signs. Really don’t stop. Rush ahead, driving much faster than the situation calls for – if they were just out  minding their own business.

Their way of life is threatened. Imagine the satisfaction you must feel at being able to help get a pariah off of the street. Cop want to be’s (?). Vigilantes serving society to protect the least protected in our society. So, I AM a threat to their do gooder world. I would take a lie detector test. How about you harassers? My sister’s mother-in-law was married to a man who passed away a few years ago. I bring this up because in 2013, when this harassment was going on, I was driving past their circle and they were headed out – with their lights on. No way…………….happens that this is really close to where I work now. I think my sister said that Frank belonged to a fairly strict church. Seventh Day Adventists. Most of what I know about them was the control that the church had over a co worker who worked at Disneyland. Have a friend who was raised that way. Should ask her. At least I think that was the religion. Where IS the nearest church.

Gaslighting. Opening a door just a tad and throwing something light weight into a room. I was stupid last night. Forgot to wedge the suitcase between the door and the bed. Don’t give them an inch. Oh my! Shock and awe! There were a few used washcloths that I use on the floor where they couldn’t be. Nope. No shock and awe. Thrown from a doorway over across the bed. You see, I take care of myself which includes getting plenty of sleep. Was a time that I thought twice about taking a Tylenol, but when you go through something as scary as acting “off” for six weeks (though my close family had NO idea – that is because most of it was in my head. This is my third rodeo in 20 years. If something strange happens it CAN be explained logically, you just don’t have the facts. Smoke and mirrors. It took me a while to realize that it is just so easy peasy to climb from one balcony to another. Oh no! Breaking into the neighbor’s or what? I think it is or what, but that would be crazy. Right? So, I remember every moment. Ignorant people might not think so, but it’s true.

What would I do………………………….well, instead of making me think there are planted files on my computer that must be horrible, they would really put them on my computer………………………or my work computer, or try to get them onto my phone. The last two days I have gotten texts that have my name and address with some sort of picture or something to open up. You have to be kidding me? Let me give you examples of gaslighting at it’s worst. I will update this as I remember things. I had put 2012-2013 behind me…………..but the “Goody Two Shoes”/Stupid Harassers had to start things up again. So………….


  • Someone in the house, an ex – rolled up a rope and set in on a garbage can. I had seen him roll up ropes for 37 years. This was the first time I had seen one rolled up as a noose. By the way – I filed for divorce. Look at the records. After inheriting at least 600,000 from his parents, not one cent went to his deceased brother’s son. Just giving you an idea of his character. NO………..I would not have put that in writing because of the kids, but someone I think has pushed it beyond that point………….so……No holds barred.
  • Ex was supposed to help cover a large slope with bark. He would go to one pile and make a half effort…………….it was weird. Just realized how many half efforts he probably put into things once he knew this was coming. Yes, gaslighting.
  • Someone took some drapes that I had spent at least an hour on -draping them over rods so that both sides fell evenly……………..someone took them and made the right side uneven. Just enough to make me sure that something had changed.
  • Ex had taken a weird looking pipe with a shower head on it and attached it to the existing shower head, so it raised the shower head by 12 inches. This was shortly before the house was to go on the market. Crazy? Yep.
  • Because of the winds, we always supported our trees on two or three sides. I asked my ex (wasn’t an ex at the time) to straighten up the tree. I have never, ever seen such a strange job of supporting a tree with bits of wood…………I think I paid the handy man to redo that.
  • While husband was traveling, someone had come into my bedroom, taken a book called, “Murder for Christmas” and taken the paper protector off. It was placed on the bed flat down. I would never have done that to a good book. Left in the room was a strange contraption that was some type of long dog leash. I think. Gee. What was I to make of that. This was a few weeks before Christmas.
  • I will have to recall some of this stuff later. What really, really made me angry was how he could allow someone to come in and scare our cats. One was very ill and died that spring. I found them huddled under the bed a few times. Idiot and narcissist
  • New Year’s Day – someone else was in the house with my daughter, my husband and myself. Weird things kept happening. I opened up and cabinet and someone who is talented at sleight of hand/quiet movements had taken the cup and plates and tipped things over.
  • The night before I had gotten home from work after finding some pills that had disappeared a few months before in a cabinet at work. I was worked up and didn’t know in my mind how to make sense of the pills. Was about hysterical, dumped pills in the toilet – why? the way I was thinking. The lights above started flickering like Halloween lights. If it happened today, I would get a ladder and take it apart.


Thank for putting the timers back. Classic gaslighting. You have heard of instructional minutes. You like stealing instructional minutes from students who need all the minutes they can get?Wow. Not browny points……………..goblin points I guess

  • Tonight – going to delete a text sent to my home address with a preview attached. Right From 405-813-1074   It’s deleted. Ohhhh. Awwww
  • Anti depressants stolen. Had learned how to divide in half, so made it through
  • Controlled substance stolen. Sleeping pill old pill with new name. What is the penalty for stealing a controlled substance?
  • paper clips here, paper clips there, paper clips everywhere
  • pills tucked into things so that the pills would end up on the floor and one is supposed to go, “Oh My God! How did that happen?” Not. put in folded clothes, hems on pants
  • pretty copper pennies
  • side mirrors on cars. Ohhhhhhh. You don’t have to enter the car to move the side mirrors. Even if you did, ten seconds max.
  • Seat moved backwards, money tray pulled out
  • Safety pins the item of choice when I started wearing a safety pin to support non discrimination. Oh wowy siree (I can hear Gomar PIle saying that). Shock and Awe. Not.
  • Rubber bands here, there and everywhere.

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